Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

15-3-19 Including Monthly Transect

Great crested grebe x 1 (sitting on nest that became dislodged from the middle of the West Lake and now is closer to Nina’s pond), little grebe x 2 (East Lake), gadwall x 2,  grey heron an additional nest is occupied on the island on the North Lake), woodpigeon x 23, rose-ringed parakeet x 7, great spotted woodpecker x 2, pied wagtail x 2, wren x 36, dunnock x 7, robin x 30, blackbird x 6, song thrush x 1, redwing x 1, mistle thrush x 2, chiffchaff x 5 (all signing), goldcrest x 2, long-tailed tit x 5, blue tit x 12, great tit x 11, treecreeper x 3, jay x 3, magpie x 13, jackdaw x 27, rook x 8, carrion crow x 90 (of which 80 were in the sheep field), chaffinch x 4, goldfinch x 4, siskin x 1 (singing), lesser redpoll x 1 (calling in flight over Redland scrape).

13-3-19 Great crested grebe count

Great crested grebe x 24 (2 on West Lake, 22 on East Lake), including 2 pairs displaying visible from Tyler Hide.