Ray O' Reilly, leader of KOS Field trips lists the following dates:-

Following our meeting early this year we were encouraged by KWT’s plans for Oare Marshes particularly in terms of re-establishing control of water levels.

Now that the sluice is once again operational and shallow water with muddy areas is reappearing the promise of an exciting autumn beckons. Both wader numbers and their variety have responded well.  There is too, a chance of seeing  the Night Heron making its dusk flight into the East Flood.

An article from Kent Wildlife Trust

KWT writes: “There has been much comment on water level management at Oare Marshes, especially over the last two years, during which we’ve experienced different climatic conditions. KWT hopes this article will give KOS members an insight into the water management that is currently possible at Oare, and Kent Wildlife Trust’s future plans for the reserve.The whole article can be read here.

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