Ray O' Reilly, leader of KOS Field trips lists the following dates:-

 Sunday 21st August - Spaces.

 Sunday 4th September - Spaces.

 Sunday 30th October - Spaces.

 Saturday 6th November - Spaces.

 Sunday 11th Decembe - Spaces.

“I have spaces for the Kent Ornithological Field Outings for the rest of the year for members or visitors from overseas. Please message me on 07831-362502 if you would like to join one or two of the days (please do not ring). I decide two days before where the outing will go thus giving us maximum chance of seeing any current unusual birds in the South-East, and taking into account the weather and road conditions (now an important factor), as well as the tide and wind direction.

All day trips commence on the chosen site at 8am. Lunch and drinks must be brought with you. Sun hat and sunblock in the Spring, Summer and Autumn, and wellington boots, warm hat and gloves in the winter. We do not stop at shops or cafes!

  We look forward to you joining us for some birding in the Garden of England and beyond.

NB: Visitors from abroad please contact me and I will arrange a private day out with you if you are unable to make any of these dates  - if I am available - free of charge!



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