Ray O'Reilly reports on the latest KOS field meeting which this month visited Stodmarsh.

We had our May 2022 KOS Field Trip today at Stodmarsh and we welcomed some new members and welcomed back others. We met in the car park and headed into the carr (wet woodland) were we had a fine cock Bullfinch and two family parties of Treecreepers. A pair of Spotted Flycatchers proved to be elusive and Cuckoo was added to the day list.

We moved onto the Reedbed Hide admiring breeding Common Terns, close Marsh Harriers and our first Hobbies of the day.

Lyn was hand feeding Robins and Great Tits with some meal worms that she had brought with her. We were watching some huge Common Carp when we heard a singing Garden Warbler outside the hide, we were soon enjoying fine views of the bird.

Next we made our way to the Marsh Hide obtaining lovely views of a Little Owl that was found by Ivan Macey. Some Bearded Tits were watched on the way to the hide as were Painted Lady, Hairy Dragonfly and Banded Demoiselle.

From the Feast Hide we had the same as last month a Bittern fly past us pitch down into the reeds and start booming. Our final species our 63rd was a Nightingale that we saw as we were leaving the reserve.

Thanks to Yuti for the image


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