Your records are important in helping us to build a picture of the numbers and distribution of birds in Kent and help in monitoring population and breeding trends of our birds.

All records are entered on the KOS database and are used to compile the annual Kent Bird Report.

Observers are encouraged to submit their records regularly and no later than 28th February of the following year.

You can submit your records directly onto the Society’s database using the Records Submission Form. Records entered on the database will appear in the Bird News page on this site and the most recent reports of rarities and other species usual in Kent are listed on the Bird Sightings Headlines page.

Records submitted to BirdTrack or eBird will be passed on to the KOS and will become part of our annual records and archive, but cannot be displayed immediately on this website.

Alternatively, records could be saved until the new reporting facility is developed or sent to the Area Recorder using an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can be downloaded from here.

Reports of rare or scarce birds in Kent are considered by the KOS Records Panel (KOSRP) and should be supported by a description or photograph. A list of species requiring supporting evidence can be found here.  

Please note that sightings posted on Facebook, Twitter and blogs are not recorded on our database and have to be submitted in one of the ways described above.

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