Plegadis falcinellus

Rare Vagrant


Near Reading Street, Tenterden, shot, December.


Swanscombe Marsh, no date.


Romney Marsh, four, one shot, mid-September; remaining birds shot 14th October.


Rother Levels, nr. Wittersham, four, last three weeks of September, immature male shot, 14th, all gone by 25th October.


Near Sturry, January.


Swanscombe Marsh, 11th April to 12th May.


Stodmarsh, 14th December.


Stodmarsh, 21st January and through spring and summer, later at Grove/Preston until May 1977.


Grove, 2nd January and between there and Stodmarsh until 12th March, 30th April, again 1st May to 19th June and 24th September until the end of the year. Also seen on Sheppey, 15th May, 27th August and 1st and 4th September, and at Graveney on 25th September. All same as 1975 individual.


Swale, 1st January; Stodmarsh, 7th January to 14th may; Westbere, 10th June; Sheppey, 28th August; Minster 3rd September; Ash Level, 4th September; Stodmarsh, 9th September to end of year, same as 1975 individual.


Stodmarsh, 13th January to 29th June and 10th August to end of year; another, 28th October to end of year; Sandwich Bay, 4th may, 17th November; Swale, occasionally, 19th April to 7th October, same as 1975 individual


Stodmarsh, another, 28th October to end of year.


Stodmarsh, two, 1st January to 21st May and 26th September to end of year; Elmley, 11th May to 7th September, two, 30th July 7th September, same as 1975 and 1975 individuals.


Stodmarsh, two, since 1980 to end of April and from late August to end of year, summering on Sheppey, but absent during early May.


Stodmarsh, two, since 1975 and 1979, to early April, 8th September and from early October to end of year, summering on Sheppey.


Stodmarsh, two, since 1975 and 1979, to 6th March and from 27th-28th August and 1st September to end of year, summering on Sheppey.


Stodmarsh, two, since 1975 and 1979, to 12th April and 13th October to end of year, summering on Sheppey, 14th April to 22nd July.


Stodmarsh and Stour Valley area, two since 1975 and 1979, to 3rd February, one to 9th April; one 25th October to end of year; one of same, Sheppey, 6th May to 17th August.


Stodmarsh and Stour Valley area, one of 1985 individuals, 1st January to 16th April, 24th October to end of year; same, Sheppey 4th June to 24th August.


Dungeness, 6th October.


Seaton, two, 25th April, probably same as East Sussex individuals, 25th-27th.


Stodmarsh, 1986 individual, 1st January to 1st March, 24th October to end of year; same, Seasalter, 31st January, and Sheppey, 29th May to 18th August.


Stodmarsh area, 1987 individual, 1st January to 15th April, 25th October to end of year; same, Sheppey, 14th and 30th May.


Stodmarsh area, 1988 individual, 1st January to 7th May, 24th June, 31st July to end of year; same, Elmley and Sheppey area, 18th May to 2nd August.


Brookland, 14th May, presumed not Stodmarsh bird.


Stodmarsh area, 1989 individual, 1st January to mid-March, intermittently May to end of August, regularly to end of year; same, Sheppey, 20th April.


Stodmarsh area, 1990 individual January to March, 27th-28th April, regularly in May, 16th August to end of year; same, Elmley, 17th-18th May, 27th-30th June.


Stodmarsh area, since 1991 to 4th April, 1st August to 1993; same Sheppey, 21st-28th March, 29th April to 31st May, 18th-22nd July.


Dungeness/Lydd area, 24th-25th October.


Dungeness RSPB, single bird on Burrowes Pit, 9th May.


Stodmarsh and Grove Ferry, single bird, 6th-15th September.


Oare Marshes, single bird, 11th-12th September.


Dungeness RSPB, five birds arrived on the evening of 21st September, dwindling to two by the end of October. These two remaining until 14th December.


Sandwich Bay, three birds arrived on the evening of 21st September.


Stoke Lagoon, single bird, 8th-20th October.


Swalecliffe, immature, 8th October.


Sandwich Bay, single bird flew south, 11th October.


Ham Road GP, single bird, 16th December.


Dungeness RSPB, eighteen (18) birds, 13th-15th September.


East Malling, seven birds, 11th October.


Dungeness and Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 10th-21st January.


Yalding, single bird, 25th April.


Dungeness and Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 6th-7th December.


Stodmarsh, two, first-winter, 27th October until year end.


Stodmarsh, two birds, from 2011 until at least 18th March.


Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 14th-20th February.


Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 6th October to 15th November.


Stour Valley, single bird, 14th-23rd October.


Cliffe Pools, single bird, 13th November.


Reculver, single bird, 28th December.


Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 5th-31st December.


Oare Marshes, single bird, 31st December.


Pegwell Bay, single bird, 2ndJanuary, and later that same day at Grove Ferry, remaining in the Stour valley until the 12th, when it was joined by a second bird until the 20th.


Dungeness RSPB, single bird, first seen in October 2013, was seen almost daily through to 27th February.


Dungeness RSPB, another bird, or possibly same, was seen on 15th March, with two present on 3rd May, one remaining until 20th October.


Shellness/Oare Marshes, two birds, 14th-19th January.


Pegwell Bay, single bird, on eight dates between 16th August and 1st September.


Two individuals were reported from various sites throughout the year (refer to KBR 2016).


Swalecliffe, single bird, 23rd January.


Stodmarsh/Grove Ferry, single bird, 8th-11th May.


Oare Marshes, single bird, 26th July until 1st August.


Oare Marshes, single bird, 19th-22nd March, and 17th April.


Stodmarsh, Sandwich, Worth Marshes, a wandering single bird, 22nd November through 7th December. Possibly the same bird was seen again at Walmer on 8th December, and again at Dungeness on 8th-9th December.

2020 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, present from 7th-22nd April, with possibly the same bird again from 11th-13th May.
  Wye, single bird flew west, 28th May.
  Dungeness RSPB, single bird, from 9th August until the year end. This was joined by a second bird between 29th September and 31st October, and two more were present from 3rd-4th November.
  Conningbrook/Naccolt, there were 5 birds present briefly on 21st October.
  Foreness, a group of 4 birds were seen flying E on 23rd October, with probably the same group of four at Worth Marshes from 23rd-26th October, and again at Chartham and The Swale on 28th October.
  Wouldham, a single bird was seen flying S, on 5th November.
  Haysden Lake, single bird, 13th and 31st December.
2021 Dungeness RSPB, single bird from August 2020, was present for much of the year.
  Dungeness RSPB, a second bird was present from 16th September, until the year end.
  Haysden, single bird, present from December 2020, remained until 22nd March.
  Grove Ferry, single bird, 3rd February.
  Tankerton, single bird, 3rd April.
  Oare Marshes, single bird, 2nd May.
  Bough Beech Reservoir, single bird, 9th July until 25th August.
  Cliffe Pools RSPB, single bird, 13th August until 9th November, with presumably the same bird at Allhallows from 19th Nov until 29th December, and back at Cliffe Pools RSPB Reserve on 18th and 31st December.
  Stodmarsh/Grove Ferry, 2nd year bird, 22nd September until 3rd October.

No Longer Accepted


Blendon Hall Park, Bexley, April. NB: No longer in modern Kent.

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