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The Kent List

The systematic sequence of this list follows that recommended by the British Ornithologists Union (BOU, Feb. 2015).
This list contains the accepted species of birds published by the BBRC and KOSRP in Kent.

The Chinese Pond Heron, Ardeolabacchus, found in the Hythe/Saltwood area during January2014, has been accepted to Category A of the British List by the BOURC. This was both a British and Kent first.

The American White Ibis, Eudocimusalbus, first seen at Sevenoaks in November 2014 is currently with the BOURC for categorising.

The Acadian Flycatcher, Empidonaxvirescens, found at Dungeness in September 2015 is currently with the BOURC for categorising.

The 2016 Otford Western Rufous Turtle Dove, Streptopelia orientalis meena, awaits formal submission to KOSBR and BBRC.

Also the 2016 Stodmarsh Franklin’s Gull, Larus pipixcan, awaits formal submission to KOSBR and BBRC.

The Kent List currently stands at 421 species.

Records of rare and scarce species which have been accepted by the KOSRP and BBRC are included in full.
Records from Kent Bird Report 2014
Records from BBRC WIP, 21st November 2016
Records from E&RC Meeting, 15th June 2016


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Mute Swan

Bewick’s Swan

Whooper Swan

Taiga Bean Goose Anser fabalis fabalis

Scarce passage migrant and winter visitor.

Prior to the early 1960’s the two sub-species of Bean Goose and Pink-footed Goose, A. brachyrhynchus, were treated as one conspecific species – Bean Goose, A. arvensis. At that time few specific sub-species were positively identified.

Tundra Bean Goose, Anser fabalis rossicus, is now the most commonly occurring form in Kent, whilst Taiga Bean Goose is very much rarer. These two forms are often very difficult to separate in the field.

1968 Cooling Marshes, three, with White-fronts, 13th January.
Capel, single bird with White-fronts, 4th February.
1973 Cooling, party of five showed the characteristics of this race, 21st February.
1976 Cliffe Marshes, a flock of eleven, 31st January.
Minnis Bay, single bird, 24th March.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 9th-10th November.
1977 Sheppey, up to five birds, sporadically between 4th January and 18th February.
Reculver, flock of thirteen, 3rd January.
St. Nicholas-at-Wade, six birds, 8th March.
Stodmarsh, two birds, 20th March.
Sandwich Bay, four birds present, 27th March.
1978 Thames Marshes, party of six, 26th February.
1979 An exceptional year for Bean Goose, with up to two hundred birds reported, with the largest flock having 69 birds. Birds of both races were involved county wide, but no detailed analysis was possible.
1988 Hayesden, single bird, 6th March, was probably an escape.
1997 Scotney, single bird, 1st-9th February.
1998 Wade Marshes, a single bird among flock of ten Tundra’s, A. f. rossicus, 10th-15th February.
1999 Scotney, two birds were present from 26th January, and were reported sporadically until 3rd April, with a third bird present on 14th March.
Dungeness/Scotney area, single bird, 17th May.
Dungeness RSPB, four birds present, 15th December, with two on 21st, and one on 27th.
2002 Scotney Court, a flock of sixteen, 5th December.
2003 Dengemarsh area, three birds, 18th February to 6th March.
2004 Cliffe Pools, two birds, 15th February, then frequented Higham Marshes area until 13th March.
2006 Walland Marsh, single bird, 29th December into 2007.
2007 Walland Marsh, from 2006 until 7th January.
Dungeness RSPB, possibly same bird as Walland Marsh, 3rd February, and again at Scotney Court GP on 4th February.
Sandwich Bay, two birds, 6th-7th January.
Dumpton, single bird, 11th January, with possibly the same bird at Collard’s Lake, Stodmarsh, on 14th, remained until 17th March.
Reculver, four birds, 14th January.
Scotney Court GP, five birds, 16th-22nd December, increased to twelve on 27th.
Cheney Court, Walland, two birds, 16th December.
Elmley, nine birds, 24th December.
2012 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 12th-16th March.

Pink-footed Goose

Greenland White-fronted Goose Anser albifrons flavirostris

Rare winter vagrant

1985 Sandwich Bay, flock of 22 birds, including 20 adults, 19th January.
1989 Hawden GP, Hayesden, adult, 17th December.
Bough Beech Reservoir, adult, 27th December.
Bough Beech Reservoir, 2 adults and 1 immature, 31st December to 13th January 1990.
1990 Bough Beech Reservoir, 2 birds, 13th January.
1998 Cliffe, five birds, 17th October to 1st November.

Lesser White-fronted Goose Anser erythropus

Rare Vagrant

1984 Cliffe, adult, 10th March.
1994 Sheppey, adult, 23rd January to 6th March.
Sheppey, sub-adult, 5th-13th March.
No Longer Accepted
1991 Westbere area, two adults and an immature, 5th-19th May. Now considered escapes.
1992 Sheppey/Elmley/Swale area, adult, 24th February to 16th May. Now considered an escape.

Greylag Goose

Snow Goose

Canada Goose

Barnacle Goose

Brent Goose Branta bernicla nigricans

Rare but fairly regular winter vagrant

1974 Medway, adult, February, no exact dates.
1984 Leysdown/Shellness, one wintered and was joined by second bird from 8th December.
1985 Shellness, one present, 20th-27th January, with two birds on 29th.
1987 Sandwich Bay, one present, 21st March.
1990 Swalecliffe, adult, 23rd October until 4th November, and was later seen in Sheppey and Reculver areas until at least 30th November.
1991 Reculver, adult, 16th-24th February, and again on 9th March. Assumed to be the same bird as that of 1990.
1995 Swale area. Single bird on several dates between 12th January and 25th February, with perhaps the same bird at Reculver/Minnis Bay from 4th-5th march.
South Medway estuary, two birds, 2nd November until end of year.
Allhallows, one present, 3rd December.
1996 Allhallows, one present, 13th January, presumed same bird as December 1995.
Motney Hill, one over wintering from 25th November 1995, until 13th February.
St. Mary’s Marsh, one over wintering from 3rd December 1995, until 13th January.
1997 Horsham Marsh, Medway, single bird, 18th January until 2nd February, is considered to be the same bird of winter 1995/96.

St. Mary’s Bay, Thames, same bird 16th-23rd February.

Motney Hill, two birds, 7th April.
Motney Hill, one present, 2nd-30th November.
High Halstow, one present, 16th-23rd February, and again from 3rd-8th March.
1998 South Medway, one present, 13th-25th April.
1999 Dartford, single bird on Thames, 13th November.
2000 Motney Hill, one bird, 1st-2nd October.
Shellness, 2nd-29th October, with presumably same bird Tankerton/Swalecliffe from 3rd November.

Joined by second bird 19th-26th November, with this bird remaining into 2001.

One of the two was also at Reculver on 2nd-3rd December.

2001 Two birds remained from 2000, one at Reculver until 3rd March, and the other at Swalecliffe/Whitstable until 17th January.
2002 Funton Creek, one present, 9th November.
2004 Lower Halstow, adult present, 12th December.
2005 Chetney Marshes, adult present, 2nd January, considered being same bird as 2004.
Harty Ferry, two adults, from 13th February, with one remaining until 24th February, and the other until 13th March.
Reculver, adult, 18th November, remaining until the year end, having been seen at Swalecliffe on 11th December.
Motney Hill, adult, 26th December.
2006 Reculver, adult, remained from 2005 until 24th March.
Yantlet Creek/St. Mary’s Marsh, first-winter, 6th-22nd January.
South Swale LNR, adult, 15th-16th November, and again at Reculver, 19th November to 7th December.
2007 Lower Halstow, adult, on the Medway, 1st January.
Yantlet Beach, adult, 18th February, presumed to be the Lower Halstow bird.
Reculver, a different adult from Lower Halstow bird, 25th-26th February, then Swalecliffe on 28th, and back at Reculver 13th March, all presumed to be same bird.
Yantlet Creek/Allhallows, adult, 26th March, and again 23rd April until 19th May, presumed to be the same as January Lower Halstow and Yantlet bird.
Grain to Halstow Marshes, adult, seen several times, 17th November until 1st December.
2008 Grain, adult, 27th-30th January, and perhaps same bird St. Mary’s Bay 21st February.
Hoo flats, adult, 1st-5th May.
Cliffe, adult flew west, 4th November.
Swale, adult, 3rd-14th December.
2009 Reculver, adult, 2nd-13th January.
Pegwell Bay, one present, 1st November.
2010 Reculver, adult, 15th January.
2012 Reculver, adult, 9th December.
2013 Lower Halstow, adult, 18th-27th January, and again on 19th March.
Lower Halstow, adult, presumably same,11th December to year end.
2014 Lower Halstow, adult, 2nd-13th January, was no doubt the bird from 2013, while one at South Swale LNR on 14th was perhaps the same.
Dungeness, one flew west, 15th October.
Swalecliffe, adult, 20th October, was likely the returning bird, and was also seen at South Swale LNR on 9th November, Shellness on 16th November, and Lower Halstow on 17th and 19th December.

Red-breasted Goose Branta ruficollis

Rare Vagrant

1985 Shellness, adult, 7th January to 11th February.
Chetney, adult, 19th January to 23rd March.
St. Mary’s Marsh, adult, 25th November to early 1986.
1993 Sheppey, adult, 26th-28th December, same bird seen in Essex.
1995 Sittingbourne, 14th-27th January; same, Sheppey, 4th-5th February; presumed returning bird, Essex, Kent, 1993-1994.
2003 Dungeness, March-May, identification accepted.
2005 Chetney Marshes, single bird, 9th November.
2010 Littlestone, single bird flew S, and later flew W at Dungeness, 2nd December.
2011 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 8th February.
2012 South Swale LNR, single bird, 14th-25rd October.
2013 Oare Marshes, single bird flew east, considered same bird as 2012, 6th April.
No Longer Accepted
1978 Westbere and Sturry, adult, 21st-23rd October, now considered of captive origin.

Egyptian Goose


Mandarin Duck


American Wigeon Anas americana

Vagrant in winter/spring

1917 Monkton, Thanet, male, shot, 15th March, now in Maidstone museum.
1961 Windmill Creek, Sheppey, immature male, 28th October.
1977 Sandwich Bay, female, 11th April to 2nd May, same Westbere, 23rd May.
1982 Elmley, male, 4th to 26th April.
1983 Elmley, first-year male, 8th April to 21st May.
1987 Sandwich Bay, female, 25th-26th February.
1990 Elmley, male, 11th to 21st April.
1993 Minnis Bay, male, 8th-9th January, probably same bird as 1992.
1997 Cliffe, first-winter male, 28th September to 14th October.
1999 Dungeness, male, 24th to 28th April.
2000 Elmley, female, 19th April to 4th May, paired with male Eurasian Wigeon A. penelope.
No Longer Accepted
1968 Stoke Fleet, adult male, 27th April.
1991 Elmley, first-year male, 1st April to 11th May. Now considered an escape.
1992 Elmley, male, 13th-29th December, presumed same bird as 1991. Now considered an escape.



Green-winged Teal Anas carolinensis

Rare transatlantic vagrant 

1961 Cheyne Court, Walland, drake, 21st March. Also seen at the Midrips, East Sussex, 19th and 22nd March.
1981 Dungeness RSPB, drake, 25th November.
1983 Elmley Reserve, drake, 2nd April to 8th May.
1990 Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve, drake, 6th February to 4th March.
1999 Dungeness RSPB, drake, 18th-26th June.
1996 Stodmarsh, drake, 13th-30th April.
1998 Dungeness RSPB, drake, 12th-14th December.
1999 ARC Pits, Dungeness, drake, 6th January.
Northwood Hill, drake, 9th-30th April.
2000 Elmley Reserve, drake, 10th April.
2002 Grove Ferry, drake, 26th January.
Oare Marshes, drake, 24th-30th March.
Eastborough, drake, 30th March to 20th April.
2003 Northwood Hill, drake, 27th January to 23rd February.
2004 Dungeness, drake, 3rd February.
Cliffe/Higham, drake, 22nd March to 10th April.
2005 Netherhale, Minnis Bay, drake, 14th-15th February.
Higham Bight, Cliffe, drake, 20th-21st March.
Pegwell, drake, 28th March.
Grove, drake, 3rd-18th April.
Stodmarsh, drake, 10th-24th April. Different from Grove bird.
2006 Medway, nr. New Hythe, drake, 4th-7th March.
2007 Cliffe Pools, drake, 17th-18th November.
2012 Sandwich Bay, drake, 4th January.
2013 Dungeness RSPB, drake, 12th-14th May.
2014 Dungeness RSPB, drake, 11th-12th March.
Grove Ferry, drake,30th November.
2015 Grove Ferry, drake, dates required
Cliffe Pools RSPB, drake, 8th April.


American Black Duck Anas rubripes

Rare Vagrant

1967 Yantlet Creek, Stoke, male, 18th and 25th March.



Blue-winged Teal Anas discors

Rare Vagrant

1970 Sandwich Bay, male, 14th April.
1978 Stodmarsh and Westbere, male, 4th May to 17th June.
1994 Stoke Lagoon, female, 18th to 30th May, associating with male Shoveler, A. clypeata.
1998 Grove Ferry, male, 14th to 28th June.
Dungeness, male, 6th to 30th August, 12th September.
Stodmarsh, two males, 24th October.
Reculver, two males and one female, 11th to 12th December.
1999 Stodmarsh/Grove Ferry, male, 31st January, 1st to 25th March, remaining through into 31st January 2001.
2000 Elmley, male, 9th May. Considered to be the same as Grove Ferry bird.
2001 Refer to 1999 male.
2014 Restharrow Scrape, Sandwich, female, 22nd April, moving to St. George’s Bushes, Sandwich until 30th April.


Red-crested Pochard

Canvasback Aythya valisineria

Rare Vagrant

1996 Cliffe, male, 7th December.
1999 Monk’s Wall, male, 28th May.
2000 Lade/Dungeness, male, 29th January intermittently to 14th March, photographed, with presumed same reappearing from 18th November to year end.
2001 Lade/Dungeness, male, presumed same as 2000 bird, from New Year to 9th March.


Ring-necked Duck Aythya collaris


1972 Stodmarsh, adult male, 9th April.
1977 Westbere, adult male, 2nd February.
Sevenoaks, adult male, 15th April.
Sevenoaks, adult male, 27th November.
1979 ARC Pits, Dungeness, adult male, 25th December to 26th February 1980.
1980 Dungeness RSPB, adult male, 23rd November to 28th January 1981. Assumed to be returning bird of previous year.
1992 Dungeness RSPB, adult male, 2nd May.
1999 Seaton Gravel Pits, first-winter male, 9th-16th January.
Dungeness RSPB, male, 16th-26th May.
2000 Bough Beech Reservoir, pair, 2nd-23rd April.
2001 Cliffe Pools, male, 18th-22nd February.
2002 Cliffe Pools, adult male, 13th January to 20th February.
Collard’s Lake, Stodmarsh, adult male, 13th-20th January.
Grain, drake, same bird as Cliffe, 4th-10th March.
Seaton, adult male, 29th March to 25th April.
2003 Collard’s Lake, Stodmarsh, adult male, 23rd-25th March.
2004 Scotney Gravel Pits, female or immature, 3rd-26th January.
Lade Pits, female or immature, 18th-19th January, presumed same as Scotney bird.
Dungeness RSPB, female or immature, 23rd-26th January, presumed same as Scotney and Lade bird.
Westbere, adult male, 7th-8th March.
Collard’s Lake, male, 28th March to 9th April.
2005 Stodmarsh, 24th March.
Bough Beech Reservoir, female, 30th November to 1st December.
2006 Bough Beech Reservoir, female, 10th December until year end.
2007 Bough Beech Reservoir, female, from 2006 remained until 16th April.
2008 Scotney, first-year male, 16th-17th November.
2012 Dungeness RSPB, male, 10th and again 12th April.
Dungeness RSPB, male, possibly same bird as earlier in year, 9th December.
2013 Conningbrook GP, Ashford, male, 14th-18th April. Presumably the same bird was seen at Lade Pits on 25th April, and again at Dungeness RSPB on 2nd May.

Ferruginous Duck Aythya nyroca

Rare Vagrant and occasional escape

1960 Dungeness, first-winter male, 8th November to 4th December.
1967 Stodmarsh, 18th August.
1974 Bough Beech Reservoir, adult male, 3rd November.
1978 Grain, male, 3rd January.
Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve, two males, 3rd-7th July. One remained until 7th December.
Stonar Lake, Sandwich, male, 27th July.
1979 Stodmarsh, male, 13th January.
Otford, male, 13th January.
Murston Pits, pair, 3rd February.
Bough Beech Reservoir, male, 23rd October.
1980 Dungeness RSPB, male, seen on various pits in the area, 27th January to 22nd May.
1981 Chilham Lakes, male, 17th January to 8th March. Also seen at Seaton.
Bough Beech Reservoir, male, 27th March to 7th April.
Dungeness RSPB, female, 26th April to 9th May.
Dungeness RSPB, immature, 12th-16th November.
1987 Dungeness RSPB, eclipse male, 30th July to 30th August.
1995 Mosco Pool, Grain, adult female, 6th February to 4th March.
Mosco Pool, Grain, adult female, 30th July to 4th August, presumed same bird as earlier record.
1995 Boughton Park and Weirton Hill Farm, seen 2nd-11th November, then 15th November, and finally 2nd December.
1996 Thanington Lakes, Canterbury, male, 18th February.
New Hythe Lakes, female, 28th December to 28th January 1997.
1998 Ham Road Pits, male, 17th December.
1999 Eastwell Lake, male, 1st-3rd January.
Seaton Gravel Pits, male, 9th-16th January, presumed same bird as Eastwell Lake.
Stodmarsh, male, 24th January, presumed same bird as Eastwell and Seaton.
2003 Abbey Meads Lake, New Hythe, adult female, 19th December.
2005 New Hythe, first winter, 11th December to year end.
2006 New Hythe, same bird as 2005, remained until 18th March, with perhaps the same bird returning to Leybourne/Snodland area from 11th October until 22nd December.
2007 New Hythe, same bird moulted into adult plumage, remained until 12th March, with presumably the same returning briefly on 27th July.
2008 Westbere Lakes, male, 29th December.

Tufted Duck


Lesser Scaup Aythya affinis
Rare Vagrant

2004 Scotney, first winter male, 17th November to end of year.
2005 Scotney, first winter male, same bird as 2004, until 14th March.
Bough Beech Reservoir, presumed same bird as Scotney, 16th March.


King Eider Somateria spectabilis

Very Rare Vagrant

1996 Dumpton, Ramsgate, female, 15th October to 3rd November.
2009 Dungeness, adult male, 20th January, with the same bird reappearing in the Galloway’s and Midrips area on 14th and 15th February.
No Longer Accepted
pre-1847 Erith Reaches, no date, now at University Museum, Oxford. Erith Reaches no longer in modern Kent.
1915 Dungeness, immature male, washed ashore, 10th November.
1955 Shellness, Sheppey, first-winter male, 27th December.

Long-tailed Duck

Common Scoter

Surf Scoter Melanitta perspicillata

Passage vagrant 

1889 Admiralty Pier, Dover, adult male killed, winter, no exact date.
1914 Lydd, 14th January.
1926 Dungeness, 23rd April.
1984 The Brooks, Lydd, male seen with flock of Common Scoter, M. p. nigra, 14th April.
1988 Minis Bay, adult male, flying west with mixed flock of duck, 20th October.
1999 Dungeness, immature male, 20th April.
2000 Dungeness, immature male on the patch, 24th May.
North Foreland, first winter, 21st October.
Dungeness, first winter, 13th December
No Longer


1880 Two birds seen at the mouth of the Thames in one of the winters between 1875 and 1880.

Velvet Scoter


Hooded Merganser Lophodytes cucullatus

Very Rare Vagrant

2005 Chilham, adult female, 4th-10th December.
2012 Whetsted GP, adult female, 10th February to 6th March.


Red-breasted Merganser


Ruddy Duck


Red-legged Partridge

Grey Partridge


Red-throated Diver

Black-throated Diver

Great Northern Diver

White-billed Diver Gavia adamsii

Rare Vagrant

1969 Milton Creek, The Swale, juvenile, freshly dead, ca. November.
1991 Six kilometers from Ramsgate, seen from ferry.
1993 Dungeness, adult, 23rd April.
1996 Dungeness, first-summer, 1st May.
1999 Dungeness, two single adults flew East, 30th April.
2005 Dungeness, adult flew east, 28th April.
2008 Dungeness, summer plumaged adult, flew east, 26th April.

Black-browed Albatross Thalassarche melanophris

Rare Vagrant 

2001 Dungeness, sub-adult, 4th May.
No Longer Accepted
1978 Foreness Point, 16th December.


Fea’s Petrel Pterodroma feae / madeira

Rare Passage Vagrant

1983 Dungeness, flew past, 15th October.

Cory’s Shearwater Calonectris diomedia

Uncommon Passage Vagrant

1954 Isle of Sheppey, two birds, 14th November.
1966 Dungeness Bird Observatory, two birds, 15th May.
1967 Sandwich Bay, one north, 19th September.
1968 Dungeness Bird Observatory, one west, 13th April.
1969 Dungeness Bird Observatory, one west, 13th April.
1971 North Foreland, 17th November.
1972 Dungeness Bird Observatory, two west, 16th April.
Sandwich Bay, 7th May.
1977 Rye Bay, 4th April.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, two west, 15th May.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, two west, 11th June.
1978 Dungeness Bird Observatory, 13th April.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, 5th May.
Minnis Bay, one west, 1st October.
1979 Dungeness Bird Observatory, 24th April.
Foreness, 29th July.
1982 Foreness, one east, 9th January.
Foreness, one west, 30th July.
1983 North Foreland, feeding behind trawler, 16th October.
1987 Dover, from ferry, 6th June.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, one west, 16th August.
St. Margaret’s, one south-west, 19th September.
Foreness, one east, 24th November.
1988 Dover, 26th October.
1989 Reculver, one east, 22nd November. Also seen at Foreness.
1990 Sandwich Bay, one south, 14th November.
1991 Reculver, one east, 16th June.
1993 Dungeness Bird Observatory, 20th September.
1994 North Foreland, one south, 23rd October.
1997 Dungeness Bird Observatory, 31st August.
1998 Reculver, 26th August.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, one west, 9th September.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, one west, 12th September.
2000 Dungeness Bird Observatory, one west, 5th July.
2003 Reculver, one east, 20th October.
2005 Dungeness Bird Observatory, one east, 15th April.
2011 Bockhill, single bird, 27th July.

Great Shearwater Puffinus gravis

Rare Vagrant

1890 Ramsgate Harbour, 29th October.
1915 Dungeness Bird Observatory, 30th August.
1938 Dungeness Bird Observatory, found dead, 21st November.
1953 Lower Hope Point, 16th August.
1963 Sandwich Bay, 24th February, dead for 6-8 weeks.
1968 Foreness, 22nd October.
1990 Dungeness Bird Observatory, flying west, 27th January.
2007 Dover, seen from ferry three kilometers to south, 1st September.
2008 Dungeness Bird Observatory, single bird flew west, 2nd August.

Sooty Shearwater

Manx Shearwater

Balearic Shearwater

Little Shearwater Puffinus assimilis

Rare Vagrant

1987 Dungeness, 9th October.
No Longer Accepted
1905 Near Lydd, male found alive, 27th November. Died two days later.
1912 Welling, male found exhausted, 20th August. P. a. baroli. NB: not in modern Kent.

 Storm Petrel Hydrobates pelagicus

Rare Passage Vagrant

1952 Lower Hope Point, 3rd November.
1953 Royal Sovereign Lightship, 14th-16th November.
Dungeness Peninsula, 15th December.
1954 South Goodwin Lightship, two, 6th November.
South Goodwin Lightship, 20th November.
South Goodwin Lightship, 25th November.
1957 Shellness, Isle of Sheppey, two, 13th October.
1959 Cliffe Pools, two, 1st November.
1960 Dungeness Peninsula, 3rd April.
1961 Reculver, 14th October.
1964 Maidstone, found dead, 17th October.
1967 Stodmarsh, one east, 9th January.
1970 Dungeness Peninsula, found exhausted, 11th October.
Shellness, Isle of Sheppey, two, 21st October. Presumably same seen later at North Foreland.
1971 Shellness, Isle of Sheppey, three, 10th October.
Shellness, Isle of Sheppey, 11th October.
Shellness, Isle of Sheppey, 19th October.
1973 Shellness, Isle of Sheppey, two, 8th December.
1974 Dover, 12th October.
Shellness, Isle of Sheppey, 30th October.
1975 Shellness, Isle of Sheppey, 9th November.
Gravesend, 9th November.
1977 Dover Harbour, 27th November.
1978 Allhallows, 30th September.
Shellness, Isle of Sheppey, 16th December.
1979 Dover, found on Dover-Boulogne ferry, 13th December. Released next day.
1980 Foreness, 11th October.
Shellness, Isle of Sheppey, five, 11th October.
Seasalter, 11th October.
Dungeness Peninsula, 26th October.
1981 Dungeness Peninsula, 26th December.
1982 Dover, 4th October.
Sandwich Bay, one north, 7th October.
1983 Dartford, 7th September.
Dungeness Peninsula, 15th October.
Lower Hope Point, 6th November.
1984 Minnis Bay, 5th November.
1985 Sandwich Bay, 5th November.
Foreness, 10th November.
Foreness, 18th November.
Foreness, 27th December.
1986 Dungeness Peninsula, one west, 13th September.
Dover, 27th October.
1987 Folkestone, 1st January.
Minnis Bay, 18th September.
Dungeness Peninsula, 9th October.
Sandwich Bay, 10th October.
North Foreland, 10th October.
North Foreland, two south, 18th October.
Foreness, three east, 2nd December.
1988 Dover Harbour, 7th December.
Dungeness Peninsula, two west, 28th October.
1991 Sandwich Bay, one south, 9th January.
Kingsnorth (Ashford), 19th October.
Minnis Bay, one east, 20th November.
1993 Shellness, Isle of Sheppey, 29th October.
1995 Sandwich Bay, one south, 27th November.
1996 Dungeness Bird Observatory, four west, 9th July.
Underriver, nr. Sevenoaks, fell exhausted into farmyard, 10th December. Recovered and later released.
1997 Foreness, one east, 17th December.
1998 Dungeness Bird Observatory, one west, 12th July.
1999 Staplehurst, found dead, 2nd January.
Reculver, one west, 19th November.
Sandwich Bay, three birds ringed, dates to be confirmed.
2000 Greenhithe, one west, 30th October.
Thames at Cliffe, ten west and two east, 30th October.
Thames at Dartford, 30th October.
Cliffe Pools, 30th October.
Copt Point, 31st October.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, two west, 31st October.
Higham Bight, one east, 31st October.
Stone Marshes, 31st October.
Dungeness, two west, 2nd November.
Dungeness, two, one accepted, the other accepted as Petrel sp., 5th November.
2002 Dungeness RSPB, exhausted bird picked up, 26th May.
2003 Reculver, one east, 14th October.
Reculver, 15th October.
Reculver, 23rd October.
2004 Cliffe, 11th October.
2005 Dungeness Bird Observatory, one west, 6th November, was seen to be taken by Merlin, Falco columbarius.
2006 In the last week of May, following a severe storm, there was an unprecedented westerly passage of this species through the channel.
Bockhill, single bird flew south, 20th May.
Bockhill, two birds flew south, 21st May.
Dungeness, forty-three birds flew west, 21st May.
Various coastal sites recorded one to four birds up to 27th may.
Copt Point, eleven birds flew west, 24th May.
Dungeness, nineteen birds flew west, 22nd May.
Dungeness, eighty birds flew west, 23rd May.
Dungeness, one hundred and thirty-three (133) birds flew west, 24th May.
Dungeness, fifty-six birds flew west, 25th May.
Dungeness, twenty-nine birds flew west, 26th May.
Dungeness, thirty-six birds flew west, 27th May.
Dungeness, fifteen birds flew west, 28th May.
Minnis Bay, single bird flew east, 3rd August.
Dungeness, single bird flew west, 25th October.
2008 Dungeness Bird Observatory, three birds flew west, 9th July.
Reculver, single bird, 5th October.

Leach’s Petrel




Eurasian Bittern

Little Bittern Ixobrychus minutus

Uncommon Vagrant

1845 Sandwich, shot, September. Now at Brighton Museum.
c.1860 Near Lullingstone Castle, shot, no date.
1870 No locality, adult female, killed 29th April.
1877 Mersham, nr. Ashford, adult female, June.
pre-1889 Elmstone, killed, no date.
1897 Between Ramsgate and Sandwich, adult female, early October.
1898 Near Sandwich, early October.
1899 Preston Marshes, adult, shot
1918 Near Wateringbury, caught, 2nd September.
1929 Near Deal, believed to be Cottington Marsh. Harrison wrote in 1934 that this species has used marsh “since 1929”.
1933 Near Deal, believed to be Cottington Marsh, ‘several’ in 1933 & believed to breed.
1946 Near Deal, adult male, 23rd June to 6th July.
1947 Near Deal, two adults, one immature, spring to late July.
1958 Yalding Gravel Pit, adult female, 10th August.
1962 Stodmarsh, adult male, 27th May.
1964 Deal, adult male, 4th May, caught, died later.
Dungeness, male, trapped, 15th May.
Sandwich Bay, male, trapped, 23rd to 27th May.
1966 Stodmarsh, male, 23rd July.
1968 Dungeness, immature, 10th August.
1969 Stodmarsh, male, 11th June.
1971 Westbere, male, 2nd May.
1972 Chetney Marshes, female, 20th May.
1973 Westbere, two males, 6th May.
1975 Stodmarsh, male, 25th to 27th May.
1976 Stodmarsh, male, 15th May.
Cliffe, immature, 25th August.
Sevenoaks, male, 17th October.
1999 Stodmarsh, male, 1st to 6th June.
2000 Oare Marshes, male, 28th June.
2002 Hoo Peninsula, male, found dead, 19th July.
2003 Dungeness Reserve, male, 11th-18th May.
2012 Sevenoaks WR, female or juvenile, 15th September.
No Longer Accepted
1898 Romney Marsh, 8th June.
1921 Near Lydd, male, May.

Night Heron Nycticorax nycticorax

Rare but regular vagrant

1839 Near Lydd, 24th May, now at Dover museum.
1890 Milton decoy, shot, winter.
1947 Near Brookland, Romney Marsh, adult male, 11th May.
1951 Romney Marsh, 4th May.
1953 Sheerness, immature, 16th October to 11th November.
1955 Angley Lake, Cranbrook, immature, 6th August to 6th September.
1958 Mersham, nr. Ashford, immature, dead, 10th February.
1968 Murston, adult, 17th April.
Stodmarsh, adult, 18th-19th June.
1969 Stodmarsh, 23rd-30th July.
Stodmarsh, 19th August.
Stodmarsh, 23rd-24th September.
1970 Yalding, immature, 2nd May.
1971 Faversham, adult, 2nd April, died 14th, now in Harrison Museum, Sevenoaks.
1973 Cottington Court, 27th June.
1974 Walland Marsh, immature, 2nd October.
1978 Richborough, adult, 4th June.
Sevenoaks, second-year, 17th July.
1982 Sandwich Bay, juvenile, 23rd October.
1983 St. Margaret’s Bay, adult, 29th May.
1984 Ashford, adult, 29th May.
1985 Stodmarsh, adult, 16th May; presumed same Westbere 18th.
1987 Sevenoaks, adult, 1st-4th May.
Lydd, first-summer, 16th May.
Bough Beech Reservoir, first-summer, 24th May.
Foreness, first-summer, 29th May.
Stodmarsh, first-summer, 18th August.
1989 Sevenoaks, adult or second-summer, 28th August and 3rd September.
1990 Dymchurch, adult, 25th March.
Dungeness, adult, 16th April.
Dungeness, two adults, 29th April, same Lade, also 29th.
1993 Dungeness, second-summer, 26th May.
Ham Fen, second-summer, 28th May.
1994 Dungeness, first-summer, 5th June.
1996 Dungeness, two adults, 28th April to 9th August.
1997 Dungeness, sub-adult, 15th-17th June.
Cranbrook, adult, 12th July to 23rd August.
1998 Sevenoaks, juvenile, 7th-16th November.
1999 Dungeness, two adults, one second-summer, 10th-11th April.
Dungeness, first-summer, 30th April.
Appledore, adult, 16th-24th May.
2004 Bockhill, sub-adult flew south-west, 20th December.
2005 Boughton Park, first summer, 28th May.
2006 Dungeness, single bird on Long Pits, later flew to Oppen Pits, 28th April.
2008 Military Canal, West Hythe, adult, 22nd November to year end.
2009 Military Canal, West Hythe, adult, from November 2008, remained until 24th January, when it flew south.
2011 Wickhambreaux, juvenile, 3rd July.
Stodmarsh, two juveniles, 11th July.
2012 New Romney, single bird,18thMay.
2014 Bough Beech, first summer bird, 30th May until 13th July.
2015 Nickolls Quarry, West Hythe, single bird, 14th January.
No Longer Accepted
1883 Plumstead Marshes, immature male, shot, 3rd December. NB: not in modern Kent.

Green Heron Butorides virescens

Rare vagrant

2008 Military Canal, West Hythe, first winter, 19th October to 9th November.

Squacco Heron Ardeola ralloides

Rare Vagrant

c.1847 Romney Marsh, shot, no date.
1867 Bedgebury Park, nr. Hawkhurst, shot, 20th May.
1979 Cliffe, 4th-9th July.
1990 Elmley, 7th-14th May.
2004 Dungeness, 3rd June, with presumably same bird at Minnis Bay, 4th June.
2007 Nicholl’s GP, Palmarsh, first-summer, 2nd June, presumed same Oare Marshes 3rd June, and then Ham Road Pits, Faversham, 17th-18th June.
Long Pits, Dungeness, adult, 9th June.
2011 Dungeness RSPB, adult, 15th-19th June.
2012 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 30th May.
No Longer Accepted
1907 Romney Marsh, male and female, 29th May.
1914 Romney Marsh, male, April.

Chinese Pond Heron Ardeola bacchus

Rare Vagrant

2014 Hythe and Saltwood, first winter, 17th January until 13th March. This bird was a British first.

Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis

Rare Vagrant

1992 Stodmarsh, adult, 7th-8th May.
1993 Dungeness, adult in summer plumage, 1st May; presumed same, Sandwich Bay, 2nd.
1995 Stodmarsh, 15th May.
1998 Graveney, 16th-22nd January.
Oare Marsh, 12th-13th April.
Walland Marsh, three, 28th June to 1st July; presumed one of same, Dungeness Reserve, 2nd July.
1999 Oare Marshes, 12th-13th April.
2001 Dungeness Reserve, adult, 30th August.
2005 Oare Marshes, partial summer, flew off east, 24th May.
Sandwich Bay, partial summer, 24th May. Different bird than that at Oare Marshes.
Sandwich Bay, adult, 4th August.
Elmley, adult, 22nd September to 22nd November. Also reported at Oare Marshes, 28th September, and at South Swale LNR, 20th November.
2006 Samphire Hoe, single bird, present for five minutes before flying off west, 24th April.
Grove Ferry, single bird, 23rd July to 7th August.
Elmley RSPB, two birds roosting, 7th September.
Dungeness, single bird, 18th-20th September.
2007 Sevenoaks WR, single bird, 31st January.
Grove Ferry, adult and juvenile, 21st-22nd July, with the juvenile remaining until 24th.
Grove Ferry, two birds, 19th October.
2008 Walmer Castle, adult, 19th April.
Harty Church, adult, 18th November.
2009 Elmley, single bird, flew south, 14th August.
Lydd-on-Sea, single bird, 11th October, moving to Dungeness RSPB on 12th, and remaining in the area until 17th December.
2010 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 6th-23rd August.
Dartford Marshes, single bird, possibly the Dungeness bird, 26th August, seen to fly across Thames towards Rainham, Essex.
2011 Wouldham, single bird, 29th July.
2012 Elmley RSPB, single bird, 15th-26th August.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 30th August.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird 18th December.
2013 North Quarry, Cliffe, adult coming into summer plumage, 14th May. Probably the same bird was later seen at Higham Marshes on 15th and 17th.
Grove Ferry, non-breeding adult, remained in area until 11th May, and was relocated at Higham/Shorne Marshes from 14th-18th.
Northward Hill RSPB, full breeding plumage, 18th-22nd May.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird,20th-21st May, later relocated at Lade Pits on 24th.
2014 Dengemarsh Road, Lydd, three birds, 2nd June.
Dengemarsh, a single bird, 1st October, was joined by a second on 3rd November, and a third on 15th.The three remained until the 19th, with the remaining two present until the year end.
2015 Preston Marshes, single bird, 12th September.
No Longer Accepted
1974 Wittersham/Maytham, 8th-15th August, probable escape.

Little Egret

Great White Egret Egretta alba

Vagrant, becoming increasingly common, especially during winter months.

1977 Stodmarsh, 5th may; later same day at St. Margaret’s Bay.
1988 Dungeness, 3rd August.
1990 Dungeness, 8th August;presumed same, Stodmarsh 23rd August to mid-October, also in Sussex.
1995 Dungeness, 13th August.
1996 Bough Beech Reservoir, 5th-14th January; same as East Sussex, West Sussex, and Hampshire.
1998 Dungeness, 8th-14th July.
1999 Elmley, 6th August.
2000 Bough Beech Reservoir, 2nd September; possibly same as East Sussex, 30th July.
Dungeness, 22nd October; presumed same, Walland Marsh, 25th-28th.
Newenden, 13th-16th December.
2002 Nr. Cliffe, 8th-9th July.
Elmley, 11th-26th August.
Capel Fleet, 20th October.
2003 Scotney GP, colour-ringed bird, 12th-17th July, and again Dungeness RSPB, 21st July.
Pegwell Bay, 22nd August, flew off North-East.
2004 Bough Beech, 31st August to 1st September, had been colour-ringed as nestling at Lac du Grand-Lieu in western France on 15th May 2004. It was later seen in South Yorkshire on 2nd-22nd September.
Cliffe Pools, 1st September, also colour-ringed. It was later seen at Rye Harbour on 26th September.
2005 Seaton, single birds reported on 15th January, 13th February, and 12th March, probably same individual.
Elmley, 3 birds, 17th October.
Dungeness, same 3 birds flew SE out to sea, 18th October.
2006 Harty Marshes, single bird, 8th-10th February.
Grove Ferry, single bird, 9th July.
Seasalter, single bird, 11th September.
2007 Dungeness, one flew in off sea, 15th August.
Sandwich Bay, one flew south, 27th November.
2008 Stodmarsh/Westbere, single bird, 6th June.
Dengemarsh, possibly same bird as previous record, 10th June.
Grain/Stoke Lagoon, single bird, 13th and 15th October.
2009 Sandwich Bay, one flew NW, 3rd April.
Stoke Lagoon/Yantlet Marsh, single bird, 10th-13th April.
Oare Marshes, single bird, 23rd May.
Reculver, single bird, flew NW, 29th June.
Elmley, single bird flew south, 29th September.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 15th August, remained in Dengemarsh area until 14th December.
2010 West Hythe, single bird, 10th January, and lingered on until the end of February.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, possibly that from West Hythe, 2nd March, being recorded almost daily until 2nd October at least.
Wouldham, single bird, 10th October.
Eastwell Lake, two birds in trees, 20th October.
2011 Reculver, single bird, 2nd October.
Reculver, two individuals, 6th October.
Bilting, nr. Godmersham, single bird, 1st November.
Herne Common, single bird, 25th November.
2012 There was a minimum of four birds touring the county during January, with eight birds reported during February. In March there were possibly five birds.

Only one bird was reported during April, that from Dungeness RSPB, with only two during May. These three reports, for April and May, were probably new migrants.

There was only one record during July, with five birds reported during August.

During September there was up to five birds present in the Stour Valley, with two more in the Dungeness area.

Dungeness produced up to five birds towards the end of October, with seven birds reported from elsewhere, including that of three birds at Rodmersham.

November produced reports of up to nine birds, with up to four on Dungeness RSPB reserve on several dates to the 23rd. Five birds were found on the Dungeness RSPB during December, with two other records from elsewhere.

Overall, an estimated minimum of 15 individuals were present in the County during the year, with a possible total of 20 birds.
2013 There were many records throughout the year, but as is becoming the norm, the majority was from South during winter.

Overall there was a probable minimum of 50 individuals during the year, with a possible total as high as 70.

2014 Like recent years there were many records throughout 2014, and as usual the majority was from South during winter.

This year there was a probable minimum of 40 individuals over the period, with a possible total as high as 50.

Grey Heron

Purple Heron Ardea purpurea

Uncommon Passage Migrant

1838 Romney Marsh, immature, obtained, September.
1847 Lydd, 29th March.
1862 Romney Marsh, 1st May.
1876 Romney Marsh, 1st May.
1894 Kemsley, 1st May.
1925 Romney Marsh, two birds, 6th April.
1936 Stour Valley/Sandwich, 17th and 18th May.
1941 Deal, 2nd May.
Romney Marsh, male, obtained, 12th May, now at Maidstone Museum.
1948 Gravesend, 27th March.
1958 Stoke, 2nd-10th August.
1961 Sandwich Bay, 7th July.
Snargate, Romney Marsh, 9th August.
1963 Dungeness area, 5th May.
Egypt Bay, 9th May.
Tenterden, 19th July.
1964 Sandwich Bay, 8th April.
Dungeness area, 20th May.
1966 Chetney, 3rd-4th August.
1967 Capel Fleet, Sheppey, 12th-25th June.
Stodmarsh, 24th to 31st July.
1968 Stodmarsh, 27th April.
Reculver, 11th August.
1969 Grove Ferry, 4th May.
Sandwich Bay, 31st August to 30th September.
1970 Stodmarsh, adult, 24th-31st May.
Stodmarsh, 24th July to 13th August.
1971 Chetney, 31st March.
Kennington, Ashford, 23rd-24th April, with possibly same bird Stodmarsh, Apr 25th-May 19th.
Sandwich Bay, 7th May.
Sandwich Bay, 15th-16th May.
Medway Estuary, 6th August.
1972 Stodmarsh, 1st June.
Sandwich Bay, 21st-22nd June.
Sevenoaks, 17th August.
Marden, 9th-19th September.
1973 Stodmarsh, 29th April.
Murston Pits, 20th May.
Dungeness area, 29th July.
1974 Dungeness area, 21st April.
Stodmarsh, two birds, 19th May.
Sandwich Bay, 10th September.
1975 Dungeness area, 19th April.
1976 Sevenoaks, 2nd May.
Stodmarsh, 30th May.
Stodmarsh, 6th June.
Sandwich Bay, 19th-22nd June.
1977 Sandwich Bay, 20th May.
Fordwich, 1st June.
1978 Sandwich Bay, 20th April, with probably same bird on 29th April.
Fordwich, 25th May.
Stodmarsh, 29th-30th June.
Dungeness area, 8th August
St. Margaret’s, 17th October.
Elmley Reserve, 13th November.
1979 Westbere, 19th-22nd May.
Stodmarsh, 17th June.
1980 Stodmarsh, 18th May.
Stodmarsh, 25th June.
Stodmarsh, 10th July.
1981 Fordwich, 18th-28th April.
Reculver, 24th May.
Yantlet Creek, 11th July.
1982 Dungeness RSPB, 27th May.
Stodmarsh, 30th October.
1983 Stour Valley, 22nd-26th April.
Foreness, flying east, 8th May.
Sandwich Bay, flying west, 14th May.
1984 Minnis Bay, 22nd August to 6th October.
1985 Capel Fleet, Sheppey, 27th April, and again 4th May.
Hayesden, 25th July to 5th September.
Dartford Marshes, 13th-14th September.
1986 Sandwich Bay, 1st May.
Westbere/Stodmarsh, 31st May to 1st June.
1987 Dungeness area, 20th-21st April.
Sandwich Bay, 20th April.
Stodmarsh, 20th April.
Folkestone, 28th July.
Dungeness, flying south-west, 6th August.
Worth Marshes, 20th-21st August.
Minnis Bay, 19th-22nd October.
1988 Dungeness area, 20th May.
Dungeness area, 12th September.
1989 Dungeness RSPB, 1st April.
Dungeness RSPB, 20th May.
1990 Reculver, 6th May.
Westbere, 7th-12th May.
Grove Ferry, 21st July.
Reculver, one east, 24th October.
1991 Dungeness RSPB, 31st May.
Stodmarsh, 4th June, possibly same bird as Dungeness.
1992 Copt Point, Folkestone, sub-adult, in off sea, 15th May.
ARC pits, Dungeness, 23rd May.
Oare Marshes, 1st August.
1994 Foreness, one south-west, 18th August.
Sandwich Bay, juvenile, 14th September.
1996 Stodmarsh, one south, 22nd April.
Binney Farm/Reservoir, Allhallows, first summer, 6th May.
Dungeness RSPB, 12th May. Also seen at Lydd and Lade, same date.
1997 Brooksend, Minnis Bay, adult, 27th-29th April.
Pegwell Bay, adult, 1st-4th May. Considered to be same bird as Brooksend.
Denge Marsh, juvenile, 6th September.
1998 Walland Marsh, adult, 28th May to 21st June.
1999 Sandwich Bay, 29th March.
Sandwich Bay, 8th-9th May.
Stodmarsh, immature, 15th May.
Dungeness, one north, 21st-22nd May.
Grove Ferry, juvenile, 30th July to 11th August.
Minnis Bay/Reculver, juvenile, 26th July-3rd October. Seen widely around Chambers Wall/Wantsum area.
Stoke Fleet, immature, 29th August to 3rd October.
Grove Ferry, juvenile, 1st September.
2000 Bough Beech, 6th April.
Swale NNR, adult, 1st May.
Dungeness, two adults, in off sea, 6th May.
Lydd Golf Course, adult flying east, 7th May.
Reculver, 13th August.
Minnis Bay/Reculver, juvenile, 13th August to 10th September. Seen around Chambers Wall, Reculver and Marshside.
2001 Dungeness RSPB, 20th May.
Long Pits, Dungeness, first summer, 20th June.
2003 Capel-le-Ferne, one flew East, 13th April.
2004 Pegwell Bay, adult flew north, 22nd April.
Elmley, sub-adult, 14th-15th May.
North Foreland, immature flew west, 15th May.
Brooksend, Minnis Bay, 4th June.
Dungeness RSPB, 30th September.
2006 Bough Beech, single bird flew north, 21st April.
Dungeness, immature flew out to sea, 30th August.
2007 St. Nicholas-at-Wade, single bird few in to land, 10th June.
2008 Sandwich Bay BO, adult first seen on beach and later near observatory, 20th April.
Dungeness RSPB, adult, 6th May.
2009 Reculver, single bird, arrived from south, 23rd May.
2010 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 27th-28th April, with second bird joining it on 29th-30th April. These birds were soon seen carrying nesting material, and quickly became Britain’s first successful breeding pair, fledging two young. The first bird to fledge did so on 3rd August, and the second on 6th or 7th. The last sighting of any bird was the adult female on 30th August.
Sandwich Bay BO, single bird, 20th May.
Stodmarsh, single bird, possibly that from Sandwich, 23rd May.
2012 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 5th-13th June.
Stodmarsh/Grove Ferry, juvenile, 29th June-1st July, again 25th July to 3rd August, and finally 19th-27th August.
Oare Marshes, juvenile, 29th-30th July.
2013 Pegwell Bay, single bird, 22ndApril.
Dengemarsh Gully, Dungeness, single bird flushed, 6th May.
2014 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 22ndApriluntil 2nd May.
Nicholl’s Quarry, Palmarsh, single bird, 16th May.

Black Stork Ciconia nigra

Rare Vagrant

1844 Romney Marsh, shot, no date.
c.1854 Weald, killed, no date.
1856 Fairfield, Romney Marsh, obtained, 5th May.
1884 Rainham, early July, found dead 8th September.
1958 Stone Cliff, moulting first-winter to adult,7th August. Remained in Iden area, East Sussex until 14th September.
1982 Littlebourne, 19th and 21st May.
1983 Margate, 10th June, presumed same, Elmley, 11th.
1988 Near Sandwich, 2nd July.
1989 Murston, 28th April.
Murston, presumed another, refer 28th April, 28th may, probably same as East Sussex individual.
1991 Elmley 12th May.
Dungeness, 1st June.
1993 Cliffe, 21st July.
1995 Folkestone, 22nd June.
2002 Dungeness RSPB, circling over, 31st May.
Dungeness RSPB, circling over, 10th September.
2004 Hawthorn Corner, Walland, 16th September, is considered to be same bird as adult flying SE out to sea at Bockhill, 19th September.
2006 Hadlow, Tonbridge, single bird, 28th May.
Margate, single bird flew north-west, 6th June.
2007 Sandwich, adult, circled over and flew towards Eastry, 4th July.
2008 Chartham/Seaton area, first-summer, 18th-19th July.
2010 Sevenoaks WR, juvenile, 4th August.
Eythorne, adult, 10th October.
2013 Cottington, Deal, single bird, 9th August.
2015 Dengemarsh, then Dungeness and Lydd-on-Sea, single bird, 7th August.
No Longer Accepted
1957 Canterbury/Dover area, September to November, possible escape.
1981 Whitstable/Reculver area, 5th October to 17th December.

White Stork

Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus

Rare Vagrant

1852 Near Reading Street, Tenterden, shot, December.
1857 Swanscombe Marsh, no date.
1902 Romney Marsh, four, one shot, mid-September; remaining birds shot 14th October.
1903 Rother Levels, nr. Wittersham, four, last three weeks of September, immature male shot, 14th, all gone by 25th October.
1916 Near Sturry, January.
1974 Swanscombe Marsh, 11th April to 12th May.
1975 Stodmarsh, 14th December.
1976 Stodmarsh, 21st January and through spring and summer, later at Grove/Preston until May 1977.
1977 Grove, 2nd January and between there and Stodmarsh until 12th March, 30th April, again 1st May to 19th June and 24th September until the end of the year. Also seen on Sheppey, 15th May, 27th August and 1st and 4th September, and at Graveney on 25th September. All same as 1975 individual.
1978 Swale, 1st January; Stodmarsh, 7th January to 14th may; Westbere, 10th June; Sheppey, 28th August; Minster 3rd September; Ash Level, 4th September; Stodmarsh, 9th September to end of year, same as 1975 individual.
1979 Stodmarsh, 13th January to 29th June and 10th August to end of year; another, 28th October to end of year; Sandwich Bay, 4th may, 17th November; Swale, occasionally, 19th April to 7th October, same as 1975 individual
Stodmarsh, another, 28th October to end of year.
1980 Stodmarsh, two, 1st January to 21st May and 26th September to end of year; Elmley, 11th May to 7th September, two, 30th July 7th September, same as 1975 and 1975 individuals.
1981 Stodmarsh, two, since 1980 to end of April and from late August to end of year, summering on Sheppey, but absent during early May.
1982 Stodmarsh, two, since 1975 and 1979, to early April, 8th September and from early October to end of year, summering on Sheppey.
1983 Stodmarsh, two, since 1975 and 1979, to 6th March and from 27th-28th August and 1st September to end of year, summering on Sheppey.
1984 Stodmarsh, two, since 1975 and 1979, to 12th April and 13th October to end of year, summering on Sheppey, 14th April to 22nd July.
1985 Stodmarsh and Stour Valley area, two since 1975 and 1979, to 3rd February, one to 9th April; one 25th October to end of year; one of same, Sheppey, 6th May to 17th August.
1986 Stodmarsh and Stour Valley area, one of 1985 individuals, 1st January to 16th April, 24th October to end of year; same, Sheppey 4th June to 24th August.
Dungeness, 6th October.
1987 Seaton, two, 25th April, probably same as East Sussex individuals, 25th-27th.
Stodmarsh, 1986 individual, 1st January to 1st March, 24th October to end of year; same, Seasalter, 31st January, and Sheppey, 29th May to 18th August.
1988 Stodmarsh area, 1987 individual, 1st January to 15th April, 25th October to end of year; same, Sheppey, 14th and 30th May.
1989 Stodmarsh area, 1988 individual, 1st January to 7th May, 24th June, 31st July to end of year; same, Elmley and Sheppey area, 18th May to 2nd August.
1990 Brookland, 14th May, presumed not Stodmarsh bird.
Stodmarsh area, 1989 individual, 1st January to mid-March, intermittently May to end of August, regularly to end of year; same, Sheppey, 20th April.
1991 Stodmarsh area, 1990 individual January to March, 27th-28th April, regularly in May, 16th August to end of year; same, Elmley, 17th-18th May, 27th-30th June.
1992 Stodmarsh area, since 1991 to 4th April, 1st August to 1993; same Sheppey, 21st-28th March, 29th April to 31st May, 18th-22nd July.
2001 Dungeness/Lydd area, 24th-25th October.
2007 Dungeness RSPB, single bird on Burrowes Pit, 9th May.
2009 Stodmarsh and Grove Ferry, single bird, 6th-15th September.
Oare Marshes, single bird, 11th-12th September.
Dungeness RSPB, five birds arrived on the evening of 21st September, dwindling to two by the end of October. These two remaining until 14th December.
Sandwich Bay, three birds arrived on the evening of 21st September.
Stoke Lagoon, single bird, 8th-20th October.
Swalecliffe, immature, 8th October.
Sandwich Bay, single bird flew south, 11th October.
Ham Road GP, single bird, 16th December.
2010 Dungeness RSPB, eighteen (18) birds, 13th-15th September.
East Malling, seven birds, 11th October.
2011 Dungeness and Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 10th-21st January.
Yalding, single bird, 25th April.
Dungeness and Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 6th-7th December.
Stodmarsh, two, first-winter, 27th October until year end.
2012 Stodmarsh, two birds, from 2011 until at least 18th March.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 14th-20th February.
2013 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 6th October to 15th November.
Stour Valley, single bird, 14th-23rd October.
Cliffe Pools, single bird, 13th November.
Reculver, single bird, 28th December.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 5th-31st December.
Oare Marshes, single bird, 31st December.
2014 Pegwell Bay, single bird, 2nd January, and later that same day at Grove Ferry, remaining in the Stour valley until the 12th, when it was joined by a second bird until the 20th.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, first seen in October 2013, was seen almost daily through to 27th February.
Dungeness RSPB, another bird, or possibly same, was seen on 15th March, with two present on 3rd May, one remaining until 20th October.
Shellness/Oare Marshes, two birds, 14th-19th January.
Pegwell Bay, single bird, on eight dates between 16th August and 1st September.
2016 Harty, Sheppey, single bird, 20th January.
No Longer Accepted
1830 Blendon Hall Park, Bexley, April. NB: No longer in modern Kent.


Pied-billed Grebe Podilymbus podiceps

Rare Vagrant

1999 One at Singleton Lake, Ashford, on February 27th remained until March 23rd.

Little Grebe

Great Crested Grebe

Red-necked Grebe

Slavonian Grebe

Black-necked Grebe

Honey Buzzard

Black Kite Milvus migrans

Uncommon Vagrant

1976 Luddesdown, one north, 8th May.
1980 Sandwich Bay, 17th May, same Chislet, 17th May.
Dungeness, 28th May to 1st June.
1981 Pluckley, flying north-east, and two hours later at Naccolt, nr. Wye, 4th April.
Hatch Park, 27th to 29th May.
1982 Dungeness RSPB, one north-west, 8th May.
Sandwich Bay, adult, 16th May.
1983 Bough Beech Reservoir, 22nd April.
Stodmarsh area, 4th May.
Dymchurch, Lydd, and Dungeness, 8th May.
Canterbury, 11th May.
Ashford, 6th September.
1985 Eastchurch, Sheppey, 24th-26th May.
1986 Dungeness, 26th April.
Wingham, 30th April.
Dungeness, 28th May.
Lyminge Forest, 11th June.
1987 St. Mary’s Bay, Dymchurch, and Dungeness, 2nd-4th May.
1988 Dungeness 12th-14th May.
Warehorne/Ham Street, 22nd July.
1989 Dungeness RSPB, 27th May.
Sandwich Bay, one north, 29th May.
1991 Broadstairs, 4th August.
1992 Higham Bight, one south, 24th May; same as East Tilbury (Essex)
Stodmarsh area, 24th to 25th May, presumed different from previous bird.
1993 Farthingloe, nr. Dover, 26th May.
Grain, 29th May.
Worth Marshes, 16th June.
St. Margaret’s, 20th June.
Bishopstone, one west, 11th July.
Dungeness Observatory, 7th August.
1994 Bough Beech Reservoir, one east over Winkhurst Wood, 24th April.
Bough Beech Reservoir,9th May.
Capel-le-Ferne, two, 9th May.
Pegwell Bay, one south, 12th May.
Langdon Cliffs, Dover, 13th May.
St. Margaret’s Bay, 15th May.
St. Margaret’s Bay, 30th May.
1995 Cheriton, one east, 20th April.
1998 Dungeness RSPB, one south-west, 24th April.
1999 Dungeness RSPB, 15th May.
Dungeness Observatory, second spring, west, 21th May.
Dungeness RSPB, 30th May.
2000 St. Margaret’s, first summer, west, 8th May.
Stodmarsh, north-east, 8th May, possibly same as previous record.
Dungeness area, 9th May, photo.
2003 Swalecliffe, 3rd May. Also at Margate and Bockhill same day.
Pegwell Bay, one north-west, 31st May.
2004 Bockhill, one south-west, 10th May.
Dungeness Observatory, possibly same bird as Bockhill, 12th May.
2005 Hythe, one flew east, 12th April.
2006 Bockhill, single bird flew south-west, 6th May.
Abbotscliffe, two birds, 6th May.
Cliffe, 9th May, and at Grain same day.
Seaton and three other locations in Stour Valley, single bird on 20th May. Remained at Seaton until 21st.
2007 Bridge, nr. Canterbury, single bird, 28th April.
Bramling, nr. Canterbury, single bird, 14th June.
Thanet, juvenile reported from several locations, and later at Whitfield, 4th August, with probably the same bird the following day, at Bockhill.
2008 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 10th April.
Bockhill, one flew north, 26th April, and again later west at Reculver.
Dungeness, one over Long Pits, 2nd May.
Haysden, single bird, 4th May.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 6th May.
2009 Sandwich Bay, single bird flew north, 21st March.
Westenhanger, single bird flew north over M20, 22nd April.
Boughton Street, Blean, single bird, 9th May.
Dungeness, adult flew west over DBO and RSPB, 20th May.
Dungeness, single moulting bird lingered in area, 22nd September.
2010 Tilmanstone, single bird, 24th April.
2011 Dungeness, single bird, 26th April.
Victory Wood, Dargate, single bird, 17th May.
2012 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 15th May.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird flew in off sea, 16th May.
2013 Brenley, nr. Faversham, single bird, 8th-19th May.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 10th October. Another, or same, on five dates between

13th and 26th November. Possibly same bird was at Sandwich Bay on 30th November

and again on 6th December.

2014 Bockhill, single bird flew south in company of two Red Kites, 18th May. Probably the

same bird was seen on the following day at Aycliffe.

Hildenborough, single bird, 29th May.
Dungeness, single bird, 2nd June.
2015 Shuart, single bird, 17th May.
Bockhill, single bird, 18th May.

Red Kite

White-tailed Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla

Rare Vagrant

1815 Cliffe, adult male, shot, 27th December.
1827 One, immature, was caught near Dover in winter.
1844 Romney Marsh, obtained prior to 1844.
1845 Canterbury, obtained prior to 1845.
1848 Cliffsend, Pegwell, shot, 3rd February.
1849 Deal, 24th February.
1850 Near the south coast, early January. (Harrison, 1953).
1869 Godmersham Park, nr. Wye, male, shot, 11th January. Now at Maidstone Museum.
1870 Chilham Park, killed, February/March. Now at Maidstone Museum.
Chilham Castle, shot, 11th March. Now at Maidstone Museum.
1874 Eastwell Park, nr. Ashford, killed, date unknown. Now at Maidstone Museum. (Harrison, 1953).
1879 Two birds, High Halstow. One bird shot 8th November, with second bird remaining until 1st February 1880.
1880 See previous record. (Harrison, 1953).
1885 Eastwell Park, nr. Ashford, immature shot, date unknown. (Harrison, 1953).
Minster Marshes, Thanet, immature female, shot, 12th November, now at Canterbury Museum. (Harrison, 1953).
1888 Eastwell Park, nr. Ashford, immature male, killed, date unknown. (Harrison, 1953).
Lower Stour Marshes, shot, date unknown. (Harrison, 1953).
1889 Chilham, three immatures shot, date unknown. (Harrison, 1953).
Weatherlees Hill, Richborough, date unknown. (Harrison, 1953).
1895 Eastwell Park, nr. Ashford, immature shot, 22nd December. (Harrison, 1953).
1897 Penshurst Place, shot, date unknown. (Harrison, 1953).
1906 Ruckinge, 21st March. (Harrison, 1953).
1920 Surrenden Dering, 29th October. (Harrison, 1953).
1932 Whitfield, Dover, female shot, 8th March. Now at Maidstone Museum. (Harrison, 1953).
1988 Elmley, Sheppey, 16th November to year end.
1989 Elmley, Sheppey, and North Downs area. Present from 1988 until 25th January. Poisoned.
1990 St. Margaret’s, immature north, 22nd October.
1998 Graveney Marshes, juvenile, 7th-8th October.
2012 Botolphs Bridge, second winter, 14th February.
Walland Marsh, same second winter, 16th February.

Marsh Harrier

Hen Harrier

Pallid Harrier Circus macrourus

Rare Vagrant

2002 Elmley, second summer male, 3rd-20th August.
2011 Cliffe Pools RSPB, juvenile, 24th-27th September.
2015 Pegwell, then Sandwich Bay, juvenile, 23rd September.

Montagu’s Harrier

Goshawk Accipiter gentilis

Uncommon Vagrant 

pre-1792 The ornithologist Boys lists a single record prior to this year, though no further details are known.
1844 Swingfield Minnis, single bird, shot, date unknown.
pre-1893 Lydd, single bird, shot, date unknown.
pre 1899 Fredville, adult female, shot, date unknown..
1950 Cowden, female, 7th October.
1954 Site withheld, adult, 11th September.
Another, same site, immature, 15th December.
1955 Site withheld, probably same bird as December previous year, 2nd April.
1958 Same site as 1954 and 1955, female, 11th October.
1962 Sandwich Bay, single females, 22nd April and 10th June, possibly same bird.
1965 Leysdown/Capel Hill, single bird, 25th June.
Northward Hill, 14th-21st November.
1966 High Halstow, female trapped and ringed, 20th November.
1967 Northward Hill, female, 29th January.
Northward Hill, possibly same female, three occasions between 5th February and 4th March.
1968 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 6th October.
1970 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 18th October.
1977 Reculver, female, 1st December.
1978 St. Margaret’s, single bird, 29th October.
1979 Stodmarsh, single bird, 4th April.
1980 Sandwich Bay, one in off sea, 19th October.
1982 Ightham, single bird taking Wood Pigeon, 5th November.
1983 Foreness, single bird found dead, 12th April.
Wye, single bird, picked up injured, 26th December.
1984 Shorne, single bird, 30th October.
1986 Warehorne, female, 24th April.
1988 Godmersham, single bird, 8th February.
Conningbrook, single bird, 26th February.
Foreness, single bird west, 1st April.
Seaton, single bird, 2nd November.
Dungeness, single bird west, 31st October.
1991 West recording area, site withheld, male displaying, 14th January.
St. Margaret’s, immature south-west, 16th March.
Bough Beech, female, 10th April.
Stodmarsh, single bird, 8th September.
St. Margaret’s, male, 8th October.
1992 West Malling, immature taking Blackbird, 5th March.
1994 West recording area, site withheld, throughout year. Pair probably bred.
1995 West recording area, same site as 1994 withheld, Pair throughout year. Probably bred.
East recording area, site withheld, male displaying,12th April
Central recording area, site withheld, male displaying, 13th September.
1996 West recording area, same site as 1994 and 1995 withheld. Pair throughout year. Probably bred.
Barksore, single bird, 23rd February.
Reculver, single bird, 14th-15th September.
Dungeness Reserve, single bird, 25th October.
1997 Reculver, female, 9th February.
1998 Dungeness Observatory, male, 7th April.
1999 Cliffe Pools, single bird, 19th March.
Grove Ferry, single bird, 16th April.
Hadlow, single bird, 10th May.
Dungeness, single bird, 25th May.
West, single bird, 19th August.
Grain, single bird, 22nd September.
2005 Northdown Park, 31st January.
2007 New Barn, 14th December.
2008 Sandwich Bay BO, one south, 15th November.
2011 Sandling Park, Hythe, single bird, 9th January.
2012 Undisclosed site, pair, 8th March.
Cliffe, North Quarry, female, 15th March.
2013 Northward Hill RSPB, single bird, 21st April.
2014 Stodmarsh, single bird, 11th April.
West sector, juvenile, 23rd August.



Rough-legged Buzzard

Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos

Rare Vagrant

1895 One shot at Whitehill, Ramsgate on 6th December.
No Longer Accepted
1964 Yantlet Lagoon, 3rd-4th year bird, 23rd August.


Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni

Rare Vagrant

1877 Barton Farm, Buckland, nr. Dover, male caught alive, May, now at Dover museum.
1882 Rainham, 10th April, present for about one month.
1989 Dover, male, found dead, 20th April.


Red-footed Falcon Falco vespertinus

Uncommon Vagrant

1862 Sandling Park, nr. Hythe, adult female, summer.
1907 Nr. Gravesend, adult male, 28th April.
1959 Lydd-on-Sea, 28th May.
1960 Nr. Deal, first-summer male, 6th July.
1962 Dungeness, female, 17th April.
Sevenoaks, female, 8th June.
1963 Dungeness, female, 9th to 22nd June.
1964 Sandwich Bay, immature, 23rd to 30th May.
Sandwich Bay, another immature 21st to 27th June and 4th to 10th July.
1970 Sandwich Bay, male 26th May.
Reculver, male, 14th to 17th and 21st June.
1971 Sevenoaks, male, 29th April.
1973 Sandwich Bay, female, 26th May.
Dungeness, female, 26th-28th May.
Harty, Isle of Sheppey, immature, 18th to 19th August.
1974 Sandwich Bay, male, first summer male, 1st to 14th June.
Dungeness, immature female, 7th to 14th June.
1977 Stodmarsh, immature and a sub-adult, 29th May.
1978 Sandwich Bay, female, 1st June.
1978 Dungeness, male, 14th June.
1979 Stodmarsh, male, 28th June.
1980 St. Margaret’s Bay, male, 3rd May.
1982 Sandwich Bay, female, 19th to 29th May.
Throwley, nr. Faversham, first-summer male, 29th May.
1983 Margate, male, 14th May.
1985 Dungeness, male, 20th April.
Stour Valley, first-summer male, 30th May.
1987 Stodmarsh, first-summer male, 25th April.
Pegwell Bay, female, 2nd May.
Foreness, female, 27th May.
Walland Marsh and Dungeness area, first-summer male, 2nd to 6th July.
Capel Fleet and Elmley area, first-summer male, 14th to 15th August.
St. Margaret’s, male, 19th September.
1988 Sandwich Bay, female, 20th June.
Ash, female, injured and taken into care, 23rd July.
Old Romney, juvenile, 30th October.
1989 Warehorne, female, 9th May.
Brookland, first-summer female, 12th to 14th May.
Dungeness, male, 21st May.
Oare, female, 22nd May.
1990 St Margaret’s Bay, male, 27th June.
1992 Rushenden, first-summer male, 14th May.
Minnis Bay, first-summer male, 14th May.
Stodmarsh, at least seven: female, 20th May, at least two females 22nd May, three first-summer females, three females, 23rd to 25th, male, age uncertain, 27th, presumed one of same, male, age uncertain, 10th June, presumed additional.
Northbourne, first-summer male, 23rd May.
Sandwich Bay, female, 3rd June.
Sandwich Bay, male, 10th June.
St. Margaret’s Bay, female, 15th June.
Sandwich Bay, female, age uncertain, 15th June.
Sandwich Bay, male, age uncertain, 25th June.
Dungeness, first-summer male, 7th to 9th September.
1993 St. Margaret’s, female, 29th June.
1994 Stodmarsh, first-summer female, 9th to 11th May.
1995 Dungeness, female, 10th May.
1997 Stodmarsh, male, 5th May.
Dungeness, male, 22nd July.
1998 Dungeness, first-summer male, 31st May.
1999 St. Margaret’s, male, 20th May.
Deal, female, 9th to 10th July.
2000 Stodmarsh, female, 10th to 14th May.
Collard’s Lake, female, 11th to 14th May.
2001 St. Margaret’s Bay, first-summer male, 12th May.
Lydd Ranges, adult male, 12th May.
2003 Grove Hill/Collards Lake, first-summer male, 31st May.
Dungeness, first-summer male, 31st May.
Eastborough, first-summer male, 1st June.
Capel Fleet area, first summer male, 6th-12th June.
Bockhill, adult male, north, 15th June.
Cliffe, adult male, 15th June.
2004 Grove Ferry, adult male, 24th April.
2007 Dungeness RSPB, first summer male, 3rd-5th May.
Sandwich Bay, adult female flew south, 5th August.
2008 Swale NNR, female on seawall, 8th May.
Northwood Hill RSPB, adult male, 9th May.
Sandwich Bay BO, adult male, at Backsand Scrape, 9th May.
Grove Ferry, adult male, 24th May.
Collard’s Lake/Stodmarsh area, adult female, 1st-9th June.
2009 Sandwich Bay, female, flew SE, at Backsand Scrape, 26th August.
2010 Whetsted GP, single bird, 12th June.
Dungeness, single bird, 22nd June.
2011 Walland Marsh, single bird, 12th May.
No Longer
1895 Dungeness, male, August.
1908 Nr. Ashford, adult female, 10th June.
1932 Beckenham, 20th May. No longer in modern Kent.
1976 Dungeness, male, 30th May.



Gyrfalcon Falco rusticolus

Rare Vagrant

1979 Folkestone, white-phase, 28th April.


Water Rail

Spotted Crake Porzana porzana

Rare passage migrant and winter visitor. An occasional summer visitor.

1977 Worth, single bird, 4th February.
Stodmarsh, heard, 21st-22nd April.
1978 Murston, single bird, 18th February.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 10th December.
1980 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 4th April.
1982 Stodmarsh, single bird, 7th January.
Stodmarsh, another bird, 28th-29th March.
Cottington, Deal, single bird, 30th September.
Folkestone Warren, single bird, 14th November to 6th December.
1983 Stour Valley, at two localities, up to three males wereseen and heard, 27th-30th April.
Stour Valley, again single birds on 4th, 7th, and 8th May.
Unnamed site, 3-4 males, present 20th May to mid-August; 2 were known to be paired, and one was seen with two partially downy young on 17th July.
Pegwell Bay, single bird, 16th December.
1987 Newington Cress Beds, one present, 30th September to 1st October.
1988 Kingsgate, single bird, 10th August.
Broomfield, single bird, 22nd October.
Dungeness, single bird, 15th October.
1989 Broomfield, single bird present, 17th-20th August.
1990 Middle Stour, single bird, 2nd February.
1992 Denton, Gravesend, single bird, 29th April to 4th May.
1994 Stodmarsh, single bird trapped, 30th August, had probably been present for at least a week beforehand.
1995 Sandwich Bay, juvenile present, 18th August until at least 15th September.
Elmley, single bird, 23rd August.
1996 Sandwich Bay, single bird trapped, 6th September.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 25th-29th October.
1998 Stodmarsh, single bird heard, 9th-11th May.
1999 Seaton, single bird, 30th July.
Grove ferry, three birds, 7th-19th August.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 14th September.
2000 Stodmarsh, one heard, 5th-6th July.
Grove Ferry, single bird, 30th July into August.
Grove Ferry, singles recorded on nine dates in August, with two on 27th and 29th, and at least four on 31st.
Grove Ferry, up to six present during September.
Grove Ferry, single birds on 8th and 24th October.
2001 Grove Ferry, birds recorded daily between 27th August and 16th September, with juveniles reported on 27th August, two on 30th, and one on 8th September. Probably at total of six birds involved.
2002 Oare, one heard calling, 20th April.
Grove Ferry, adult, 13th-14th July.
Grove Ferry, in August a single bird on 3rd August, with four present on 4th, and singles on 5th and 6th. Further singles on 18th-21st, two on 23rd, and four on 24th.
Grove Ferry, into September, and there sighting of one to three birds on most days, until the final two were seen on 12th. Probably a minimum of eight birds present.
2003 Grove Ferry, singles recorded 10th-18th July, and 10th-31st August, with two on 24th. A single bird occurred on 12th September. It is probable that four individual birds were involved.
2004 Oare, juvenile, 7th August.
Grove Ferry, at least four individuals, 4th-19th September.
Grove Ferry, another present, 2nd-6th October.
2005 Grove Ferry, single bird seen, 12th April.
Grove Ferry, as many as six individual birds, 7th July to 18th September.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird present, 20th August to 2nd September.
2006 Grove Ferry, at least two birds seen, adult and juvenile, between 12th August and 14th September.
2007 Grove Ferry, single bird seen, 2nd April.
Grove Ferry, another heard, 29th April until 1st May.
Grove Ferry, at least one juvenile present, 8th-12th September.
2008 Alder Wood, Stodmarsh, single bird, 30th March.
Grove Ferry, single bird, 14th June.
Oare Marshes, single bird, 16th August to 20th September.
2009 Grove Ferry, single bird seen, 20th-26th August, with two on 22nd.
Dungeness, ARC pits, single bird, 6th-16th September.
2010 Grove Ferry, single bird, 10th-22nd August, with two on 18th.
2013 Grove Ferry, single bird seen, 24th August to 6th September, with a second bird from 28th-31st August.
Cliffe Pools, single bird, 8th-9th September.
Oare Marshes, single bird from 9th September to 12th October, with a second briefly on 1st October.
2014 Westbere Marshes, single singing bird, 15th April.
Grove Ferry, single singing bird, 18th-27th April.
Grove Ferry, twosinging birds, 4th-5th May.

Little Crake Porzana parva

Rare Vagrant

1997 Bough Beech Reservoir, male, 23rd to 30th March.
2000 Dungeness, female, 14th May.

 Baillon’s Crake Porzana pusilla

Rare Vagrant

1850 Cottington, Deal, obtained, 19th September.
Cottington, Deal, another late October.
1870 Nr. Hythe, shot, October.
1943 Cottington, Deal, adult male, shot 9th May.
1999 Grove Ferry, male, 6th June to 20th July.
2001 Oare Marshes, singing male, 26th June to 6th July, sound-recorded.
2014 Oare Marshes, singing male, 22nd-23rd May.
No Longer
1906 Nr. Lydd, female, 24th November.

Corncrake Crex crex

Formerly bred, now rare passage migrant 

pre 1881 Rainham, bird shot in turnip field.
1881 Addisham, bird killed, November 30th.
1892 Maidstone, male shot, 30th December.
1906 Ashford, sample taken alive, 12th March.
1935 Sheppey, juvenile female, taken, 28th November.
1948 Deal, male, shot, 18th December.
1949 Lydd, shot, 23rd November.
1952 Dungeness, single bird, 1st September.
Dungeness, single bird, 4th September.
Warden Point, Sheppey, single bird, 7th September.
Shellness, Stour, single bird, 18th October.
1953 Allhallows, one killed, 26th April.
Dover, male trapped, June 18th.
Lower Halstow, single, 2nd-4th August.
Chilham, single, August, no date given.
Kingsnorth, nr. Ashford, one found dead, 5th October.
1954 Hacklinge, single bird, 3rd August.
St. Mary’s Bay, juvenile found dead, 18th September.
Dungeness, single bird, 2nd September.
Dungeness, single bird, 18th September.
1955 Borstal, nr. Rochester, single bird, 1st May.
Chilham, single bird, 26th August.
Dungeness, single bird, 12th August to 4th September.
1956 Sheerness, one killed, 23rd April.
Dungeness, single bird, 9th-22nd September.
New Romney, 1st winter found dead, 23rd September.
1957 Reculver, two birds in corn, 5th May.
St. Margaret’s-at-Cliffe, single bird, 6th September.
Gillingham, single bird, 9th-10th October.
1959 Gillingham, single bird, 20th and 22nd May.
Doddington, single bird, autumn, date not known.
St. Margaret’s-at-Cliffe, max. two birds, 27th September.
Westbere, single bird, autumn, date not known.
Nonington, single bird, autumn, date not known.
Sandling Park, single bird, autumn, date not known.
Dungeness, single bird, autumn, date not known.
Allhallows, single bird on shore, 5th October.
Shellness, Sheppey, single bird on shore, 6th October.
1960 Murston, single bird, 25th-30th August.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 26th August.
1961 Harty, Sheppey, heard calling, 13th-14th May.
Shadoxhurst, single bird, 5th July.
Ditton, one found with broken wing, later died, 23rd May.
Chillenden, one found dead, 29th August.
1963 Paddock Wood, single bird, 27th August.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 21st September.
1964 Alkham, single bird, 5th August.
Sandwich Bay, single birds, 17th, 22nd, 23rd, and 26th August.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 4th October.
Dungeness, single birds, 5th and 6th September.
Dungeness, three birds found dead during September.
1965 Hollingbourne, single bird, 20th April.
The Wicks, Dungeness, single bird, 9th September.
1966 Minnis Bay, single bird, 3rd September.
Dungeness, single bird, 15th September.
Dungeness, single bird, 7th October.
St. Margaret’s Bay, single bird, 21st September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 12th October.
1967 Dungeness, single bird, 26th August.
1968 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 15th September.
1969 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 13th September.
1970 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 15th April.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 13th September.
Dungeness, one found dead by pylons, 18th September.
1971 Lydd, single bird, 19th April.
1974 Dungeness, single bird, 17th September.
1976 Swanscombe S.F., single bird, 12th September.
Pegwell Bay, single bird, 14th September.
Foreness Point, single bird, 7th November.
1977 Stodmarsh, single bird, 13th May.
Bewl Bridge, one heard calling, 29th August.
1979 Under River, Sevenoaks, one present, 12th-15th July.
1984 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 23rd May.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 16th September.
Seaton, one heard calling, 9th June.
1985 Foreness, single bird, 11th August.
Cliffe, single bird, 31st August.
1986 Broadstairs, one walked into a classroom, 9th September.
1988 Minster, Thanet, single bird, 17th April.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 22nd September.
1989 Headcorn, single bird, 10th September.
Boughton Park, single bird, 17th September.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 5th October.
1990 High Halstow, one found dead, 16th September.
Sandwich Bay, one flushed, 21st September.
1993 Langdon, one flushed, 28th August.
Pegwell Bay, one flushed, 28th September.
1994 Unnamed site, up to two birds heard calling, 6th June to 14th July.
1996 Abbotscliffe, single bird, 10th September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 14th-15th September.
1997 Sandwich Bay, one flushed from riverbank, 5th September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 24th September.
2000 Bockhill, single bird, 4th September.
Hope Point, Kingsdown, single bird, 26th September.
2002 Cranbrook, a single bird caught by a dog and released on 19th August, was caught again by the same dog on 22nd. Again, released, unharmed, this time on Walland Marsh.
2003 Cliffe Pools, single bird, 31st August, and presumably the same bird again on 11th September.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 2nd September.
2008 Abbotscliffe, single bird, 13th September.
2013 Dungeness RSPB, single bird flushed from access track, 5th October.
2014 Palm Bay, single bird, seen and photographed, 3rdOctober.



American Coot Fulica americana

Rare Vagrant 

1996 Stodmarsh, possibly first-summer, 16th-29th or 30th April.

Common Crane

Little Bustard Tetrax tetrax

Rare Vagrant

1834 Chatham, killed, January.
1839 Nr. Lydd, female killed, 11th November.
pre-1844 Nr. Lydd, female killed, no date.
pre-1845 Nr. Canterbury, female, killed, no date, now at Canterbury Museum.
1860 St. Nicholas-at-Wade, Thanet, shot, no date.
ca.1878 Higham, nr. Rochester, killed, no date.
ca.1894 Pineham, nr. Dover, no date.
1902 Nr. St. Peter’s, Thanet, shot, 20th December.
1940 Walland Marsh, 12th April.
1952 Nr. Hernhill, Faversham, immature male, shot, 5th January.
1958 Hadlow, 17th October.
No Longer Accepted
1809 Nr. Romsey, female, killed, January.
1893 Newenden, female, 2nd January.

Great Bustard Otis tardis

Rare Vagrant

1783 St. Margaret’s, two, one shot, no date.
1797 Halling, female shot, no date.
1850 Lydd, female, shot, 4th January.
1859 New Romney, immature male, shot between 5th and 12th January, now at Maidstone Museum.
1879 Romney Marsh, late December.
1880 Great Chart, nr. Ashford, immature female, early January, now at Rochester Museum.
Nr. Wye, adult male, shot, late January.
1883 Rolvenden, male, shot, no date.
Wye, female, shot, no date.
1884 Whitstable, well before 1884, no date.
pre 1909 Barham Downs, Ticehurst refers to a bird ‘some years ago’.
1970 Bockhill Farm, St. Margaret’s Bay, two, 11th January.
1978 St. Nicholas-at-Wade, first-winter male, 7th January to 9th April.
1981 Walland Marsh, three, 20th December.
High Halstow, one 29th to 30th December.
No Longer Accepted
2015 Pittswood/Hadlow/Tonbridge, single bird, 11th April. Accepted into Category E.

Stone Curlew Burhinus oedicnemus

Bred regularly until 1965, now rare migrant 

Once a common breeder, by the end of the nineteenth century it was reduced to five pairs or fewer. By the turn of the century parties of 40 in 1902 and 71 in 1905 at Dungeness were no longer exceptional. Again began a slow decline, until the last recorded breeding, at Dungeness in 1965.
With many records prior to 1952, this species would not normally be included in this list. However, as a species which causes great interest amongst birders, records since 1952 are included here.

1952 Dungeness RSPB, 5 pairs, with a further 2 pairs off the reserve; some bred successfully.
1953 Dungeness RSPB, six pairs bred with possibly another. Two further pairs also bred just outside the reserve.
Farthingloe, single bird flushed, 18th May.
Slayhills saltings, Medway, single bird seen in flight, 19th August.
1954 Dungeness, 8 breeding pairs included 6 pairs on RSPB reserve.
Stour Valley, Wye, single bird heard, 25th April.
Tonbridge, 3 birds seen to land in field at 21.30hrs, before flying North.
1955 Dungeness RSPB, had 6 pairs of which 2 pairs bred successfully.
Thanet, one heard calling on night of 13th April.
Manston, immature found dead in road, 10th October.
1956 Dungeness, 7 pairs in breeding season, 1st April to 13th November.
1957 Dungeness, 7 pairs in breeding season, with 2 successful. One of ringed young shot in Spain in October.
Yantlet, nr. Allhallows, single bird, 19th May.
1958 Dungeness RSPB, 5 pairs bred, with 2 broods found. 102 pairs bred off the reserve.
1959 Dungeness, recorded between 29th March and 10th October. No breeding records available.
Cliffe, single bird, 14th April.
St. Mary’s Hoo, single bird, 24th May.
Hoo, single bird, 29th August.
1960 Dungeness area, recorded between 13th March and 11th October. 8 pairs probably bred, with at least 6 young from 3 nests located.
1961 Dungeness area, recorded between 6th April and 6th November. 5 pairs present, but none known to have bred.
1962 Luddenham marshes, single bird, 10th June.
1963 Dungeness area, recorded between 30th March and 17th October, with possibly 6 pairs breeding.
Sevenoaks, single bird on 31st July.
1964 Dungeness area, recorded between 26th March and 28th September, with 6 pairs breeding, all raising young.
1965 Dungeness, the first bird was seen on 31st March, with only 1 pair breeding unsuccessfully.
Egypt Bay, single bird, 20th August.
1966 Cliffe, single bird, 8th April.
Dungeness, single bird, 8th April.
Dungeness, 3 calling birds19th May until late May. No evidence of breeding.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 22nd July.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 21st August.
1967 Dungeness RSPB, 1-2 birds, 3rd April to 27th September.
1968 Dungeness RSPB, 2 females, laid infertile eggs in same nest.
Brooks-Wicks, single bird summered.
1969 Dungeness, single birds on 11th May and 2nd September.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird seen occasionally during July.
1970 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 15th April.
1971 Dungeness area, up to 2 birds calling, 17th April to 19th May. No evidence of breeding.
Halling, single bird calling at night, 18th May.
1972 Dungeness, single bird, 25th June.
Kingsnorth, single bird, 18th August.
1973 Cottington, single bird, 27th March.
Allhallows, single bird, 16th and 23rd September.
1975 Cliffe Pools, single bird, 31st August.
1978 Elmley, single bird, on the late date of 27th November.
1979 Dungeness RSPB, singles on 16th and 28th April.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 22nd September.
1980 Dungeness area, singles on 16th April, 29th June, and 1st July.
1981 St. Margaret’s, single bird, 12th May.
1984 Reculver, single bird, 14th April.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 16th September.
1987 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 28th March.
Stoke Ooze, single bird, 16th-20th September.
1988 Hawden Gravel Pits, single bird, 14th July.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 17th August.
1990 Cliffe Marshes, single bird, 3rd June.
1991 Capel Fleet, single bird, 5th May.
1995 Cliffe Pools, single bird, 23rd July.
Dungeness, single bird flushed from roadside, 28th August.
1996 Dungeness, single bird, 9th April.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 2nd June.
1997 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 31st July to 7th August.
1998 Langdon Cliffs, single bird, 6th October.
1999 Rye Street, single bird, 9th April.
Dungeness, single birds on 26th May and 17th August.
2000 Funton, single bird, 19th March.
Bockhill, single bird, 25th March.
Dartford Marshes, single bird, 14th April.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 29th April.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 26th August.
2001 Shellness, single bird, 11th September.
2002 St. Margaret’s, singles on 29th July and 1st August.
2004 Cliffe, single bird, 15th April.
Dartford Marshes, single bird, 2nd May.
2006 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 20th March.
Northward Hill, two birds, 21st April.
2007 Whetsted GP’s, single bird, 25th March.
Shellness, single bird, 20th June.
2008 Lade, single bird, 15th March.
Dungeness, single bird, 13th May.
2009 Dungeness, single bird, 3rd April.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 19th July.
Grove Ferry, single bird, 28th July.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 23rd August.
Dengemarsh, single bird, 16th-19th October.
2010 Dungeness, single bird, 16th October.
Dartford Marshes, single bird, 6th November.
2012 Dungeness, single bird in “desert”, 8th May.
2014 Reculver, single bird seen and photographed, 19th July.

Black-winged Stilt Himantopus himantopus

Rare Vagrant

pre-1845 Near Faversham, shot, no date.
1919 Romney Marsh, adult, 16th May.
1942 Romney Marsh, May.
1945 Cooling Marshes, two, 9th May.
Stodmarsh, two, 12th May.
1953 Shellness, Sheppey, immature, 15th September.
1955 Lower Halstow Creek, adult, 26th September.
1957 Shellness, Sheppey, two, 29th September.
1965 Hythe, Palmarsh, 23rd May.
1967 Stoke Lagoon, 29th May.
1978 Dungeness, 10th, 16th-17th and 24th June, and 6th July; same as West Sussex.
1980 Capel Fleet, male, 21st June to 20th August, same bird as Essex individual.
1981 Elmley, 10th-11th May.
1982 Yantlet, 18th September.
1987 Cliffe Pools, 30th-31st May.
1990 Cliffe Pools, 18th May.
1993 Dungeness, 8th June, later in Suffolk.
1994 Dungeness, 11th July.
1995 Dungeness, 2nd May.
Eastborough Farm, two, 9th May.
Cliffe Pools, 10th-13th may; presumed same, 25th May (same as Eastbourne Farm; also in Essex.
1997 West Hythe, first-winter, 7th September; presumed same as Essex bird.
1998 Northward Hill, 9th-10th May.
Elmley, male, female and female or first-summer, 26th May.
Oare Marshes, male, female of same (see Elmley), 28th May, returning to Elmley intermittently to 31st.
1999 Northward Hill, two, 21st May.
Swale, 21st-25th May.
2001 Dungeness, 9th-10th May.
2005 Dungeness, 4th May.
Another, Dungeness, 22nd-23rd June.
2006 Elmley, 3rd-4th May.
2008 Elmley & Oare Marshes, male and female, 3rd-4th May.
Dungeness, adult, 28th-29th May.
2010 Harty Marshes, Sheppey, male, 7th April.
2012 Elmley RSPB, four birds, 5th-6th May, with two remaining until 11th.
2014 Dungeness RSPB, a flock of 10 birds arrived on the 10th April, but only one was present on 25th, two on 36th-27th, with one lingering on from 28th until 24th May.
Sandwich Bay, adult male, 2nd May.
Scotney GP, male and female, 14th May.
Cliffe Pools, four birds, 15th May. Two remained and it was confirmed on 22nd May that they had a nest and eggs. The first confirmed breeding in Kent. The first chick was seen on 13th June, with four eventually hatching. Unfortunately all were predated, and the adults soon moved on, the last being seen on 17th June.
Elmley NNR, two adults, 16th May.
2015 Higham Marshes, five birds, 14th April.
Northward Hill RSPB, two birds, 16th April.
Cliffe Pools RSPB, two birds, presumed same as Northward Hill, increasing to four, 16th-18th April.
Sandwich, two birds, 30th May.
No Longer Accepted
1913 Romney Marsh, immature female, 15th September; immature male 20th.



American Golden Plover Pluvialis dominica

Rare Vagrant 

1978 Grove Ferry, 29th April to 2nd May.
1982 Elmley, adult, 16th-29th May.
1987 Dungeness, first-summer, 10th-15th May.
2008 Pegwell Bay, summer plumaged bird, 1st-5th June.
Elmley RSPB, possibly same bird as previous record, 30th July to 4th September, shows at Conyer on 16th August.
2015 Scotney GP, a single bird on 12th February, was originally located amongst a flock of Golden Plover at the East Sussex end of the pit.

American/Pacific Golden Plover Pluvialis dominica/fulva

Rare Vagrant 

1984 Oakhamness Island, Medway, adult, 22nd-23rd July.
1985 Elmley, adult, 6th July.
1992 Dungeness, adult, 9th and 12th July.
1997 Pegwell Bay, adult, 12th June.
2000 Yantlet Creek, adult 8th May.

Pacific Golden Plover Pluvialis fulva

Rare Vagrant

1978 Westbere, adult, 18th June.
1990 Sandwich Bay, adult, 20th-22nd June.
1995 Elmley, adult, 17th-31st August.
2009 Cliffe Pools, single adult, 8th July.

Golden Plover

Grey Plover

Sociable Plover Vanellus gregarius

Rare Vagrant

1968 Westwell, 12th April.
Worth Marshes, 28th September to 18th November.
1979 Headcorn, first-winter, 15th-21st December.
1985 Dartford Marshes, 8th March to 13th April.
1998 Graveney and Nagden Marshes, 8th-19th October.
Capel Fleet, 10th October to 1st November.
2007 Grove Ferry, first-winter, 21st December.
No Longer Accepted
1907 Romney Marsh, six, immature female shot, 3rd May.

White-tailed Plover Vanellus leucorus

Rare Vagrant

2010 Dungeness, ARC pits, adult, 11th-21st July, was a first for Kent.


Little Ringed Plover

Ringed Plover

Kentish plover

Greater Sand Plover Charadrius leschenaultii

Rare Vagrant

1992 Cliffe Pools, 14th August, presumed same as Norfolk and Essex bird.




Black-tailed Godwit

Bar-tailed Godwit




Sharp-tailed Sandpiper Calidris acuminata

Rare Vagrant

1985 Elmley, adult, 27th-28th July.
1987 Sandwich Bay, adult, 4th-13th September.
2001 Grove Ferry, adult, 30th August.
2007 Oare Marshes, adult, 10th-11th August.

Broad-billed Sandpiper Limicola falcinllus

Rare Vagrant

1970 Harty, trapped, 30th August.
1982 Cliffe Pools, 13th-17th May.
1983 Sandwich Bay, 4th June.
1984 Pegwell Bay, two, 23rd-28th May; presumed one of same, Sandwich Bay, 31st.
1985 Elmley, 12th-15th May.
1986 Elmley, 4th-6th July.
1987 Elmley, 23rd-24th May.
1988 Cliffe Pools, 26th-27th May, another two, 27th, presumed same as Essex.
1991 Swale NNR, 18th-20th May.
1993 Shellness, 3rd May.
1994 Elmley, 19th-22nd July.
1997 Cliffe Pools, 31st May.
2005 Cliffe Pools, adult, 14th-15th May.
No Longer Accepted
1896 Dungeness, immature female, 6th September.
1901 Littlestone, immature female, 31st August.

Curlew Sandpiper

Stilt Sandpiper Micropalama himantops

Rare Vagrant

1985 Dungeness, adult, 22nd August.
1987 Cliffe Pools, adult, 18th-25th August.
1990 Cliffe Pools, adult, 11th-23rd July, trapped 12th; initially thought to be same bird as seen later in Suffolk, but absence of rings on that bird proves otherwise.


Temminck’s Stint



Purple Sandpiper

Baird’s Sandpiper Calidris bairdii

Rare Vagrant

1952 The Wicks, nr. Dungeness, adult, 19th-27th September.
1973 Bough Beech Reservoir, 22nd-23rd September.
1987 Dungeness, adult, 20th-24th September.
1988 Dungeness, adult, 7th-15th September.
1989 Elmley, juvenile, 27th September to 8th October.
1996 Sandwich Bay, 4th October.
2005 Dungeness, juvenile, 3rd-17th October.

Little Stint

White-rumped Sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis

Rare Vagrant

1945 Sandwich Bay, 17th August.
1960 Sandwich, 2nd October.
1977 Bough Beech Reservoir, 27th August.
Grain, 4th September.
Reculver, 3rd October.
1978 Sandwich Bay, adult, 1st August.
1980 Cliffe Pools, adult, 2nd-11th August.
Dungeness, adult, 15th-21st September; trapped 15th.
Elmley, juvenile and first-winter or adult, 12th-23rd October.
Cliffe Pools, another, 18th-22nd October.
1981 Elmley, 15th September.
1984 Grain, 16th-19th September.
Grain, another, 30th September to 7th October.
1986 Worth Marshes, 9th April.
1994 Cliffe Pools, adult, 12th-14th August.
1995 Reculver, adult, 5th-6th August.
Sandwich Bay, adult, 5th-8th September.
1996 Pegwell Bay, adult, 26th July.
Elmley, adult, 28th July.
Elmley, adult, 3rd September.
1998 Elmley, adult, 17th-18th July.
Pegwell Bay, adult, 29th-30th July.
Oare Marshes, adult, 19th-26th August.
1999 Cliffe Pools, juvenile, 28th October.
2000 Elmley, adult, 5th-9th August.
Grove Ferry, juvenile, 15th October.
2002 Grove Ferry, adult, 20th July.
2005 Shellness, adult, 4th July.
Cliffe Pools RSPB, first-winter, 24th October.
2006 Dengemarsh, juvenile, 8th October.
2008 Grove Ferry, adult, 19th-20th June.
2009 Elmley, adult, 13th-14th August.
2010 Oare Marshes, adult, 16th-30th September.
2011 Dungeness, single bird, 14th August.

Least Sandpiper Calidris minutilla

Rare Vagrant

1976 Sandwich Bay, 24th October.
1994 Dungeness, adult, 18th-25th August, with crippled legs and missing toes.

Buff-breasted Sandpiper Tryngites subruficollis

Rare Vagrant

1943 Near Deal, 1st August.
1977 Cliffe Pools, 10th September to 9th October.
Dungeness Reserve, 14th September.
1979 Elmley Reserve, 7th October.
1981 Bough Beech, 13th-14th October.
1984 Dungeness Reserve, 8th September.
Grain Pits, 15th-17th September, then again Grain Refinery, 18th September.
1986 Sandwich Bay, 5th August.
1994 Cliffe Pools, 27th-31st August.
1996 Dungeness Reserve, 8th September.
1998 Shellness, Sheppey, 11th September, then Oare, 12th September.
1999 Elmley Reserve, 15th September.
2004 Grove Ferry, juvenile, 2nd-25th October.
2005 Dungeness Reserve, juvenile, 25th August to 1st September.
2006 Oare, juvenile, 9th-10th October.
2009 Scotney, single bird, 29th September.
2010 Dungeness RSPB, single adult, 15th-16th August.
Scotney, two juveniles, 28th September to 5th October, with a third joining them on 6th. All three remained until 10th October.
Reculver, single bird, 3rd October.
2011 Royal Cinque GC, Sandwich, two birds, 24th September.
2013 Elmley NNR, adult, 23rd-5thAugust.

Pectoral Sandpiper

Semi-palmated Sandpiper Calidris pusilla

Rare Vagrant

1984 Elmley, adult, 21st-26th July.
2011 Cliffe Pools, juvenile, 25th September.
2012 Dungeness RSPB, juvenile, 9th-17th September.
2013 Dungeness RSPB, juvenile, 9th-11th September.
No Longer Accepted
1965 Dungeness 6th-9th September.
1967 Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve, 10th September.

Wilson’s Phalarope Phalaropus tricolor

Rare Vagrant

1970 Walland Marsh, 21st-25th September.
1971 Egypt Bay, Cliffe, 11th May.
1979 Dungeness, two, 27th August.
1988 Elmley, 27th September to 8th and 13th October.
2010 Grove Ferry, first-winter, 9th-11th September, and again from 18th-20th. Same bird reappeared again 16th-17th October.

Red-necked Phalarope Phalaropus lobatus

Rare Spring and Autumn Migrant

c.1844 Romney Marsh, shot, no date given.
1861 Dover, no date given.
1867 Elmley, immature, shot, November.
1871 Isle of Grain, immature, shot, 26th September. Thought to be from this year. Now in British Museum (Natural History).
Rainham fleets, immature female, shot, 28th September.
1905 Oppen Pits, Dungeness, adult pair, shot, May.
1906 Oppen Pits, Dungeness, adult male, shot, 1st May.
1908 Cheyne Court Farm, Walland Marsh, single bird, 8th June.
1915 Sturry, shot, 10th November.
1936 Hoo, single bird, 1st November.
1939 Sheppey, single bird, 30th August.
1949 Midrips, single bird, 13th-14th September.
1951 Midrips, single bird, 6th October.
1952 Dungeness, single bird, 26th October.
1957 The Brooks, Dungeness, single bird, 4th October.
1959 Minnis Bay, juvenile, 30th August.
1962 Grove, two birds, 26th June.
1963 Walland Marsh, single bird, 30th August.
1964 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 8th-24th August.
1965 The Wicks, Dungeness, single bird, 28th August.
1966 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 23rd August.
1967 Cliffe Pools, single bird, 21st and 28th August.
1968 Windmill Creek, single bird, 3rd August.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 26th-27th September.
1975 Sandwich Bay, summer plumage female, 26th-30th May.
1976 Pegwell Bay, single bird, 6th and 8th November.
1977 Bough Beech, single bird, photographed, 19th-20th August.
1979 Cliffe Pools, single bird, 19th August.
1980 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 9th August.
1981 Elmley, single birds on 28th June to 3rd July, 10th August, and 30th August to 12th September.
Dungeness Pits, single birds on 17th August and 5th September.
Dover, injured bird, 11th October.
1982 Dungeness, single bird, 3rd May.
Bewl Bridge, single bird, ca.20th July.
Elmley, single bird, 5th-11th November.
Dungeness Pits, single bird, 5th-6th October.
1983 Cliffe Pools, single bird, 22nd-30th August.
1984 Elmley, 2-3 birds from 1st-9th August, with maximum of 4 birds on 3rd.
Stoke Lagoon, single bird, 18th-19th August.
1985 Elmley, single birds on 21st-26th June, 28th September to 7th October, with two birds on 8th October.
1986 Yantlet Creek, single bird, 30th May.
1987 Elmley, single bird, 18th-26th September.
1988 Cliffe Pools, single bird, 22nd June.
Bough Beech, single bird, 30th August.
1989 Cliffe Pools, single bird, 7th-8th June.
Nr. New Romney, single bird, 31st August to 13th September.
Dungeness Reserve, single bird, 21st-24th September.
1990 Elmley, single bird, 14th June.
1991 Oare, single bird, 3rd-5th June.
Cliffe Pools, juvenile, 15th August.
1992 Cliffe Pools, transitional adult, 19th-26th August.
Stodmarsh, transitional adult, 21st-25th August.
Bough Beech, juvenile, 27th August.
Stodmarsh, juvenile, 4th-5th September.
Cliffe Pools, juvenile, 9th and 11th September.
1993 ARC Pits, Dungeness, first-year bird, 3rd-20th October.
1994 Swale NNR, single bird, 16th August.
Elmley, single bird, 25th August to 2nd September.
1995 Cliffe Pools, juvenile, 7th-16th September.
1996 Pegwell Bay, single bird, 14th September.
Fairfields, Upstreet, juvenile, 21st-28th September.
1997 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 18th-22nd September, with another, 30th September to 3rd October.
1998 Swale NNR, moulting male, 4th May.
Cliffe Pools, female, 17th-23rd July.
1999 Grove Ferry, juvenile, 11th-15th August.
Cliffe Quarries, juvenile, 22nd August.
Elmley Reserve, juvenile, 25th August to 2nd September.
Swale NNR, juvenile, 28th August.
Elmley Reserve, juvenile, 14th-26th September.
Hoo Peninsula, juvenile, 15th-20th September.
Dungeness Reserve, two juveniles, 30th September.
2000 Elmley NNR, female, 2nd-20th July.
Oare, two juveniles, 20th-22nd September.
2001 Cliffe Pools, moulted adult, 15th-20th August.
Oare, 9th September.
Reculver, 11th-16th September.
Lade, 20th-24th September.
2002 Oare, juvenile, 9th September.
2003 New Downs Pool, 14th September.
2005 Oare, female, 16th-18th May.
Elmley, adult, 23rd July to 4th August.
2006 Oare, 3rd August.
2007 Chetney, adult female, 12th-17th August.
The Midrips, Dungeness, single, 18th August.
2008 Northwood Hill RSPB, juvenile, 26th September.
Dungeness, juvenile, offshore, 7th October.
2009 Dungeness, ARC pits, adult, 19th July.
2014 Cliffe Pools, moulting adult, 26th August.
Dungeness RSPB, first winter bird, 27th-30th August.
Oare Marshes, single bird, 3rd September.
Cliffe Pools, single bird, 11th September.
2015 Leysdown, single bird, 30th May.

Grey Phalarope

Terek Sandpiper Xenus cinereus

Rare Vagrant

1973 Sandwich Bay, 20th May.
1982 Dungeness, 1st-6th August.
1989 Cliffe Pools, 12th-13th June.
1973 Sandwich Bay, 20th May.
1998 Shellness, 5th-10th May.
1999 Monk’s Wall, 22nd May.
2005 Cliffe Pools, 24th-27th May.
2008 Lydd Ranges, 1st-8th June; also in Sussex 31st May.
2014 Swalecliffe, single bird, 16th August.
No Longer Accepted
1912 Brookland, male and female, 23rd May; male 24th; female 25th.

Common Sandpiper

Spotted Sandpiper Actitis macularia

Rare Vagrant

1971 Dungeness, 28th May.
1977 Bough Beech Reservoir, immature, 20th-30th September.
1994 Aldington Flood, nr. Ashford, adult, 14th-15th June.
No Longer Accepted
1863 Sheerness, adult male, shot, July
1904 Romney Marsh, adult and female, 5th May.

Green Sandpiper

Spotted Redshank

Greater Yellowlegs Tringa melanoleuca

Rare Vagrant

1943 Medway Estuary, 7th September to 1st October.
1972 Medway Estuary, 22nd November.
1996 Stoke Lagoon, 22nd March to 2nd April.
1997 Allhallows, 21st January to 2nd February. Same as 1996.
1999 Elmley, 16th, 30th-31st March. Same as 1996 and 1997.
2013 Coldharbour Lagoon, Reculver, adult photographed, 10th September.


Lesser Yellowlegs Tringa flavipes

Uncommon Vagrant

1934 Stour Estuary, 19th September.
1953 Cheyne Court, Walland Marsh, two, 19th April.
1970 Chetney, 4th-9th September.
Walland Marsh, 11th-18th October.
1981 Elmley, juvenile, 5th-6th September.
1983 Old Romney, 13th-14th April.
1987 Sandwich Bay, 22nd November.
1995 Dungeness, 5th May.
Dungeness, juvenile, 26th August.
1996 Elmley, 18th June.
1997 Dungeness, adult, 22nd July to 8th August.
1998 Elmley, adult, 16th August.
1999 Cliffe Pools, first-summer, intermittently, 17th March to 12th April; same bird as in Essex.
Oare Marshes, 3rd May.
2001 Oare Marshes and Elmley, 13th October.
2013 Cliffe Pools, adult, 23rd September until 12th October.
Highham Bight/Marshes, presumed same adult, 18th October to year end.
2014 Highham Bight/Marshes, the adult bird from 2013 remained until at least 6th March.

Marsh Sandpiper Tringa stagnatilis

Rare Vagrant

1937 Dungeness, two, 26th September.
1963 Swanscombe, 18th August to 2nd September, also in Essex.
1979 Cliffe Pools, adult, 20th-25th August.
1981 Elmley, 10th May.
1983 Elmley, adult, 8th-16th August.
1984 Elmley, 23rd April to 2nd May.
Elmley, presumed different bird, 16th June.
Elmley, presumed different bird, 8th-19th August.
1987 Grove Ferry, 22nd-26th April.
1990 Dungeness, adult, 5th August.
1991 Elmley, 24th-29th April.
1993 Dungeness, 9th May.
Cliffe Pools, 22nd July to 21st August.
1994 High Halstow area, 8th-16th May, 12th, 25th June, 3rd July; presumed same bird Cliffe Pools, 7th July to 22nd August.
1996 Dungeness, 29th April.
Dungeness, juvenile, 14th-18th August.
1997 Dungeness, 23rd August.
1999 Monks’ Wall, juvenile, 7th to 30th August; presumed same, Sandwich Bay, juvenile, 13 August.
2000 Grove Ferry, adult, 17th September.
2002 Elmley, two juveniles, 15th-26th August.
2003 Elmley, 25th-28th April.
2006 Coldharbour, Reculver, summer plumaged bird, 11th June.
Dungeness RSPB, same bird as Coldharbour, 14th-15th June.
2009 Bough Beech Reservoir, juvenile, 6th August.
No Longer Accepted
1915 Romney Marsh, male and female, 24th May.

Wood Sandpiper


Jack Snipe

Long-billed Dowitcher Limnodromus scolopaceus

Rare Vagrant

1946 Brookland, 9th-19th October.
1981 Elmley, 7th-19th July.
1984 Dungeness, first-winter, 30th September.
1990 Dengemarsh, 2nd December to 19th January 1991.
1997 Elmley,adult, intermittently, 8th July to 8th December; same, Swale 15th-21st July.
1998 Elmley,4th-15th July, 24th October; same, Oare Marshes,18th July intermittently to 11th October; presumed returning bird from 1997
Pegwell Bay, juvenile, 15th October.
1999 Grove Ferry, 20th February intermittently to 24th April.
Elmley,adult, 31st march to 28th April; same Oare Marshes, 15th July to 24th August; presumed returning 1998 bird.
2000 Elmley RSPB,adult, 23rd January, 12th March, 8th-29th April, 30th July to 16th August, and again at Bedlam’s Bottom, Swale, on 16th August, same as 1999 bird.
2001 Oare Marshes, adult, 7th July to 6th September; presumed same bird as Elmley 2000.
2006 Oare Marshes, juvenile/first winter, 2nd October until April 2007.
2007 Oare Marshes, juvenile/first winter, from October 2006 until 12th April.
Bough Beech, juvenile, 29th September to 2nd October; presumed same Minnis Bay, 3rd October, and Oare Marshes and Elmley, 5th to 16th October..
2011 Oare Marshes, juvenile, 18th September.
2014 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 1st May.



Great Snipe Gallinago media

Rare Vagrant

1787 Kent, shot prior to 1787.
Kent, another shot prior to 1787.
1842 Nr. Reculver, shot, 9th September.
1872 Luddenham Marshes, nr. Faversham, immature female, ca. 12th September.
1894 Ham, nr. Eastry, shot, 1st October.
1912 Tunbridge Wells, two, 3rd-4th February.
1919 Thanet, shot, late December.
1935 Stour Marshes, 25th September.
1951 Dungeness, 4th October.
1953 Walland Marsh, 27th September.
Rochester, 16th, 24th & 25th December.
1968 Chetney Marshes, 2nd August.
Dymchurch, 27th December.
1975 Sevenoaks, 3rd-15th September.
1978 Westbere, 9th April.
1983 St. Margaret’s Bay, 1st October.
1997 Chetney, 24th August.
1998 Walland Marsh, adult, 9th October.
No Longer Accepted
1906 Brookland, 5th October.
1931 Brookland, male, shot, 9th September.

Collared Pratincole Glareola pratincola

Rare Vagrant

1976 Worth Marshes, 19th September to 3rd October.
1977 Pegwell Bay, 4th November, same, Sandwich Bay, 16th November.
1986 Dungeness, 18th-25th June.
1987 Minster, Thanet, 23rd-26th May.
1998 Grove Ferry, 11th-13th May; presumed same, Elmley, 14th May; presumed same as Norfolk, Suffolk, 1997.
2003 Cliffe Pools, single bird, 20th May.
2006 Old Cheyne Court, Walland, adult, 7th-8th June.
2008 Swale NNR, adult, 8th May.
2011 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 10th May.

Oriental Pratincole Glareola maldivarum

Rare Vagrant

1988 Harty, 21st or 22nd June to 3rd September, presumed same, Elmley, 4th, 14th, 25th, 30th September to 3rd October.
2009 Dungeness, single bird, 3rd June.

Pratincole sp. (Glareola sp.)

1962 Reculver, 6th October.
1971 Dungeness, 28th May.
1983 Sandwich Bay, 26th June.

 Black-winged Pratincole Glareola nordmanni

Rare Vagrant

1969 New Downs, Sandwich Bay, 31st August to 4th September.
1988 Harty, 21st or 22nd June to 30th June.
2009 Grove Ferry, single bird, 8th May, with same bird refound at Reculver on

10th May, and again at Stodmarsh and Grove Ferry sporadically between

12th-25th May, before being seen for the last time at Elmley on 25th.

2013 Swale NNR, single bird, 26th June.
No Longer Accepted
1903 Romney Marsh, male, 30th May.
Romney Marsh, another (see 30th May), 17th June.

Cream-coloured Courser Cursorious cursor

Rare Vagrant

1785 Nr. Wingham, immature, shot a short time before 12th December.
1841 Nr. Margate, shot, 21st December. Now at Margate Museum.
1849 Westbrook, nr. Margate, November.
1866 Nr. Sandwich, shot, early October.
1916 Dungeness, adult, 9th September.


Arctic Skua

Long-tailed Skua

Great Skua

Tufted Puffin Fratercula cirrhata

Rare Vagrant

2009 Oare Marshes, adult photographed, briefly on the Swale, then seen to fly west, 16th September. This bird was a first for Britain, and only the second for the Western Palearctic.

Atlantic Puffin

Black Guillemot Cepphus grylle

Passage Vagrant

1844 Dungeness Peninsula, specimen obtained prior to this year either at sea off Dungeness, or possibly taken “in the Parish of Lydd”. Specimen now lost.
1900 An undated but presumably 19th century record of an immature bird in the Hammond Collection.
An undated but presumably 19th century record of an immature bird collected in the East Bay at Dungeness, now in Folkestone museum.
1911 Dungeness Bird Observatory, adult male in summer plumage, 21st May. Specimen now in Maidstone Museum.
1951 Dungeness Bird Observatory, winter plumage, 10th February.
1956 Dungeness Bird Observatory, 2nd August.
1961 Dungeness Bird Observatory, single bird west, 12th August.
1972 Deal, 15th March.
1977 Ramsgate, found oiled 28th July, released 18th August.
1983 Dungeness Bird Observatory, 27th November.
1985 Sandwich Bay, 6th November.
1987 St. Margaret’s, 19th February.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, 16th August.
Off Goodwin Sands, 5 miles South-east of Ramsgate, 15th November.
1989 Reculver, summer plumage adult, 9th September.
1995 Reculver, winter plumage, offshore, 10th-16th December.
1996 Dungeness Bird Observatory, 7th March.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, summer plumage adult, east, 13th May.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, 23rd-29th August.
2000 Dungeness, winter plumage, 19th September.
2003 Dungeness, 12th April.
2004 Swalecliffe, summer plumage adult flew west, 5th August.
2006 Reculver, single bird flew west, 1st November.
Deal Pier, single bird drifted south, 15th November.
Swalecliffe, 4th December.
2011 Reculver, single bird, 13th August.
No Longer Accepted
1997 Oare Marshes, 13th September.
1885 Thames at Cliffe, shot by Mr. AB Farn below the Mucking Light, 28th August.


Little Auk


Sooty Tern Sterna fuscata

Rare Vagrant

1935 Dungeness, 29th June.
1984 Dungeness, 9th July.

Bridled Tern Sterna anaethetus

Rare Vagrant

1931 Dungeness, male, found dead, 19th November.
1991 Broadness, 2nd June.
No longer accepted.
1875 Thames Estuary, bird killed on a lightship, location not recorded, September.

Little Tern

Gull-billed Tern Gelochelidon nilotica

Rare Vagrant

pre-1824 Near Sandwich, no date.
1839 Lydd, killed, June.
1862 RomneyMarsh, 12th September.
ca.1886 Near Whitstable, shot, possibly 1887.
1940 East Kent, no locality, 25th April.
1954 Hacklinge, adult, 9th August.
1955 Dungeness, single bird, 13th August.
1956 Dungeness, two, 13th August.
The Midrips/Wicks area, nr. Dungeness, two, 3rd September.
1957 Dungeness, three, 25th May.
1958 Dungeness, 2nd May.
1960 Near Deal, single bird, 10th June.
Reculver, single bird, 11th-16th June.
Dungeness, three, 19th June.
Dungeness, 17th September.
Shellness, Sheppey, 1st October.
1962 Stour Estuary, 7th May.
Sandwich Bay, 21st, 26th, 27th, and 29th August.
Sandwich Bay, 2nd-4th September.
1963 Dungeness, 25th-26th April.
Dungeness, four, 26th June, and three, 27th June.
1964 Stodmarsh, 22nd August.
Dungeness, two, 22nd August.
1965 Sandwich Bay, 1st May.
1967 Dungeness, 4th August.
Sandwich Bay, 15th-16th August.
Dungeness, 29th August.
1968 Shellness, Sheppey, 5th September.
1971 Dungeness, two, 9th July.
1973 Sandwich and Pegwell Bays, 16th August.
1975 Allhallows, 4th October.
1978 Sandwich Bay, 18th May.
1979 Dungeness, 31st July.
1980 Dungeness, 28th July.
1983 Pegwell Bay, 8th June.
1986 Sandwich Bay, 16th July.
2000 Yantlet Creek, 5th May.
2005 Dungeness, second year, 4th, 6th-7th, and 9th-16th May. Presumed same as East Sussex 7th May.
2006 Dungeness Reserve, adult, 25th May.
2016 Dungeness Reserve, adult, 22nd May.

Caspian Tern Sterna caspia

Rare Vagrant

1935 Dungeness, immature female, hit lighthouse, 9th October.
Near Deal, 15th November.
1954 Mote Park, Maidstone, 3rd-4th May.
1966 Stodmarsh, 12th June.
1969 Sandwich Bay, 27th July.
1971 Kingsdown, Deal, 19th April.
1975 Reculver, 1st June.
1976 Dover, adult, 6th May.
Dungeness, adult, 18th May.
1977 Sandwich Bay, two, possibly three, 3rd June.
Margate, two, 16th June.
1978 Lade, Dungeness, 3rd June.
1980 Pegwell Bay, 24th July.
1981 Stodmarsh, 6th August.
1984 Dungeness, 29th May.
1985 Sea area Dover, 6th August.
1988 Folkestone Warren, 5th June.
Dungeness, 17th-18th June.
1990 Dungeness, 15th July.
1995 Bough Beech Reservoir, 30th April.
1996 Stodmarsh and Hersden, 15th June.
1997 Pegwell Bay and Stodmarsh, 1st-2nd August.
1999 Oare Marshes, 11th July.
2013 Bockhill, one flew down channel, 5th August.
2014 Dungeness RSPB, adult, 6th August.
No longer accepted
1985 Sea area Dover, one seen about 20 minutes out of Dover, 6th August.

Whiskered Tern Chlidonius hybrida

Rare Vagrant

1973 Bough Beech Reservoir, 17th June.
1976 Dungeness, adult, 28th May to 7th June.
1987 Stodmarsh, first-summer, 21st June.
1988 Dungeness, 28th May; also seen in East Sussex.
1994 Dungeness, 5th-6th May; also seen in East Sussex.
2001 Stodmarsh, 13th May.
2003 Dungeness, adult, 28th-29th May.
Dungeness, first-winter, 26th-27th September.
2008 Stodmarsh and Collard’s Lake, adult, 30th May to 5th June.
2010 Dungeness Point and Dungeness RSPB, adult, 8th May.
2011 Elmley RSPB, adult, 10th April.
No Longer Accepted
1918 Near Lydd, two, in May.

Black Tern

White-winged Black Tern Chlidonius leucopterus

Rare but regular passage migrant

1891 The Wicks, Dungeness, two, 30th May.
1937 Dungeness, 17th May.
1951 Hythe, 15th May.
1956 The Wicks, Dungeness, two, 19th May.
New Romney, 13th June.
1959 Murston pits, immature, 28th-29th August.
1962 Stoke, intermittently from 29th July to 11th August.
Shellness, Sheppey, 12th August.
Hook’s Fleet, nr. Allhallows, 26th August.
Lower Hope Point, 1st September.
1963 Dungeness, adult, 20th August.
1964 Sandwich Bay, 29th May.
1965 Leybourne gravel pits, juvenile, 29th September.
1966 Dungeness, two immature, 22nd August.
1967 Dungeness, immature, 8th-15th August.
Dungeness, immature, 18th-22nd August.
Dungeness, immature, 22nd August.
1968 Dungeness, immature, 5th-16th August, and adult, 16th.
Dungeness, immature, 11th-16th October.
1969 Dungeness, immature, 14th-29th August.
1970 Dungeness, one to three immatures, 28th August to 5th September.
Dungeness, immature, 4th-9th October.
1971 Lade, Dungeness, 9th-10th May.
Dungeness, 8th June.
Dungeness, immature, 20th August.
1972 Dungeness, 8th June.
Dungeness, immature, 31st July.
Dungeness, immature, 11th August to 12th September.
Dungeness, immature, 12th August.
Dungeness, immature, 1st-11th September.
Dungeness, immature, 9th-11th September.
1973 Stodmarsh, 31st May.
Capel Fleet, Sheppey, immature, 18th and 25th-30th August.
Dungeness, immature, 29th-30th September.
1974 Dungeness, immature, 25th August to 8th September.
Dungeness, immature, 4th September.
1975 Sandwich Bay, immature, 9th August.
Dungeness, immature, 16th-28nd August.
Dungeness, immature, 24th September to 4th October.
1976 Dungeness, adult, 1st July.
Dungeness, immature, 30th-31st August.
Bough Beech Reservoir, immature, 26th-30th October.
1977 Margate, first-summer, 8th July.
Dungeness, immature, 20th-22nd August.
1978 Dungeness, juvenile, 22nd-23rd August.
Dungeness, another juvenile, 28th August to 3rd September.
Dungeness, another juvenile, 16th September.
1979 Shellness, juvenile, 18th August.
Dungeness, juvenile, 20th-25th August.
Lydd, juvenile, 23rd-25th August, two 25th, but second bird probably same bird as Dungeness.
1981 Stodmarsh, adult, 29th June.
Cliffe, juvenile, 6th-8th August, same, Elmley, 8th-10th.
Dungeness, juvenile, 21st-26th August.
1983 Dungeness, juvenile, 5th-24th August.
1984 Dungeness, adult, 21st June.
Dungeness, juvenile, 1st-7th August.
Dungeness, juvenile, 17th-23rd August, also at Lydd.
Grain, juvenile, 26th August to 4th September.
Dungeness, juvenile, 30th August to 15th September, also at Lydd.
1986 Dungeness, juvenile, 11th-12th August.
Bough Beech Reservoir, juvenile, 11th August.
Dungeness, first-winter, 14th-16th September.
1987 Dungeness, 18th June.
Minnis Bay, adult, 17th September.
1988 Minnis Bay, juvenile, 28th August to 6th September.
Dungeness, adult, 7th September.
1989 Dungeness, 5th-11th September; same as East Sussex bird.
1990 Dartford, juvenile, 4th-5th September; presumed same as Essex bird.
1991 Nr. Sittingbourne, 3st May; presumed same as Broadness, same as Essex bird.
Dungeness, adult, 28th-30th May.
Broadness, 2nd June; presumed same as Sittingbourne, same as Essex bird.
1992 Swale NNR, two, 18th-19th May.
Dungeness, first-winter, 24th September.
1993 Dungeness, 22nd May.
1995 Dungeness, adult, 13th-15th July.
Dungeness, adult and juvenile, 23rd July.
1996 Dungeness, adult, 17th June.
1997 Cliffe Pools, adult, 23rd August; presumed same bird, Stodmarsh, 24th.
1998 Oare Marshes, juvenile, 6th September.
1999 Grove Ferry, adult, 6th July.
Dungeness, juvenile/first-winter, 17th September to 1st October.
2000 Dungeness, 6th May.
Dungeness, adult, 23rd-25th June.
Grove Ferry, adult, 10th-13th July.
Dungeness, adult, 21st September.
2002 Swale NNR, 2nd June.
2003 Grove Ferry, juvenile/first-winter, 18th October.
2004 Cliffe Pools, second-summer, 24th-28th May.
2005 Oare Marshes, juvenile, 3rd September.
2006 Grove Ferry, 18th October.
2007 Dungeness Reserve, juvenile, 20th August.
Dungeness Reserve, juvenile, 22nd-23rd August.
Dungeness, single juvenile at “the patch”, 31st August until 8th September.
Bough Beech, single juvenile, 28th August.
2008 Dungeness Reserve, juvenile, 31st August to 19th September.
Dungeness Reserve, second juvenile, 12th-19th September.
2009 Cliffe Pools, adult, 23rd August.
2010 Dungeness, juvenile at the ‘patch’, 15th August.
Cliffe RSPB, juvenile, 23rd September.
2012 Grove Ferry/Stodmarsh, two adults, 26th May.
2013 Cliffe, juvenile seen on the Thames, 22ndAugust.
2015 ARC Pits, Dungeness, single bird, 27th August.
Dungeness, single bird, 4th September.
No Longer Accepted
1904 Lydd, female, 25th May.
Dungeness, five, 29th May.
1908 Littlestone, one, 29th May.
1911 Near Lydd, two, 1st June.
1922 Romney Marsh, male, 15th May.

Sandwich Tern

Lesser Crested Tern Sterna bengalensis

Rare Vagrant

1989 Dungeness, 6th May, presumed same as Northumberland bird, also in Sussex.
1996 Pegwell Bay, 22nd August, presumed same as Northumberland bird.

Royal/Lesser Crested Tern Sterna maxima/bengalensis

Rare Vagrant

Rare Vagrant
1982 Dungeness, 26th June.
1984 Folkestone, 17th September.

Forster’s Tern Sterna forsteri

Rare Vagrant

1986 Westbrook, nr. Margate, adult, 11th October.

Common Tern

Roseate Tern

Arctic Tern

Ivory Gull Pagophilae burnea

Rare Vagrant

1951 Pegwell Bay, first-winter, 21st January, same bird, Sandwich Bay, 17th February.
No longer accepted
1947 Walland Marsh, 27th April.


Sabine’s Gull


Slender-billed Gull Larus genei

Rare Vagrant

1971 Dungeness, adult, 21st July to 1st August, 31st August to 6th and 12th September; same as Suffolk bird.
1999 Grove Ferry, adult, 5th May; same, Monk’s Wall, 6th-8th May.
2000 Dungeness area, 30th-31st May.

Bonaparte’s Gull Larus philadelphia

Rare Vagrant 

1989 Dungeness, adult, 15th April.
1998 Elmley, first-summer, 25th May; presumed same, Herne Bay and Seasalter areas, 30th May to 20th June.
2001 Dungeness, summer adult, between The Patch and the Reserve, 10th June.
2013 Elmley NNR, 1st summer, 28th April to 6th May, before relocating to Oare Marshes on 22nd May where it remained until 19th August.
2014 Oare Marshes, presumably the long staying 2013 bird from 17th July until 7th September.
2015 Dungeness, single bird 16th May.
Oare Marshes, presumably same bird as previous two years, now a full adult, 20th June until 12th August.

Black-headed Gull

Little Gull

Ross’s Gull Rhodostethia rosea

Rare Vagrant

2014 Dungeness, an adult flew west past the point with a flock of Black-headed Gulls Larus ridibundus, 12th January.

Laughing Gull Larus atricilla

Rare Vagrant

1966 Lade, adult, 11th May.
1986 Dungeness, adult, 8th August.
1995 Dungeness, first-summer, 14th July to 13th August.
1996 Pegwell Bay, first-summer, 21st August.
1999 Dungeness, adult, 13th June.
2000 Dungeness, first-winter, 7th and 12th March.
2005 Dungeness, second-winter, 10th-13th November.
2007 Dungeness, adult in full breeding plumage, 6th June.

Mediterranean Gull

Audouin’s Gull Larus audouinii

Rare Vagrant

2003 Dungeness, second-summer, 5th-7th May, first British record.
2007 Dungeness, second-summer, 16th May.
2014 Dungeness, second-winter, roosting by fishing boats, 12th October.

Great Black-backed Gull

Common Gull

Ring-billed Gull Larus delawarensis

Rare Vagrant

1986 Sandwich Bay, first-year, 24th April to 2nd May.
1992 Pegwell, first-year, 11th February.
1994 Lade, first-winter, 27th January to 17th March, commuting to Dungeness, 7th-12th March.
1995 Greatstone, first-summer, 22nd April.
Greatstone, adult, 9th-12th December.
Greatstone, another adult, 19th December.
1997 Cliffe, adult, intermittently 12th January to 22nd March.
1998 Cliffe, adult, 7th March.
1999 Westgate, adult trapped, 12th February.
Cliffe, second winter, 14th February.
Copt Point, first-year, 12th March.
2001 Greatstone, first-year, 12th January.
Copt Point, first winter, flew east, 4th April.
2009 Dungeness, ARC pits, adult, 8th February.
2011 Sevenoaks WR, single bird, 2nd April.
2013 Cliffe, North Quarry, single bird, 16th February.

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Herring Gull

Yellow-legged Gull

Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans

Scarce, but increasingly regular, vagrant

1999 Dungeness Observatory, adult, 15th-28th August.
2000 Dungeness Observatory, adult, 21st January.
Dungeness Observatory, another adult, 29th-30th January.
Dungeness Observatory, first-winter, 25th February.
Dungeness Observatory, another first-winter, 27th February.
Dungeness Observatory, first-winter, 21st December.
2001 Dungeness area, a total of twelve birds recorded.
2002 Dungeness area, a total of nine birds recorded.
2003 Dungeness area, a total of eighteen birds recorded.
2004 Dungeness area, a total of eight birds recorded.
2005 Dungeness area, a total of nineteen birds recorded in November.
Dungeness area, a total of thirty-seven birds recorded in December, with peaks of six birds on RSPB reserve on both 2nd and 16th December.
Scotney, two birds, 4th December.
2006 Dungeness area, a peak of five first-winters, 11th January.
Dungeness Observatory, bird bearing a Polish colour ring, first ringed at Wloclawek on 18th May 2004, was present on 3rd February.
Dungeness Reserve, adult, 21st March.
ARC Pits, first-winter, 13th April.
Dungeness area, returning birds of various ages were recorded from 17th August.
ARC Pits, a peak of three first-winters, 26th November.
Dungeness Observatory, three second-winters, 11th December.
ARC Pits, first-winter, 13th April.
Littlebrook, five birds of varying ages, seen during December.
2007 Dungeness Observatory, a second-winter on 14th January, a third- winter on 23rd January, a first-winter on 6th March, and a first-winter on 2nd April were the only birds in the first half of the year.
Dungeness Observatory, a juvenile/first-winter on 9th September, a juvenile/first-winter on 10th September, two first-winters on 30th September, a first-winter on 20th October, a first-winter on 22nd October, a first-winter on 6th November, a first- and a second-winter on 18th November, a first-winter on 28th November, a first-winter on 13th December, a fourth-winter on each of 18th and 19th December, and a third-winter on 19th December completed the year.
Dungeness Reserve, a total 65 reports occurred of birds of various ages between 31st January and 20th December. Refer to KOS Bird Report for full details.
North Quarry, Cliffe, an adult bird present, 1st December.
2008 Dungeness RSPB, adult, 6th January.
Dungeness RSPB, first-winter, 13th January.
Dungeness Observatory, two birds, a first-winter and a fourth-winter, 14th February.
Dungeness RSPB, third-winter, 14th February.
Dungeness RSPB, first-winter, 16th February.
Dungeness RSPB, three birds, 21st February.
Dungeness RSPB, third-winter, 3rd March.
Dungeness RSPB, second-winter, 7th March.
Dungeness RSPB, three birds, 8th March.
Dungeness Observatory, four first-winter birds, 9th March.
Pegwell Bay, first-winter, 14th March.
Dungeness RSPB, first-winter, 19th March.
Dungeness Observatory, third-winter bird, 28th March.
Dungeness Observatory, two first-winter birds, 30th March.
Dungeness Observatory, first-winter, 4th April.
Dungeness Observatory, first-winter, 19th May.
Dungeness Observatory, first-winter, 30th September.
Dungeness Observatory, adult and first-winter, 16th October.
Thames, Dartford, adult, 7th November.
Pegwell Bay, three first-winters, 19th November to 14th December.
Dungeness Observatory, first-winter, 20th November.
Dungeness Observatory, adult, 21st November.
Dungeness Observatory, third-winter, 22nd November.
Otford, third-winter, 22nd November.
Dungeness RSPB, three adults, 23rd November.
Dungeness RSPB, two adults, 26th November.
Dungeness RSPB, adult, 27th November.
Dungeness RSPB, adult, 5th December.
Dungeness RSPB, adult, 14th December.
Dungeness RSPB, adult, 20th December.
Dungeness Observatory, adult, 20th December.
Pegwell Bay, three adults, 28th-29th December.
2009 Dungeness Observatory, third winter, 1st January.
Dungeness Observatory, adult, 3rd January.
Dungeness RSPB, third winter, 13th January.
Dungeness RSPB, another third winter, 15th January.
Dungeness RSPB, adult, 16th January.
Dungeness RSPB, adult and two second winters, 18th January.
Dungeness Observatory, second winter, 20th January.
Dungeness Observatory, a different second winter, 22nd January.
Dungeness Observatory, another second winter, 26th January.
Dungeness Observatory, two adults, 27th January.
Dungeness RSPB, adult, 31st January.
Dungeness Observatory, third winter, 1st February.
Dungeness Observatory, adult, 2nd February.
Dungeness Observatory, first winter, 3rd February.
Dungeness RSPB, adult and third or fourth winter, 3rd February.
Dungeness Observatory, adult, 9th-10th February.
Dartford Marshes, third winter, photographed 15th February. The only record away from the Dungeness area this year.
Dungeness Observatory, first winter, 17th February.
Dungeness Observatory, fourth winter, 24th February.
Dungeness Observatory, adult, 26th February.
Dungeness RSPB, first winter, 26th February.
Dungeness RSPB, another first winter, 28th February.
Dungeness RSPB, second winter, 4th March.
Dungeness RSPB, first winter, 6th March.
Dungeness RSPB, first and second winter birds, 7th March.
Dungeness Observatory, first winter, 9th March.
Dungeness RSPB, second winter, 12th March.
Dungeness RSPB, first winter, 14th March.
Dungeness RSPB, first winter, 17th March.
Dungeness RSPB, first and third winter birds, 20th March.
Dungeness RSPB, three first winter birds and an adult, 21st March.
Dungeness RSPB, third winter, 3rd April.
Dungeness RSPB, juvenile, 12th September.
Dungeness Observatory, second winter, 4th October.
Dungeness Observatory, first winter, 11th October.
Dungeness RSPB, first winter, 11th October.
Dungeness Observatory, another first winter, 17th October.
Dungeness Observatory, second winter, 23rd October.
Dungeness RSPB, second winter, 23rd October.
Dungeness RSPB, second winter and adult, 27th October.
Dungeness RSPB, fourth winter, 29th October.
Dungeness RSPB, second winter, 1st November.
Dungeness RSPB, first and third winter birds, 6th November.
Dungeness RSPB, adult, 10th November.
Dungeness RSPB, another adult, 11th-12th November.
Dungeness RSPB, second winter, 12th November.
Dungeness RSPB, second winter, 14th November.
Dungeness RSPB, adult, 22nd November.
Dungeness RSPB, adult, 29th November.
Dungeness RSPB, adult, 2nd December.
Dungeness RSPB, another adult, 3rd December.
Dungeness RSPB, first winter, 17th December.
Dungeness RSPB, third winter, 23rd December.
Dungeness Observatory, fourth winter, 23rd December.
2010 The main concentration of records was from the Dungeness area with up to 17 birds recorded at Dungeness BO and a further 18 recorded from the nearby RSPB Reserve during the year.

In January, there was a 3rd winter bird on the Reserve on the 13th, an adult there on the 14th and an adult in the observatory recording area on the 23rd. In February, a 3rd winter was on the Reserve on the 2nd, a 1st winter and a 3rd winter were in the observatory recording area on the 4th, a 3rd winter was on the Reserve on the 5th and a 1st winter was seen there on the 8th with another 1st winter nearby in the observatory recording area on that date. A 2ndwinter bird was on Reserve on the 16th and a 3rd winter there on the 22nd. In March, the Reserve had a 3rd winter on the 22nd and a 1st winter on the 28th.

The following birds were then seen in the observatory recording area during the summer: a 2nd summer on May 2nd, a 1st summer on May 29th and another on May 31st, single juveniles recorded on July 14th and Aug 17th and an adult on Aug 25th. September records were all from the observatory recording area once again with a 2nd winter on the 15th, a 1st winter and a 2nd winter on the 16th, a 3rd winter on the 18th and single adults on the 27th and the 31st. October and November records were all from the Reserve with an adult on Oct 19th, another adult on Oct 23rd, a 1st winter on Nov 28th and an adult on Nov 29th. In December, single adults were on the Reserve on the 5th and on the 22nd, an adult was in the observatory recording area on the 24th, with a first winter there on the 26th and a 3rd winter and two adults there on the 28th. Two adults were on the Reserve on Dec 30th and separate 2nd winters were recorded on the Reserve and in the observatory recording area on the 31st.

Away from Dungeness, there was one at Swanscombe on Jan 1st an adult and a 1st winter were feeding at the Viridor recycling centre in Crayford, Greater London, on the 31st and were both seen to fly into Kent. In February, two first winters were on the Thames foreshore at Dartford on the 25th. In October, a 2nd winter was on the pools on Swanscombe peninsula on the 31st.

2011 Hythe, single bird, 14th December.
2012 Records were once again concentrated at Dungeness with six records from the Dungeness peninsula and 17 from the Dungeness RSPB Reserve. The popular 1st W that had arrived on Dec 8th 2011 lingered until Jan 27th. Also in January, a 2nd W was by the fishing boats on the 5th. Three birds were recorded on the Reserve in February with an adult and a 2nd W there on the 10th and another 2nd W there on the 16th. In March, there was an adult and a 1st W on theReserve on the 5th, a 3rd W and a 2nd W also there on the 6th as was a 2nd W on the 8th. Therewas a 2nd W by the fishing boats on the 15th. On Apr 17th, there was a 1st W on the Reserve. During the second winter period, there was a 1st W on the Point on Sept 25th, an adult on them Reserve on Oct 16th-18th, and an adult on the Reserve on the 26th with it or another by the fishing boats also on that date and a 3rd W on the Point on Nov 20th. The final six birds in December were all on the Reserve with an adult there on the 4th-5th, a 1st W there on the 6th, an adult there on the 12th, two 2nd W birds there on the 16th and an adult there on the 17th.

Away from Dungeness, there were five accepted records. A 1st W came to bread at

Greenhithe on Mar 18th, a 1st S was on Dartford Marshes on Apr 1st with another there on the 9th, a 1st W on the Thames foreshore at Dartford Marshes on Nov 24th and an adult at Folkestone on Nov 27th with the latter bird being identified as the same bird that was present at Dartford from Feb 3rd-Mar 19th2011.

2013 The first bird of the year was a 3rd winter at Kerton Rd, Dungeness, on Jan 6th. A 2nd winter was seen infrequently on Dartford Marshes from Jan 13th-Mar 29th and was also seen coming to bread on Mar 23rd at Greenhithe. A 1st winter was seen on Dartford Marshes on Jan 26th with a 3rd winter there on Jan 31st and again on Feb 22nd. In March, there was one at Dungeness RSPB Reserve on the 3rd, a 3rd winter at Dungeness BO on the 10th and a 1st winter there on the 18th.  The last bird to be recorded in the first half of the year was a 3rd winter at Dungeness BO on Apr 6th-7th.

In August, juveniles were seen from the fishing boats at Dungeness on the 18th and on the 31st and in September, a 2nd winter was seen there on the 15th and again on the 28th. In October, a 1st winter was at Dungeness BO on the 6th. In November, a 1st winter was at Dungeness BO on the 3rd, one was recorded nearby on the RSPB Reserve on the 17th and one was at Dungeness BO on the 30th. A 1st winter was seen in Dartford on Nov 30th and another 1st winter was also there on Dec 1st with both birds being seen on several occasions up to Dec 25th along with another 1st winter there on the 21st. All other December records were from Dungeness with an adult on the Reserve on the 7th, a 1st winter and a 2nd winter at the Observatory on the 8th with the 1st winter remaining until the end of the year. There was one on the Reserve on the 13th. An adult was at the Observatory on the 16th with another adult and a 1st winter there the next day and three new 1st winters there on the 19th. On the 22nd, there were two new 2nd winters at the Observatory with both remaining until the 23rd when they were joined by two more birds. On the 28th, there were a remarkable 11 individuals with 10 of these being seen between the fishing boats and the Lifeboat station (five 1st winters and five 2nd winters) and an adult on ARC and this count was the highest day total for this species in Great Britain to date. The last two of the year were also at the Observatory on the 31st.

2014 There were 100 individual birds recorded from the Dungeness BO recording area with two more recorded on the RSPB Reserve. The following records are from the recording area unless stated otherwise: In January there were 6 birds on the 1st, 4 on each of 7th feeding offshore along with a 3rd winter by the fishing boats on the 28th.

The following records were seen away from Dungeness: On Dartford Marshes, a 1st winter first seen in December 2013 continued to be seen intermittently until Mar 23rd.  A returning colour-ringed adult that had been seen on Dartford Marshes in 2010 & 2012 was seen on Jan 23rd. Up to six birds, including two adults, were seen in Pegwell Bay during January and on Jan 26th a colour ringed 1st winter was seen on Dartford Marshes. A 1st winter was seen on the Thames off Dartford Marshes on Jan 26th. In February, there were three records from Dartford Marshes with a 1st winter on the 2nd and adults on the 5th and on the 11th. In March, there was a 1st winter on Dartford Marshes on the 30th. In the latter half of the year, a 1st winter was on the Thames foreshore, Dartford Marshes, on Oct 18th. Two 1st winters and two adults were in Pegwell Bay on Nov 29th-30th, one 1st winter and two adults lingering through December, and a 1st winter was in Folkestone Harbour on Dec 1st. A 3rd winter was on Dartford Marshes on Dec 14th. A 1st winter was at Ramsgate on Dec 19th. On Dartford Marshes, there was a 1st winter on Dec 21st, a 1st winter and a 2nd winter on the 29th with both those birds remaining there until the next day when they were joined by another 2nd winter.

and 8th, and 5 on the 27th. 1st winter birds were present on the 6th (3 No.), 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 21st (3 No.), 25th and 28th; single 2nd winter birds on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th-9th, 6th, and 12th, with two birds on the 4th; a 3rd winter on the 6th and 18th and an adult, also on the 18th. Then in February there were 1st winter birds on the 8th, 14th, 21st and 22nd; 2nd winters on the 22nd and 23rd; a 3rd winter on the 3rd, whilst there has been an adult on the 1st. Whilst in March there were two 1st winters on the 3rd followed by further singles on the 14th, 16th, 17th, 19th and 24th.

In April, there were three 1st winter birds, on the 5th, 6th and another on the 9th.

The first juveniles of the autumn were two on Aug 17th, with singles on Aug 24th and 25th. In September, there was one on the Reserve on the 6th, a 1st winter lingered around the fishing boats from 12th-14th and another there on 21st-22nd. Whilst in October, there were 1st winter birds on the 4th, 6th, 16th, 18th and 21st; a 2nd winter on the 5th, a 3rd winter birds on the 12th, alongside an Audouin’s Gull, and on the 19th. There was a 1st winter and 2nd winter on Nov 2nd along with two more birds on the Reserve and an adult on the Reserve on Nov 16th. During December, there were three 1st winters on the 10th, four on the 4th, another on the 12th, two on the 13th, one on the 14th, one on the Reserve on the 17th, two on the 21st and one on the 23rd, with another

 Kumlien’s Gull Larus glaucoides kumlieni

Rare Vagrant 

1991 Dungeness, adult East, 30th March.
1998 Cliffe, adult, fully documented, 1st January.
2006 Dungeness, 6th-8th February.
2012 Dover Harbour, 2nd winter bird, 31st January to 26th February.

Glaucous Gull

Pallas’s Sandgrouse Syrrhaptes paradoxus

Rare Vagrant

1859 Romney Marsh, November.
1863 Elmley, six, four shot, June.
Dungeness, eight, seven shot, late July.
1888 Romney Marsh, shot, 25th May.
Dungeness, thirty, 26th May.
Thanet, four, obtained 30th May.
Northdown, Margate, two shot, undated.
Birchington, one shot, undated.
Nayland Rock, Margate, undated.
Hoo, nr. Rochester,four, 3th November.
Isle of Grain, picked up dead under wires, 14th December.
1908 Littlestone, three, 4th July.
1964 Stodmarsh, 28th December.

Feral Pigeon

Stock Dove

Wood Pigeon

Collared Dove

Turtle Dove

Ring-necked Parakeet

Great Spotted Cuckoo Clamator glandarius

Rare Vagrant

1970 Near Dungeness, juvenile or first-year, 22nd August.
1989 Dungeness, juvenile, 8th July.
1990 Sandwich Bay, adult, found dead, 25th March.
2001 Sandwich Bay, first-summer, 7th March, photographed.
2007 Denge Marsh, adult, 6th-7th March.


Barn Owl

Scops Owl Otus scops

Rare Vagrant

1898 Broadstairs, caught alive, but subsequently died, March.
1971 Crundale, Ashford, found badly injured, 22nd October, later died.
No Longer Accepted
1904 Chestfield, shot, no date.

Snowy Owl Bubo scandiaca

Rare Vagrant

1844 Frinsted, shot, no date.
1927 Langdon, adult, shot, 4th March, now at Maidstone Museum.
1948 Swalecliffe, 13th January.
1950 Dungeness lighthouse, seen at 3.00am, 30th March.
1965 Near Lydd, female, 24th to 31st January.

Little Owl

Tawny Owl

Long-eared Owl

Short-eared Owl

Tengmalm’s Owl Aegolius funereus

Rare Vagrant

1836 No locality, May.
1881 Near Dartford, shot, 18th November.
No Longer Accepted
1914 Sandhurst, two, 2nd January.


White-throated Needletail Hirundapus caudacutus

Rare Vagrant

1991 Weirton Hill Reservoir, Maidstone, 26th May.


Pallid Swift Apus pallidus

Rare Vagrant

1978 Stodmarsh, 13th-24th May.
1984 Warden Point, Sheppey, 14th-16th November.
1998 Cliffe, 25th May.
2001 Dungeness, 31st October.
2004 Bockhill, 15th October.
Walmer, 17th October.
2006 New Romney, juvenile, moribund, 26th October.
2010 Dungeness RSPB, 29th-30th March.
2013 Foreness, single bird, 21stOctober.
Foreness, single bird, 26thOctober.
Foreness, three birds, well photographed, 27thOctober.
Foreness, single bird, 28thOctober.

Alpine Swift Apus melba

Rare but regular Vagrant

1830 Dover, caught, 20th August.
1832 Kingsgate, Thanet, killed early June. The exact date of this bird is uncertain,

but is no earlier than 1829 and no later than 1832.

1871 No locality, seen, June.
1891 Dover, picked up exhausted, 6th July.
1902 Bromstone, Thanet, 21st October.
1916 Hythe, nine, 16th May.
1947 Reculver, 26th April.
1961 Cliffe, 7th October.
1962 Deal, 24th June.
1967 Ramsgate, 28th June.
1969 Dover, 15th-18th March, died.
1970 Fan Bay, Dover, 13th September.
1971 Dungeness, 1st August.
1972 Kingsdown, 27th May.
1975 Dover, 7th June.
Kingsgate Bay, Thanet, 19th-20th July.
1978 Richborough and Pegwell Bay, 13th-17th August.
1980 Sandwich Bay, 27th September.
1981 Hayesden Water, 25th-26th July.
1982 Dungeness, 9th April, also in East Sussex.
Botany Bay area, 26th September to 1st October.
1983 Dungeness, 8th May, also in East Sussex.
Dungeness, 11th August.
1984 Dungeness, 3rd June.
1986 Foreness, 13th May.
1987 Dungeness, 21st July.
Foreness, 16th September.
Whitstable, 14th October.
1988 North Foreland, two, 24th-28th March, one of which was later found dead on 26th.
North Foreland, 17th April.
Sandwich Bay, 21st April.
Folkestone, 16th May.
1989 Folkestone, 22nd May.
1990 North Foreland, 24th March.
Sandwich Bay and Kingsdown, 26th April.
St. Margaret’s, 1st July.
St. Margaret’s, 4th October.
1992 Foreness, 22nd-23rd April; another 23rd; presumed one of same Minnis Bay 23rd.
Dungeness, 2nd May; probably same Folkestone, 2nd-3rd, Dover, 3rd,

Minnis Bay and Reculver, 4th.

Foreness, 3rd October.
1993 Worth, 16th April.
Reculver, two, 23rd-26th April.
Reculver, 2nd May.
Capel-le-Ferne, 29th June.
Cheriton, 20th September.
1994 Capel-le-Ferne, 23rd April.
Capel-le-Ferne and Folkestone, 19th-20th May.
1995 Abbotscliffe, Capel-le-Ferne, 10th July.
2002 Capel-le-Ferne, flying North-East, 10th April.
Bockhill, 10th April, presumed same bird.
Bockhill, flying South-East, 17th May.
2003 Foreness, 8th-9th March.
2004 Bockhill, 7th May.
2006 Bockhill, single bird, 17th April.
2007 Sandwich Bay, one flew north, 4th July.
2010 Larkfield, single bird, 27th March.
Thanet, single bird, 29th March to 1st April.
Dungeness, single bird, 31st March to 1st April.
Folkestone, single bird, 4th-8th April.
Biddenden, single bird, 26th May.
2013 Cliftonville, single bird, 17th March.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 17th-18th March.
2014 Kingsdown, single bird, 9th April.
No Longer Accepted
1908 Ebony, between Rye and Tenterden, seen, 3rd August.
1915 Kingsdown, Deal, ca. 100, July.
Kingsdown, Deal, five, 22nd July.
Kingsdown, Deal, five, 3rd August.
1925 Cotman’s Heath, Wittersham, seen early June.


Blue-cheeked Bee-eater Merops superciliosus

Rare Vagrant

1989 Church Hougham, single bird flew over, 18th July. Presumably same bird as adult at Cowden, East Yorkshire, from 8th-10th July, and then seen flying south over Leverton Marsh on 12 July.
2009 Bockhill, adult, 22nd July.

European Bee-eater Merops apiaster

Rare but fairly regular vagrant

1827 Kingsgate, Thanet, one shot, May.
pre-1884 Lydd, adult, shot. Exact date unknown. Bird now in Dover Museum.
1882 Mereworth, near Wrotham, adult, 24th June.
1953 Sevenoaks, seen in flight, 15th May.
1955 Sandwich Bay Estate, one present, 6th June.
St. Mary’s Bay, Dymchurch, flock of ca.12, 25th-26th September. These birds are believed to originate from the East Sussex breeding colony, where 13 birds were seen to fly east from the previous day, and were not to return.
1958 Betteshanger, single bird, 11th July.
1969 Sandwich Bay, one hawking insects, 25th May.
1971 Dungeness, one flew south-east over Channel, 8th June.
1974 Dungeness, singles on 19th May and 7th August.
1978 Dungeness, one flew over, 21st May.
1979 St. Margaret’s, one flew south-east out to sea, 19th May.
Iwade, single bird, 3rd July.
1981 Westcliffe, Ramsgate, one present, 13th June.
Kingsgate, single bird, 16th June.
1986 Dungeness, one in off sea, 16th May.
Dungeness, one flew north-west, 7th June.
1987 Walmer, party of six birds, watched for two hours, 20th June.
Foreness, one flew west, 5th July.
1988 Dungeness, one seen on 13th June, with another on 6th September.
1989 Foreness, single bird, 24th May.
St. Margaret’s, a party of five birds flew up-channel, 28th May, and presumed same, four flew south at Sandwich Bay on 29th.
1990 Foreness, one flew west, 16th May.
1991 Dungeness, 4-6 birds present, 31st May.
Kingsdown, two birds flew north, 29th June.

Probably same two birds flew west, Reculver, an hour and a half later.

Littlestone, single bird, 3rd July.
Colney Hill, Dover, four flew east, 14th July.
Sandwich Bay, one flew west, 14th July.
Dungeness, five present on 27th July, with another on 1st August.
Walderslade, four flew over, 24th August.
1992 Sandwich Bay, one present, 11th May.
Foreness, one flew south, 20th May.
1993 Foreness, one flew west, 19th May.
St. Margaret’s, one north, 2nd June.
Dungeness, one flew north-west, 5th June.
1995 Whitstable, one east, 13th September.
1997 St. Margaret’s, one flew past, 9th May.
Birchington, six birds frequented Quex Park, 15th-16th May.
Dungeness, single bird, 25th May.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 29th-30th May.
Bockhill, single bird, 12th August.
Dungeness, single bird, 8th September.
1998 Dungeness, single bird present, 23rd May.
Pegwell Bay, single bird, 10th June.
1999 West Stourmouth, four birds present, 10th May.
Capel-le-Ferne, one present, 16th May.
Deal, single bird, 12th June.
Dungeness, single bird, 12th July.
2001 Capel-le-Ferne, one present, 25th May.
St. Margaret’s, single bird west, 31st May.
2002 Dungeness, single bird, 9th May.
Bockhill, single bird, 31st May.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 20th June, and again later at Bockhill.
Rye Street, single bird, 28th June.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 15th July.
Kingsdown, single bird, 4th September.
2003 Dungeness RSPB, single bird present, 6th July.
Shuart Farm, St. Nicholas-at-Wade, single bird, 13th July.
Kingsdown, one south, 22nd July.
2004 Dungeness, party of five adults flew over, 16th May. Later tracked via St. Margaret’s, Bockhill, and Kingsdown to Sandwich Bay.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 18th May.
Abbotscliffe, single bird, 18th May.
Stonar, two birds, 22nd May.
Pegwell Bay, single bird, 24th May.
Seasalter, 10 birds flew west, 6th June.
Foreness, 3 birds flew over, 9th June.
2005 Whiteness, Foreness, single bird, 18th May.
Kingsgate, two birds, 19th May.
Kingsgate, three birds west, 28th May.
Dungeness BO, single bird heard, 16th July.
2006 Dungeness, single bird, 30th-31st May.
2007 Reculver, single bird flew north-west, 23rd May.
Dungeness, single bird, 27th May.
2008 Dungeness RSPB, single bird present, 12th May.
Whitstable, single bird heard calling, 13th May.
Church Hougham, single bird, 14th May.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 14th May.
Samphire Hoe, single bird, 3rd June.
Dungeness, single bird, 6th June.
Worth Marshes, 3 birds flew over, 13th June.
2009 Bough Beech, three birds, 25th May.
Clay Hill, Dargate, single bird flew west, 29th May.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird present, 24th July.
2010 Dungeness BO, single bird, 24th May.
Samphire Hoe, two birds flew west, 8th June.
2012 Dungeness, single birds present, 17th, 19th and 22nd May.
Foreness, six birds present, 21st May.
Fowlmead CP, three birds, 21st May.
Shellness, four birds, 27th May.
Samphire Hoe, single bird, 3rd June.
Kingsgate, single bird, 12th June.
2013 Saltwood, Folkestone, a flock of ten, 14thMay.
Dungeness Point, single bird, 24th May.
Nicholl’s Quarry, Hythe, single bird, 24th May.
Grain, single bird, 25th May.
Bockhill, single bird, 29th May.
Stonelees, single bird, 8th-10th June.
2014 Dungeness/RSPB, single birds, many between 17th-26th May.
New Romney, group of four birds, 23rd May.
Water Tower Pits, Dungeness, group of four birds, 24th May.
St. Mary-in-the-Marsh, group of four birds, possibly same, 24th May.
Dungeness BO/RSPB, group of four birds, possibly same, 24th May.
Bockhill, group of three birds, 23rd May.
Dungeness RSPB, two birds, possibly same, 1st June.
Margate, single bird, 31st July.

European Roller Coracias garrulus

Uncommon Vagrant

pre-1844 Wootton, nr. Dover, no date.
1879 Temple Ewell, killed, no date.
1884 River, one shot, no date.
1888 Rainham Marsh, caught exhausted, 8th November, now at Rochester


1894 Betteshanger, adult male, shot, no date, now at Canterbury museum.
1906 Edenbridge, 20th July to 22nd September.
1962 Canterbury, 26th June to 2nd July; presumed same, Wye, 4th/5th-15th July.
1969 Trenley Park Wood, nr. Canterbury, 8th-9th June.
1980 Aycliffe, juvenile, 8th September.
1992 Monkton, 15th June.
No longer accepted
1830’s Romney Marsh, bird seen over several years into the early 1840’s, and

taken some time prior to 1844. Specimen, from Plomley collection, now lost.



Green Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Red-eyed Vireo Vireo olivaceus

Rare Vagrant

1984 Dungeness, 3rd-10th October.
1986 Dungeness, trapped, 7th October.

Golden Oriole

Isabelline Shrike Lanius isabellinus

Rare Vagrant

1988 Sandwich Bay, first-winter, 15th-16th October, trapped 15th.
Stodmarsh, first-winter, 4th-14th November.
1991 North Foreland, first-winter, 28th-29th October.
1993 Worth, 24th October to 4th November.
2001 Dungeness, first-winter, attributed to Turkestan race, L. i. phoenicuroides, 29th September to 5th October.
2006 Dungeness, first-winter, 15th October.
2011 Cliffe Pools, adult male, 16th October.
2014 Worth Marshes, second year bird, 16th October. Possibly same bird as was seen in the Netherlands five days prior.

Red-backed Shrike

Lesser Grey Shrike Lanius minor

Rare Vagrant

1897 Mid-Kent hills, 15th May.
1956 Near Lydd, 29th August to 1st September.
1976 Crundale, nr. Wye, adult, 20th September.
1977 Seasalter, 4th-12th June.
1980 Marshside, near Chislet, 5th June.
1994 Sandwich Bay, adult female, 2nd-28th August, trapped 18th.
1995 St. Margaret’s, adult, 13th-17th August.
2013 Capel Fleet, adult, 5th-6th October.
No Longer Accepted
1907 Brookland, immature female, 7th October.

Great Grey Shrike

Southern Grey Shrike Lanius meridionalis

Extremely Rare Vagrant

2004 Westmarsh, near Ash, juvenile of the race pallidrostris, Steppe Grey Shrike, 6th-7th November.

Woodchat Shrike Lanius senator

Rare Migrant

c.1835 Canterbury, immature male, killed, date uncertain.
1841 Sackett’s Hill, nr. Broadstairs, shot, 6th May.
c.1851 Location and date unknown, single male. Now in Exeter Museum.
1857 Tonbridge, single bird, shot and wounded, 14th May.
1868 Murston, single bird shot, towards end of July.
1888 Folkestone Warren, date unknown. Now in Canterbury Museum.
1891 Nr. Sittingbourne, single bird, 24th February.
1907 Tonbridge Wells, single bird, 23rd May.
Hadlow, adult male, shot, 4th July.
Newchurch, Romney Marsh, single bird shot, no date.
1909 Romney Marsh, single bird showing characters of L.s. badius, 29th June.
1918 Fairfield, Romney Marsh, shot, June. Now in Maidstone Museum.
1934 Longfield, nr. Gravesend, male of race L.s. weigoldi, 9th May. Now in national collection British Museum (Natural History).
1937 Ash Levels, nr. Canterbury, male and female, 5th May.
1946 Isle of Grain, single bird, 12th May.
1947 New Romney, single bird, 5th June.
1948 Sandwich, adult, 5th July.
1953 Sandling/Boxley Abbey, summer plumage, 4th July.
Dungeness, juvenile trapped, 23rd August.
1954 Sheerness, single bird, 24th June.
Swalecliffe, possibly Sheerness bird, 26th August.
1955 Allhallows, juvenile, 4th-18th September.
1956 Dungeness, juvenile trapped 19th August, with another juvenile trapped 5th-8th September.
1959 Dungeness, juvenile trapped, 13th August.
1961 Dungeness, adult, 11th June.
1962 Sandwich Bay, first-winter, 14th-31st August.
1965 Dungeness, first-winter, 22nd August to 13th September, trapped, 28th August.
1968 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 6th October.
1969 Sandwich Bay, male, 28th May.
Kingsdown, male, 16th June.
1971 Dungeness, single bird, 25th April.
Littlebrook, nr. Dartford, single bird, 5th and 7th May.
1972 Dungeness area, single bird, 26th June.
1976 Dungeness, adult male, 28th May.
Dungeness, immature, 8th September.
1977 Langley, first-year male, 28th June to 2nd July.
Kingsdown, immature, 3rd September.
1978 Dungeness, single bird, 4th May.
Minster-in-Thanet, immature, 8th October.
1979 Sandwich Bay, immature trapped, 7th-9th October.
1981 Dungeness Reserve, single bird, 7th-8th July.
1984 Kingsgate, Thanet, immature, 6th-16th October.
1986 Cliffe, single bird, 14th-16th May.
1987 Bretts Pits, Lydd, first-summer male, 26th April.
1991 Brockhill Park, Folkestone, first-summer male, 23rd May.
1993 Dungeness, adult male, 5th June.
Dungeness, juvenile, 18th August.
1995 Dungeness, adult male trapped, 15th-21st July.
1993 Dungeness, adult male, 5th June.
Dungeness, first-summer male, 20th May.
Church Hougham, female, 13th June.
1997 Reculver, single bird, 23rd-30th April.
1998 Dungeness, first-summer male, 23rd June to 3rd July.
1999 Lydd, adult male, 13th June.
2000 Dungeness, juvenile, 15th-16th August.
2004 Chambers Wall, Reculver, female, 19th-22nd April.
Minnis Bay, male, 5th June.
2005 Cliffe, 4th-8th June.
2007 Dungeness, female, 23rd May.
2009 Whitstable, single bird, 2nd May.
2010 Shuart, single bird, 1st May.
2011 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 17th May.
2014 Foreness, single bird, 2nd June.
No longer accepted
1968 Aycliffe, nr. Dover, male, 1st July.
Herne Bay, single bird, 13th and 15th October.

Chough Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax

Formerly bred

Nested in the county at Dover Cliffs until sometime between the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (Ticehurst: A History of the Birds of Kent).

Then sometime before the end of the eighteenth century, the cliffs were repopulated by an escaped pair, originally from Cornwall. This pair gave rise to a colony which survived until sometime between 1840 and 1850.

This species appears in the Canterbury City coat-of-arms.




Nutcracker Nucifraga caryocatactes

Rare Vagrant, except in explosion years

pre-1781 No locality, no date.
pre-1816 Darenth, no date, now at Natural History Museum, Tring.
1841 Sackett’s Hill, Broadstairs, seen, no date.
1885 Strode Park, Herne, 15th-17th November, when shot.
1904 Godlands, Tovil, seen, November.
1907 Riverhill, Sevenoaks, year unknown but prior to 1909.
1908 Riverhill, Sevenoaks, two birds, year unknown but prior to 1909 and year following previous record.
1911 Broom Park, nr. Canterbury, male, found dying, early October, now at Royal Canterbury Museum.
Broom Park, nr. Canterbury, 18th November, now at Maidstone College.
1953 Ashley, 25th December.
1963 Springhead, Northfleet, trapped, 26th August.
1967 Dungeness, 5th September.
1968 Denton, 7th August.
Quex Park, Birchington, 9th August.
Foreness Point, Margate, 22nd-23rd August.
Dover, four together, 24th August.
Quex Park, Birchington, 25th August to 3rd September, and same bird, Westwood, Margate, 4th-7th September.
Sandwich, 26th-31st August.
Broadstairs, 6th-27th August.
Mersham, nr. Ashford, 28th August.
Chalk, Gravesend, 28th August.
Doddington, trapped and ringed, 30th August to11th September.
Worth, 1st September.
Fordwich, 2nd September.
Hoath and East Blean Woods, 3rd and 5th September.
Sandwich, 7th and 18th September.
Eastling, 11th September.
Bicknor, 17th September.
Nonington, three dates between 21st and 30th September.
Gillingham, 29th September.
Sandwich, 7th October.
Tunbridge Wells, 14th-20th October.
High Halstow, 24th October.
Deal, 2nd-4th November.
Bearsted, 16th November, until autumn 1969.
Maidstone, 23rd November to 5th March 1969.
Gillingham, 10th and 14th December.
Lenham, 14th December.
1969 Minster, Sheppey, 9th February.
Thornden Wood, Canterbury, 22nd-25th June.
Dungeness, 25th and 27th September.
1972 Bedgebury, two, 27th December.
1985 Northwood Hill, 23rd October.
1998 Kingsdown, 6th-7th September.



Carrion Crow

Hooded Crow Corvus cornix

Scarce passage migrant and winter visitor 

The BOU took the decision in 2002 to split Hooded Crow from Carrion Crow, Corvuscorone. With over 200 records in Kent to date, those records shown here are only representative since that split.

2003 Swale area, single bird, from 6th October to year end. First seen at Swale NNR, and then often both north and south of the Swale.
Nether Hale, single bird, 27th November.
2004 The over-wintering bird on the Swale N.N.R., was joined by a second bird between 8th January and 7th March. One remained until 16th March.
Whitstable, single bird, 7th January, was probably one of the Swale birds.
Brooksend, single bird, 16th March, was probably the returning Nether Hale bird from 2003.
Minnis Bay, single bird, 16th March.
Bockhill, one in off sea and flew north, 26th October.
Foreness, one flying south-west, 29th October.
Nether Hale, single bird, 27th November, was probably the same returning from 2003.
Swale, the now regular wintering bird returned from 17th November, until the year end.
2005 Swale, the regular wintering bird remained until 25th March, with a second bird present on east Sheppey from 21st-31st January.
Nether Hale, single bird, presumed to be the same throughout was present on 12th and 23rd January, and on 7th March.
Foreness, one present 18th-19th March.
Bishopstone, one flew east, 5th April.
Harty Marshes, what was presumably the returning Swale bird, was present from 10th-17th December.
2006 Swale, presumably the same regular wintering bird remained until 11th March.
Swale, single bird present, 20th November until 15th December.
Seasalter, two birds, 2nd December.
2007 Swale, one possibly two birds, remained on SE Sheppey until at least 4th March.
Seasalter, briefly, 7th January.
Sackett’s Hill, Margate, single bird, 26th July.
Swale NNR, presumably the same regular wintering bird returned on 30th November.
2008 East Sheppey, various sites, single bird, presumably from winter 2007, until 4th March.
East Sheppey, presumably the same regular wintering bird returned on 8th December.
2009 East Sheppey, various sites, single bird, presumably from winter 2008, until 16th March.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, possibly East Sheppey bird, 24th March.
East Sheppey, presumably the same regular wintering bird returned on 16th December.
2010 Swale NNR, single bird, 7th February, was almost certainly the same bird as December 2009.
Dungeness, single bird, 1st April.
Dungeness, single bird, 21st October.
Reculver/Minnis, two birds, 28th October, one staying until end of year.
2012 Abbotscliffe and Aycliffe, single bird, 12th May.
Dungeness, presumed same bird, 13th May.
2013 Swale NNR, single bird, 23rdJanuary until 23rd March.
Swale NNR, possibly same bird, 19th December.
2014 East Sheppey, the regular bird lingered around from December 2013 until at least Jan 24th.
Seasalter, single bird, 5th March.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 12th-13th April.
Dungeness BO, single bird, 3rd May.
East Sheppey, the regular bird re-appeared on 30th November and remained in the area until the end of the year.


Raven Corvus corax

Rare visitor, formerly bred. Status clouded by escapes.

Nested in the county until the late nineteenth century, when there were three nests between Folkestone and Dover in 1890. The origins of the occasional record of this species must always be in doubt as it is a favourite species with aviculturalists, and has escaped and even been released on a number of occasions. The westward spread of this bird on the Continent continues. Records here begin from the first Kent Bird Report in 1952.

1957 Cliffe, single bird, low overhead, 8th March.
1959 Warden, Sheppey, single bird, 8th November.
1960 Sevenoaks, two birds flew west, 2nd July.
Lydd, single bird, 3rd May.
1963 Northward Hill, single birds seen on 3rd March, and another on 29th December.
1965 Northward Hill, two birds on 3rd January, and a single on 21st February.
1967 Hildenborough, one flew north, 7th July, with two birds over, 21st August.
1968 Hollingbourne, single bird, 23rd January.
1973 Sevenoaks, single bird, 25th September
Wrotham, single bird, 30th October.
1975 Sevenoaks, one west, 12th April.
1978 Dungeness, single bird, 26th April.
Coxheath, Maidstone, single bird, 11th June.
1979 Worth, one flew south-east, 4th February.
1981 Langley, Maidstone, single bird, 15th June. .
1986 Sandwich Bay, single bird over, 14th May.
Crundale, single bird over, 2nd July.
Bough Beech, single bird over, 28th September.
1987 Dungeness, single bird over, 25th May.
1990 Dungeness, single bird over, 7th May.
1991 Shuart, Minnis Bay, single bird amongst mixed corvid flock moving south-west, 17th September.
1994 North Foreland, single bird flew south-west, 21st April.
Herne, single bird flew south, 10th June.
1996 Bough Beech, two birds over, 3rd August, and presumably the same pair over the nearby Winkhurst Wood, 5th August.
1997 Dungeness, many sightings between 16th January and 5th April, probably relate to two or three individuals.
1998 Dungeness, single bird present, 3rd February until 21st April.
2001 Blean Woods, two birds over, 17th August.
2006 Scotney Court, Lydd, two birds, 25th February.
Samphire Hoe/Capel-le-Ferne, two birds, seen on several occasions, 19th April until 6th May.
Dartford, two birds over, 14th May.
Sandwich Bay, single bird over, 26th September.
2007 Samphire Hoe, two birds, 26th March. These birds were seen into April with presumably the same birds visiting Capel-le-Fern, Wye, and Dungeness.
Kingswood, Maidstone, possibly a different bird, 17th June.
St. Mary’s Bay, Dymchurch, possibly one of the original birds on 6th August.
Dover, two birds, 10th August, and between 30th September and 17th October, they were seen at Dungeness, Scotney, and Chartham.
Belmont Park, Sheldwich, had a single on 23rd October.
Dungeness Reserve hosted the wandering two on 10th December.
2008 Samphire Hoe, up to four birds present up until 25th April.
Boughton Park, single bird, 1st February.
Bedgebury Pinetum, single bird, 8th February.
Godmersham, single bird, 14th February.
Capel-le-Ferne, single bird, 31st March.
Lydden Down, single bird, 25th April.
Kingswood, Maidstone, single bird, March.
Bough Beech, single bird, April.
Kearnsey, four birds over, 22nd July.
Dungeness BO, four birds over, 23rd July.
St. Margaret’s, two birds, 22nd August.
Newington, two birds, 14th September.
Samphire Hoe, two birds, 19th September.
St. Margaret’s, three birds, 27th September.
Samphire Hoe, four birds, 28th September.
Samphire Hoe, two birds, 6th October until late December.
Dover, two birds, 10th October.
Foreness, three birds, 4th November.
Little Cheyne Court, single bird, 23rd November.
Bedgebury Pinetum, single bird, 23rd November.
Bockhill, two birds, 6th December.
Sandwich Bay, two birds, 11th December.
New Romney, single bird, 19th December.
Bedgebury Pinetum, two birds, 20th December.
Bockhill, two birds, 23rd December.
2009 Pegwell Bay to Dungeness, reports from various localities of one-two birds during January to April. Impossible to say how many birds in total present.
Pembury, two birds present during January.
Dungeness, two birds, 15th March.
Capel-le-Ferne, two birds, 15th March.
Dungeness, two birds, 15th March.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 15th March.
Boughton Park, single bird, 15th March.
East area, four young fledged from a cliff site.
North area, two young fledged from a quarry site.
Bockhill, four birds, 10th October.
Abbotscliffe, two birds, 10th October.
Paddock Wood, two birds, during September.
Cliffe Pools, two birds, during September.
Bough Beech, single bird, during October.
Cooling, single bird, during October.
2010 Up to five of this recent colonist appeared at four sites in Central, 10 in East, three in North and seven in both South and West, but wandering individuals, pairs or families make total numbers difficult to assess. Favoured areas in the first four months were Bedgebury in Central, Bockhill, Church Hougham, Langdon Cliffs, North Foreland and Pegwell Bay in East, Botolphs Bridge, Dungeness, Royal Military Canal at Hythe and Samphire Hoe in South and Bough Beech and Halling in West.

Breeding was reported from one site in West and one in East, only the latter producing young. In the May-August period Ravens additionally paid visits to Leeds Castle in Central, Chilham in East, Capel-le-Ferne, in South, where there were two adults and two juveniles in June, and Wouldham in West.

In the last four months new places on the itinerary were Boughton Park, Cranbrook and Sissinghurst in Central, South Foreland in East, Folkestone (three birds) and Scotney GPs in South, Cliffe in North and Knockholt and New Hythe in West.

2012 In the first half of the year this huge passerine was seen at one site in Central, eight in East, one in North, eight in South and three in West. The total of 21 is the same as for 2011. Highest counts were family parties of five at St Margaret’s on Mar 8th, six at Dungeness on May 22nd after four young fledged, four at Cliffe on June 19th and four at Wouldham on the 21st.

In the second half of the year 26 sites were visited, the same as in 2011.

A pair bred and fledged four young at a site in West (per KOS Database).

2013 One-two of our largest passerine made their presence felt at five sites in Central. In East 26 sites were favoured, with highest counts of five at Sandwich Bay in December and four there and at St Margaret’s in October. There were reports from 16 sites in North, with three birds at Elmley NNR and 15 in South with up to three birds at Samphire Hoe in October. Of 12 sites in West, Cobham recorded four in June and there were three at Wouldham in July. In February a bird was seen carrying food near Dover and in May there was a nest with two young at Swanscombe and two adults and four young at Dungeness.
2014 Recorded during every month of the year with the highest counts at the beginning of the year were six at Folkestone Warren in February and three at Sandwich Bay in March. Rather like last year there were nests at Swanscombe and Dungeness with three and four young respectively. Later in the year highest counts were three at Bockhill in August and October and four at Dungeness and three at Cliffe Pools in September.




Penduline Tit Remiz pendulinus

Rare Vagrant, though now almost annual at Dungeness

1980 Stodmarsh, male, 18th May.
1983 St. Margaret’s Bay, 17th and 27th October.
Stodmarsh, male, 21st November.
1984 Stodmarsh, male, 1st-25th March, same as 1983 individual.
1988 Dungeness, female/first-year, 13th October.
Stodmarsh, first-year, trapped, 25th October.
Westbere, 21st December.
1990 Garrington, Littlebourne, male, at nest, 21st April to 1st May.
Sandwich Bay, 8th-10th May.
1991 Sandwich Bay, adult and first-winter, 9th-10th October, first-winter trapped, 9th.
Pegwell Bay, male, 14th October.
Dungeness, 30th-31st October.
1993 Dungeness, adult, two juveniles, 1st-6th November.
Dungeness, juvenile, 15th-17th November.
Dungeness, adult, 15th-16th November.
1994 Dungeness, five, including one male, 4th-18th March; two, 7th October; male,

28th October and 1st November.

1995 Dungeness, juvenile 13th October; juvenile, 19th October; adult and two juveniles,

27th October to 22nd March 1996.

1996 Dungeness, male, 19th-21st October.
Singleton Lake, Ashford, two males.
1997 New Hythe, 14th-17th March.
Dungeness, male and one other, 26th-28th October; male, same bird as E. Sussex.
Dungeness, another male [see 26th-28th October], 6th November to 19th February

1998, possibly to 14th March 1998.

1998 Dungeness, male, 20th November.
Dungeness, another male, 20th November to 14th March 1999.
1999 Dungeness, intermittently, 28th October to 29th December.
2000 Dungeness, age uncertain, 22nd October.
2002 Dungeness BO, 2 birds flew overhead, 23rd October.
2003 Dungeness, five birds, 2 male, female, and 2 juveniles, 24th October.
Dungeness, juvenile, 10th November.
2004 Dungeness BO, 2 birds, 26th October.
2005 Dungeness, 14th November.
2006 Stodmarsh, female, 11th-12th January.
New Hythe GP, 4th April.
Grove Ferry, 9th November.
2007 Swanscombe, single bird, 29th-30th January.
2008 North Stream, Sandwich Bay, single bird, 13th October.
2009 Dungeness, four birds, the first arriving on 25th October and the last on 27th

November, remained until year end.

2010 ARC pits, three birds, from previous year, until 26th January.
Grove Ferry, up to three birds, 25th January until 3rd April.
ARC pits, three birds, 23rd March until 6th April.
ARC pits, male, 23rd-27th October, and again 4th December.
2011 Dungeness RSPB, adult male, 17th February until 21st March.
Dungeness RSPB, adult male, presumed same, 15th October until 28th December.
2012 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 20th February until 3rd March. This individual

returned in the autumn between 15th October and 13thNovember.

Oare Marshes, single bird, 30th-31st October.
Grove Ferry, one bird appeared6th November, rising to four birds by 9th with

one remaining until the 13th.

Shuart Farm, single bird, on 8th November. Flew off in the direction of Grove

Ferry, and was almost certainly one of the four seen there on the 9th.

2013 Stodmarsh, male, 5th January, and again on 6th-11th February, and was

joined by a female on 10th February until 6th April.

Dungeness RSPB, two birds, 9th February.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 10thApril.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 20th April.
Dungeness RSPB, single fly-over bird, 30thSeptember.
Dungeness RSPB, juvenile bird, 26th October.
2014 Dungeness RSPB, two birds including and adult male, 15th February until the 9th March.

 Blue Tit

Great Tit

Coal Tit

Willow Tit

Marsh Tit

Bearded Tit

Calandra Lark Melanocorypha calandra

Rare Vagrant

2012 Sandwich Bay, single bird flew north, 5th May.

Short-toed Lark Calandrella brachydactyla

Rare Vagrant

1984 Dungeness, 27th-28th July.
1986 Sandwich Bay, 14th September.
1987 Foreness, 28th-29th May.
1993 Dungeness Observatory, 29th May.
1994 Dungeness, flew N-E, 7th May.
Sandwich Bay, 13th-14th October.
Cliffe, 8th-16th November.
1996 Sandwich Bay, 27th-30th April.
1997 North Foreland golf course, 13th May.
Dumpton Gap, on cliff top, 25th-26th May.
2011 Shuart, Reculver, 23rd September.

Crested Lark Galerida cristata

Rare Vagrant

1879 Dover cliffs, caught, 22nd April.
1975 Dungeness, single bird, 28th September to 1st October.
2009 Dungeness, single bird, 27th April to 4th May.
2012 Dungeness, single bird, 7th May.
2013 Kingsdown, single bird, 1st June.




Shore Lark

Sand Martin


House Martin

Red-rumped Swallow Hirundo daurica

Uncommon Passage Vagrant

1959 Murston clay pits, nr. Sittingbourne, 28th August.
1960 Yalding gravel pits, 21st May.
1968 Stodmarsh, 20th April.
Walland Marsh, 30th April.
1972 Bough Beech Reservoir, 28th August.
1973 Stodmarsh, 5th May.
1975 Stodmarsh, 11th May.
1976 Dungeness, 9th May.
1984 Sandwich Bay, 10th October.
1987 Reculver, 22nd October.
St. Margaret’s Bay, 1st November.
1988 Bough Beech Reservoir, 23rd April.
Sandwich Bay BO, two birds, 26th April.
Dungeness, 13th June.
1990 Stodmarsh, 14th-15th, then nearby Westbere, 15th-22nd April.
Dungeness, two, 22nd April.
Whiteness, near Foreness, 28th April.
Dungeness, 4th May.
Foreness, 17th November.
1991 Stodmarsh area, 14th-18th June.
1992 Folkestone, 23rd May.
1993 St. Margaret’s, 5th June.
Isle of Grain, 25th September, also in Essex.
1994 Foreness, 30th April.
Stodmarsh, 8th-9th May.
North Foreland, 28th October.
1995 Dungeness, 6th-7th May.
Capel-le-Ferne, 7th May.
1997 New Hythe, 8th May.
Cliffe, 10th May.
1998 Dungeness, 12th May.
1999 Monk’s Wall and Westbere, 5th-6th April.
Grain, 3rd September.
2000 Dungeness, two, 22nd April.
Bockhill, St. Margaret’s, two, 7th May.
2002 Grove Ferry, 3rd May.
Dungeness, adult male, 19th May.
Dungeness, 25th May.
2003 Dungeness RSPB, 26th April.
Wouldham, 26th April.
Dungeness, 1st May.
Capel-le-Ferne, 6th May.
Capel-le-Ferne, 27th May.
2004 Northwood Hill, 30th April.
Bockhill, 2nd May.
Capel-le-Ferne, two, also seen at Samphire Hoe, 12th-13th May.
Grove Ferry, 12th May.
Bockhill, 15th May.
St. Margaret’s, 17th June.
2006 Bockhill, single bird, 27th April.
Dungeness/Lade Pits, single bird, 7th-9th May.
Dungeness/ARC Pits area, 30th May until 1st June.
2007 Dungeness, single bird, 21st April.
2008 Dungeness, single bird, 4th May.
Bockhill, single bird, 4th May.
Sandwich Bay, single bird flew north, 19th May.
2009 Bockhill, single bird, 26th April.
Deal, single bird, 18th May.
201 Minster Water Treatment Works, single bird, 21st-23rd April.
2011 Kingsdown, two birds, 13th April.
Capel-le-Ferne, single bird, 19th May.
Bough Beech, single bird, 17th May.
Chamber’s Wall, single bird, 22nd May.
2012 Greatstone, single bird, 7th-9th May.
Capel-le-Ferne, single bird, 12th May.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 16th May.
2013 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 24th April.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 27th April.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 2th May.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 13th May.
ARC Pits, Dungeness, single bird, 24th-25th May.
Grove Ferry, single bird, 20th May.
Swalecliffe, single bird flew east, 17th June.
2014 Grove Ferry, single bird, 22nd April.
Lade Pits, single bird, 2nd May.
Reculver, single bird, 13th May.
Dungeness BO, a late juvenile bird, 6th November.
2015 North Quarry, Cliffe, single bird, 26th April.
Reculver, single bird, 25th April.
No Longer Accepted
1964 Ruxley gravel pit, 25th April. NB: No longer in modern Kent.

Cetti’s Warbler

Long-tailed Tit

Greenish Warbler Phylloscopus trochiloides

Uncommon Vagrant

1957 Dungeness, 17th September.
1962 Dungeness, 9th June.
1963 Sandwich Bay, 30th August.
1975 Dungeness, male in song, 6th June.
Dungeness, first winter, trapped, 20th September.
1981 Sandwich Bay, trapped, 25th August.
1982 St. Margaret’s Bay, 27th October.
1989 St. Margaret’s, first-winter, 10th-11th September.
Bishopstone, probable adult, 16th-17th September.
1990 Reculver, 25th August.
1991 Kingsgate, in song, 8th June.
Dungeness, in song, 20th June.
1993 St. Margaret’s Bay, in song, 12th June.
Folkestone Warren, two in song, 15th June to 1st July.
Dungeness, 27th-28th August.
1994 St. Margaret’s-at-Cliffe, in song, 1st June.
1995 Shuart Farm, 3rd-6th September.
Ramsgate, 24th September.
1996 Hartsdown Park, Margate, 6th-7th September.
2003 Reculver, 26th-30th August.
2007 Bockhill, 24th August.
Samphire Hoe, 27th September until 1st October.
2010 West Penstock, Isle of Grain, single bird, 3rd September.
2012 Kingsdown Leas, single bird, 29th-30th September.
No Longer Accepted
1961 Dungeness, 24th September.
1972 Dungeness, 26th September.

Arctic Warbler Phylloscopus borealis

Rare Vagrant

1984 Sandwich Bay, 27th September.
1995 St. Margaret’s, 14th October.
1996 Bishopstone, 1st-7th October.

Pallas’s Warbler

Yellow-browed Warbler

Hume’s Warbler Phylloscopus humei

Rare Vagrant

1987 St Margaret’s Bay, single bird, 23rd November.
1997 Littlestone, single bird, 25th November.
1998 St. Margaret’s, single bird, 2nd-3rd November.
1999 Reculver, single bird, 16th-18th October.
2011 Dungeness, single bird, 4th-7th December.
2013 Ramsgate Cemetery, single bird, 29th-31st December.
2014 Ramsgate Cemetery, the 2013 bird remained until 29th March.
Dungeness BO, single bird, 2nd January until 21st April.
No Longer Accepted
1980 Sandwich Bay, trapped, 11th November.

Radde’s Warbler Phylloscopus schwarzi

Rare Autumn Migrant

1962 Dungeness, 3rd-8th October, trapped 3rd.
1984 Bough Beech Reservoir, 28th October.
1989 Dungeness, trapped, 17th October.
1991 Sandwich Bay, first-winter, trapped 5th October.
Dungeness, first-winter, trapped 9th October.
1992 Kingsgate, 11th October.
1993 St. Margaret’s, 3rd-5th November.
1994 Bockhill, 14th October.
1995 St. Margaret’s, 4th November.
1996 North Foreland, 22nd October.
1999 Bockhill, 14th October, photo.
Bockhill, 17th October.
2000 Bockhill, 24th October.
2001 St. Margaret’s, Bockhill, 9th October.
2005 St. Margaret’s, Bockhill, 3rd-4th October.
Sandwich Bay BO, 7th-9th October.
2006 Dungeness, 4th November.
2008 Sandwich Bay BO, first-winter trapped, 26th September.
Bishopstone, single bird, 12th October.
Port Regis, Foreness, 2nd November.
2009 Sandwich Bay BO, trapped, 10th October, and remained in area until 18th.

Dusky Warbler Phylloscopus fuscatus

Rare Autumn Migrant

1967 Dungeness, first-year female, 10th-15th November, trapped 11th.
1976 Grain Moat, 30th October.
1978 Sandwich Bay, 11th-15th November, trapped 1th.
1980 Dungeness, first-year, trapped, 6th November.
1983 Grain, 9th November.
Sandwich Bay, trapped, 22nd November.
1986 Sandwich Bay, first-winter, 2nd-3rd November, trapped 2nd.
1987 Bishopstone, nr. Reculver, 19th-23rd October.
Dungeness, first-winter, 20th-21st October, trapped 20th.
Sandwich Bay, trapped, 25th October.
Minnis Bay, 31st October to 2nd November.
Dungeness, 31st October to 2nd November, trapped 31st.
1989 North Foreland, 12th November.
1990 Minnis Bay, 20th-21st October.
1992 St. Margaret’s, 12th October.
1993 Foreness, 1st November.
1995 Sandwich Bay, first-winter, 30th-31st October, trapped 30th.
Sandwich Bay, first-winter, 31st October to 5th November, trapped 31st.
1996 North Foreland, 17th October.
North Foreland, 15th November.
1997 North Foreland, 17th-18th October.
1999 Dungeness, 2nd November.
Dungeness, another, 4th-6th November, trapped 4th.
Dungeness, another, 6th-9th November, trapped 6th.
2001 Chamber’s Wall, 25th-26th September.
Dungeness, first-winter, 29th September to 3rd October, trapped 9th.
Foreness, 23rd October.
2004 Birchington, 9th October.
Pegwell, 1st-4th November.
Samphire Hoe, 25th-28th November.
2005 Dungeness Reserve, 8th October.
Dungeness Observatory, 12th-13th November.
2007 Bishopstone Glen, single bird, 25th-29th October.
2008 Bockhill, single bird, 26th-27th September.
2009 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 23rd-25th October.
2011 Reculver, single bird, 15th October.
2012 Reculver, single bird, 22nd October.
2014 Shuart Farm, single bird photographed, 15th October.

Western Bonelli’s Warbler Phylloscopus bonelli

Rare Vagrant

1963 Dungeness, first-winter, trapped, 2nd September.
1967 Sandwich Bay, trapped, 3rd-29th June.
1976 Dungeness, 4th September.
1988 Reculver, 2nd October.
1989 Dungeness, first-winter, trapped, 3rd September.
1991 Minnis Bay, 27th October to 9th November.
2011 Dungeness, first-winter, 24th August.
2013 Hope Point, Bockhill, single bird, 26th August.

Bonelli’s Warbler ssp. Phylloscopus bonelli ssp.


Rare Vagrant
1970 Dungeness, 20th September.
1977 Dungeness, trapped, 27th-31st October.
1978 St. Nicholas-at-Wade, 19th August.
1987 St.Margaret’s, 28th April.
1990 Isle of Grain, 26th-27th August.

Wood Warbler

Iberian Chiffchaff Phylloscopus ibericus

Rare Vagrant

2001 Dungeness, 14th-17th April, sound recording.
2010 Walderslade, nr. Chatham, singing male, 29th April to 9th June.

Iberian Warbler

Willow Warbler


Garden Warbler

Barred Warbler Sylvia nisoria

Rare autumn vagrant 

1907 Woodchurch, two adults shot, 24th April.
1951 Dungeness, single bird, 4th October.
1953 Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 25th September.
1957 Dungeness, juvenile trapped, 22nd August.
Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 30th August.
1958 Shellness, Sheppey, single bird, 28th September.
1959 Dungeness, single bird trapped, 29th August.
1960 Dungeness, single bird trapped, 17thSeptember.
1962 Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 23rd September.
1964 Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 15th August.
Sandwich Bay, one seen, 1st August.
1966 Dungeness, single bird, 30th August.
Dungeness, single bird trapped, 18thSeptember.
Worth, single bird, 25th September.
1967 Dungeness, single bird, 12th September.
Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 7th September.
Sandwich Bay, another trapped, 8th October.
1968 Dungeness, single bird, 8th September.
1969 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 5th September.
1971 Dungeness, single bird, 20th August.
Kennington, Ashford, bird found dead, 13th November.
1972 Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 15th September.
Dungeness, single bird, 26thSeptember.
1973 Dungeness, single bird, 29th August.
1974 Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 19th September.
Sandwich Bay, another trapped, 5th October, may have been present since 3rd.
1976 St. Nicholas-at-Wade, immature seen well, 29th August.
Minnis Bay S.F., immature seen well, 25th September.
1977 Dungeness, single bird trapped, was present 25th-27th September.
Foreness Point, single bird, 29th August.
Foreness Point, another bird present, 19th-20th September.
Foreness Point, probably another bird, 24th September.
Dungeness, single bird trapped, 25th September.
1979 Margate, single bird, 6th September.
Dungeness, single bird on the unusually late dates of 4th-6th December.
1980 Foreness, single bird, 29th September.
1981 Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 6th September.
Dungeness, single bird, 13th September.
1983 Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 11th August.
Dungeness, single bird, 28th August.
Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 6th September, and retrapped on the 8th.
1984 Hythe, first-winter, 30th September.
1986 Dungeness, single bird, 29th August.
ARC Pit, Dungeness, single bird, 13thSeptember.
Foreness, single bird, 13th-17th September.
Dungeness, single bird, 16th September.
Minnis Bay, single bird, 23rd September.
Dungeness, single bird, 28th October.
1988 Hilborough, nr. Bishopstone, single bird, September 10th.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 1st October.
Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 1st October.
Dungeness, single bird, 25th October.
1989 Dungeness, single bird, 19th August.
North Foreland, single bird, 13th-14th September.
Dungeness, another single bird, 24thSeptember.
1990 Dungeness, juvenile bird, 17th September.
1991 Grain, single bird, 21st August.
Warden, Sheppey, single bird, 14th September.
Dungeness, single bird, 1st October.
1992 Harty, one died in collision with car, 9th August.
Foreness, single bird, 21st September.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 19th September.
1993 Pegwell Bay, juvenile bird, 29th August.
Bishopstone, juvenile bird, 1st October.
1994 Dungeness, single bird, 11th August.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 25th August.
Minnis Bay, single bird, 11th September.
Bishopstone, single bird, 14th-18th October.
1995 Grain Power Station, one trapped, 5th September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 10th August.
Sandwich Bay, another bird, 20th September.
1996 Dungeness, single bird, 19th August.
Swalecliffe, single bird, 30th August.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 14th September.
Elmley, one present, 27th September to 10th October.
Hoo Peninsula, single bird, 23rd October.
1997 Dungeness Long Pits, single bird, 28th August.
1999 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 16th October.
2000 St. Margaret’s, one trapped, September. Later relocated at Bockhill until 14th October.
Sandwich Bay, juvenile trapped, 14th October.
Sandwich Bay, another trapped, 17th October.
Kingsdown, single bird, 17th-19th December. An unusually late individual.
2001 St. Margaret’s, single bird, 23rd August.
St. Margaret’s, another bird, 26th September.
2002 Bockhill, single bird, 1st September.
Bockhill, another bird, 2nd-6th October.
2005 Palm Bay, Cliftonville, juvenile bird, 1st September.
Oare, juvenile bird, 18th September.
2006 Bockhill, single bird, 23rd-30th August.
2007 Bockhill, single bird, 9th-8th September.
2008 Bockhill, single bird, 26th and 28th September.
2010 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 27th September to 4th October.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 2nd-8th October.
Bockhill, single bird, 12th October.
2011 Dungeness, single bird, 29th September.
2012 Dungeness BO, single bird, 29th September.
Abbotscliffe, single bird, 9th October.
Chambers Wall, single bird, 14th November.
2013 North Foreland, single bird, 27th August.
2014 Bockhill, single bird, 9th August.
Dungeness BO, single bird, 11th September.
2015 Dungeness, single bird, 23rd October.

Lesser Whitethroat Sylvia currucaminula

Rare Vagrant

1991 Dungeness, 14th-15th October.
2015 Sandwich Bay BO, trapped and ringed, 18th October.

Desert Warbler Sylvia nana

Rare Vagrant

1991 Seasalter, single bird, 3rd-5th November.
2012 Samphire Hoe, single bird photographed, 18th November.


Dartford Warbler

Subalpine Warbler Sylvia cantillans

Very Rare Vagrant

1976 Dungeness, adult female, trapped, 31st October.
1979 Dungeness, male, 2nd June.
Sandwich Bay, female, trapped, 17th June.
1986 Margate, male, 13th May.
Dungeness, male, 28th May.
1987 New Romney, male, 18th April.
1988 Dungeness, female, trapped, 28th April.
Reculver, female, 5th May.
1993 Dengemarsh, male, 30th April.
1994 Dungeness, first-summer female, 29th May.
1995 Dungeness, male, 13th-19th April.
St. Margaret’s, male, 2nd September; presumed same bird, 9th-17th.
1998 Dungeness, first-winter male, 3rd-4th November.
2004 Dungeness, first-summer female, eastern race, albistriata, 1st May.
2005 Long Pits, Dungeness, male, 1st May.
2006 Samphire Hoe, male, 19th April.
Margate Cemetery, first-summer male, 2nd June.
2008 Bockhill, first-summer female, 31st May.
2009 Dungeness BO, first-summer male, 13th May.

Sardinian Warbler Sylvia melanocephala

Rare Vagrant

1973 Dungeness, female, trapped, 17th April.
1988 Sandwich Bay, male, 22nd June.
1993 Dungeness, male, 28th-29th May, trapped 28th.
1995 Dungeness, first-summer male, trapped, 14th June.
1999 Dungeness, female or first-winter, 30th October to 2nd November.
2001 St. Margaret’s, singing male, 10th-15th April.

Grasshopper Warbler

Savi’s Warbler Locustella luscinioides

Rare Summer Visitor

1960 Stodmarsh, three singing males, two pairs bred, 18th April to 3rd August.
1961 Stodmarsh, one or two singing males, but no evidence of breeding, 25th

Aprilto 1st July.

1962 Stodmarsh, two singing males, 18th May to 15th July.
1963 Stodmarsh, three singing males, but no proof of breeding, 15th April to

30th June.

1964 Stodmarsh, four singing males, two pairs bred, 15th April to 9th June.
1965 Stodmarsh, twelve males holding territory between 15th April and 12th


one trapped, 16th May.

1966 Stodmarsh, eight/nine males singing, 8th April to 8th July,evidence of two

pairs nesting.

1967 Stodmarsh, four singing males, 15th April to July.
1968 Stodmarsh, 28th March to 28th July, three males in song.
1969 Stour Valley, three, perhaps five males, 19th April to 14th July.
Locality withheld, male, all May.
Locality in north, two or three, probably bred, 9th May and during June.
1971 Stodmarsh, 19th May to 17th July, a total of five singing males in May

and June

and at least one paired.

Locality withheld, another singing male, summer.
1972 Stodmarsh, two, 27th April, up to six regularly heard subsequently and

at least

one pair bred.

1973 Stodmarsh, 20th April, up to three singing subsequently but no evidence of

breeding success.

Seasalter, 29th April.
1974 Stodmarsh, singing male, 6th April, another on 10th, and a third on 4th May;

all three males held territory through the breeding season, one pair definitely

bred and a second pair very probably bred.

Locality in the north, 23rd June.
1975 Stodmarsh, male, 22nd April, and subsequently one pair which reared four

young, and unmated male.

Westbere, male, 26th April.
Westbere, male, 4th May.
1976 Stodmarsh, singing male, 9th April, subsequently at least two singing, one

pairbelieved to have bred successfully, one male believed to have remained


Fordwich, male, 12th June; probably same, 6th July.
1977 Stodmarsh, 3rd April to 25th September; up to five pairs, two probably bred.
Locality withheld, 24th April to 4th September, one pair bred.
1978 Stodmarsh and Middle Stour area, 22nd April onwards, maximum eight males,

seven probably, and five definitely paired, three proved breeding.

1979 Stodmarsh and Middle Stour area, up to nine localities, 9th April to 22nd August,

six territories held, at least four pairs attempted breeding, three successfully.

1980 Stodmarsh and Middle Stour area, 7th April to at least 4th June, probably five males, and at least two pairs breeding.
Westbere, 11th May to 4th June.
1981 Stodmarsh and Middle Stour area, 29th March to 4th August, four occupied territories, three pairs, two bred successfully.
1982 Stour Valley, locality A, one or two males, 15th to 27th April, one 3rd July
Stour Valley, locality B, male, 13th April, two from 15th, last heard 2nd July.
Elmley, one heard, 16th May
1999 Walland Marsh, in song, 10th-13th May.
Stodmarsh, in song, 16th and 18th May; possibly same, 8th July.
Grove Ferry, in song, 1st June to 10th July.
2001 South Swale NNR, in song, 23rd May.
Grove Ferry, in song, 23rd-26th May, one remaining until 24th July.
2002 Stour Valley, 2nd-6th June.
Dungeness, 15th-20th June.
2004 Oare Marshes, singing male, 14th July.
Grove Ferry, singing male, 17th July.
2005 Stour Valley, singing male, 15th-29th April.
2006 Stodmarsh, singing male, 25th April to 10th July, with additional singing male on 30th April.
2007 Oare Marshes, singing male, 18th-20th May.
2008 Sandwich Bay, 29th September.
2009 Stour Valley, singing male, 11th-27th April.
2011 Site withheld, up to 3 singing males, 25th May until 27th June.
2015 Stonelees LNR, singing male, 25th April.
Stodmarsh, singing male, 4th May.

Booted Warbler Hippolais caligata

Rare Vagrant

1984 Foreness, 6th-11th October, trapped 9th.
1987 Dungeness, 4th-5th September, trapped 4th.
1988 Pegwell, 21st September.
1993 North Foreland, 12th September.
Isle of Grain, 18th September.
1994 Reculver, 14th September.
1996 St. Margaret’s, 12th November.
2000 Bockhill, 10th September.
2008 Kingsdown Leas, Bockhill, 16th August.

 Eastern Olivaceous Warbler Hippolais pallida

Rare Vagrant

1967 Sandwich Bay, trapped, 27th September.

Icterine Warbler

Melodious Warbler Hippolais polyglotta

Rare but regular passage migrant

1959 Dungeness, one trapped, 2nd August.
1960 Dungeness, one trapped, 9th September.
1962 Dungeness, first winter, trapped, 8th August.
Dungeness, another first winter, trapped, 26th September.
1963 Dungeness, first winter, trapped, 6th September.
1965 Dungeness, one trapped, 19th August.
Dungeness, one trapped, 20th-22nd August.
Dungeness, one trapped, 21st August.
Dungeness, one trapped, 30th August.
Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 7th September.
1966 Dungeness, one trapped, 27th-28th May. The first spring record for the county.
1968 Dungeness, single bird, 25th May.
Warden, Sheppey, 1-2 birds, 4th September.
1972 Dungeness, one trapped, 23rd May.
Dungeness, another trapped, 24th May.
1973 Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 30th July.
Dungeness, one trapped, 4th August.
1976 Lydd, one seen well, 7th November.
1977 Dungeness, one trapped, 7th September.
1978 Dungeness, one trapped, 2nd June.
Dungeness, one trapped, 16th June.
Upstreet, single bird, 20th August.
Margate, single bird, 20th August.
Margate, single bird, 6th October.
1979 Sandwich Bay, one seen, 8th May.
Sandwich Bay, one in song, 2nd June.
Dungeness, one trapped, 4th September.
1980 Dungeness, one trapped, 31st May.
1981 Stodmarsh, one seen, 22nd May.
Dungeness, one trapped, 2nd June.
Chestnut Street, Sittingbourne, one in song, 10th June.
Dungeness, adult trapped, 19th July.
Dungeness, juvenile trapped, 28th July.
Dungeness, another juvenile trapped, 29th July.
Dungeness, one seen, 25th August.
1983 Cliffe, single bird, 10th September.
1984 Dungeness, juvenile trapped, 27th-28th August.
Dungeness, juvenile trapped, 5th-7th September.
Dungeness, one seen, 16th September.
Dungeness, juvenile trapped, 18th September.
Dungeness, two seen, 25th September.
Dungeness, juvenile trapped, 27th September.
Dungeness, one seen, 6th October.
1985 Foreness, one found, 23rd August.
1987 Dungeness, one trapped, 2nd May.
Foreness, one found, 12th August.
1988 Dungeness, one trapped, 8th-10th May.
Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 20th June.
Dungeness, single bird, 22nd August.
Dungeness, another single bird, 24th-29th August.
1989 Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 26th August.
Dungeness, one trapped, 7th September.
1991 Sandwich Bay, one present, 23th August.
1993 St. Margaret’s, one in song, 24th May.
Dungeness, one trapped, 29th May.
1994 Dungeness, single bird, 25th May.
Margate Cemetery, singing male, 28th-30th May.
Dungeness, single bird, 7th June.
Dungeness, single bird, 4th August.
Brenzett, single bird, 19th August.
1996 Dungeness, the arrival of seventeen birds, in groups of three, ten, three,

and one, between 19th and 22nd May, was a major surprise. Seven of these

birds were trapped, with a singing male occupying territory from 20th -23rd.

Foreness, one found, 21st May.
1997 Reculver, first year, trapped, 11th August.
Dungeness, two first years, one Denge Gully and one at the point, trapped,

31st August.

Dungeness, another bird, 2nd-8th September.
1998 Bockhill, one present, 29th-30th August.
2000 Dungeness, single bird, 13th May.
St. Margaret’s, singing male, 29th May.
2001 Dungeness, single bird, 3rd September.
2002 Dungeness, one in private garden, 17th August.
2003 Reculver, one present, 27th-30th August.
2004 Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 15th August.
2005 Dungeness, single bird, 29th July.
Dungeness, single bird, 9th September.
2007 Dungeness, single bird, 20th June.
2008 Sandwich Bay BO, one trapped, 16th-19th September.
2009 Dungeness, single bird, 13th May.
2012 Dungeness, singing male, 1st May.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 14th September.
2014 Dengemarsh Gully, single bird, 27th-30th August.

Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola

Rare Autumn Passage Migrant

1907 Dungeness, 7th September, two/three, 10th September.
1915 Dungeness, 30th August.
1916 Dungeness, 12th September.
1926 Preston, male, shot, 10th August, now at Maidstone Museum.
1931 Dungeness, 14th September.
1937 Cheyne Court, Walland Marsh, 22nd August.
1938 Dungeness Lighthouse, first-year, picked up dead, 26th September.
1951 Near Dungeness, 5th September.
1955 Dungeness, single bird trapped, 15th August.
1959 Dungeness, single bird trapped, 2nd August.
1960 Dungeness, single bird, 18th September.
1961 Long Pits, Dungeness, single bird, 24th September.
1962 Sandwich Bay, single bird trapped, 9th September.
1963 Dungeness, single bird, 1st September.
Dungeness, single bird trapped, 21st September.
1964 Dungeness, single bird, 27th September.
1975 Dungeness, single bird, 2nd September.
Dungeness, single bird, 10th-14th September.
1976 Lower Hope Point, first-year, 9th August.
1979 Minster-in-Thanet, first-year trapped, 25th August.
Cliffe Pools, single bird, 21st September.
1980 Sandwich Bay, single birds, 9th and 22nd August.
1981 Elmley, single bird, 6th August.
Cliffe, single bird, 16th September.
Dungeness, single bird, 20th September.
1983 Foreness, single bird, 8th August.
Foreness, another, 9th August.
Sandwich Bay, single bird trapped, 10th August.
1984 Dungeness, single bird, 26th August.
1985 Walland Reservoir, single bird, 13th August.
1986 Dungeness, single bird, 15th September.
1987 Cliffe, single bird, 22nd-24th August.
1989 Stodmarsh, single bird trapped, 4th August.
1991 Foreness, single bird, 2nd September.
1993 Elmley, single bird, 29th-31st August.
1994 Stodmarsh, single bird trapped, 14th August.
1995 Elmley, three birds, 20th-25th August, including one ringed at Icklesham, Sussex, on the 12th.
Elmley, another bird, 3rd September.
1996 Long Pits, Dungeness, single bird, 12th August.
Dungeness Reserve, single bird, 21st August.
Nagden, single bird trapped, 2nd September.
1999 Grove Ferry, single bird, 24th August.
Swale NNR, single bird, 30th August.
Grove Ferry, single bird, 31st August.
2000 Sandwich Bay, single bird trapped, 19th August.
2004 Waterham, near Seasalter, juvenile trapped and ringed, 2nd August.
2006 Sandwich Bay, single bird controlled in Belarus on 17th June, was trapped, 15th August.
Seasalter, 17th-20th August.
2007 Nagden Marsh, trapped and photographed, 29th August.
No longer accepted
1963 Stoke Fleet, single bird, 18th August.
1964 Sevenoaks, single bird, 21st August.
Sandwich Bay, single bird trapped, 25th August.
1998 Stodmarsh, single bird, 6th September.

Sedge Warbler

Paddyfield Warbler Acrocephalus agricola

Rare Vagrant

2003 Dungeness, adult trapped and ringed, 9th September. Seen later at Hooker’s Pit.
2005 Cleve Marsh, South Swale, adult trapped and ringed, 20th September.
2007 Bockhill, St. Margaret’s, 28th-29th September.
2013 Shorne Marshes, individual trapped and ringed, 31st May.

Blyth’s Reed Warbler Acrocephalus dumetorum

Rare Vagrant

1999 Dungeness BO, male in song, 31st May.
2014 Dungeness BO, male in song, 28th May.

Marsh Warbler

Reed Warbler

Great Reed Warbler Acrocephalus arundinaceus

Rare Vagrant

1853 Sittingbourne, 4th May.
1881 Near Wingham, shot, 14th September, now at Canterbury museum.
1937 Appledore, 2nd August.
1950 Stodmarsh, male, in song, 20th May to 4th June.
1959 Dungeness, trapped, 3rd August.
1960 Stodmarsh, 30th-31st May.
1962 Sandwich Bay, trapped, 12th-13th May.
Sandwich Bay, trapped, 19th August.
1963 Sandwich Bay, trapped, 14th-15th May.
Dungeness, trapped, 1st June.
1965 Stodmarsh, 13th June.
1969 Stodmarsh, 24th May.
Dungeness, trapped, 31st May to 1st June.
1971 Sandwich Bay, trapped, 16th May.
Stodmarsh, 18th May.
Dungeness, 23rd August.
1972 Stodmarsh, in song, 11th June.
Elmstone, 20th August.
1973 Sandwich Bay, trapped, 5th May.
1974 Stodmarsh, 26th May.
1978 Dungeness, 6th May.
Stodmarsh, in song, 1st-2nd June.
1982 Elmley, in song, 29th May.
1992 St. Mary’s Marshes, 21st May.
1993 Dungeness, at Boulderwall Farm, in song, 23rd May.
Elmley, in song, 27th May to 3rd July.
1994 Dungeness, in song, 24th-25th May.
Elmley, in song, 12th-25th June, carrying nesting material 19th.
1996 Elmley, in song, 30th May to 16th June.
1998 Dengemarsh, 4th-5th October.
1999 Dungeness, in song, 28th May; presumed same bird, 8th June.
2002 Grove Ferry, 7th June.
2003 Dungeness, 15th May.
2005 Dungeness, 18th May.
2006 Sandwich Bay, 15th June.
2007 Lydd, singing male, 10th-20th June.
2013 Dover, singing male, 31st May.
2014 Dungeness RSPB, singing male, 14th May.
Allhallows Marshes, singing male, 23rd May until 10th June.
No Longer Accepted
1852 Near Dartford, male, shot, 8th May.

Zitting Cisticola Cisticola juncidis

Rare Vagrant

2006 Bockhill, photographed before flying strongly south, 25th August.
2008 Swalecliffe, single bird, 13th September.
2009 Pegwell Bay, single bird, 6th September until at least 16th December.
2010 St. Margaret’s-at-Cliffe, male in song, briefly 28th March, before flying off south-west.



Common Treecreeper

Short-toed Treecreeper Certhia brachydactyla

Rare Vagrant

1969 Dungeness, 27th-30th September, trapped 27th and 30th.
1973 Worth, trapped 26th September.
1974 Sandwich Bay, trapped 26th April.
1978 Dungeness, two, both trapped 7th October, with one remaining until 10th.
1983 St. Margaret’s, trapped 24th September.
1984 Dungeness, trapped, 15th and 19th April.
1988 Sandwich Bay, 19th-25th October, trapped 19th.
1990 Reculver, female, trapped, 29th July.
St. Margaret’s Bay, trapped, 14th October.
Dungeness, 18th-24th October, 6th November to 16th January 1991, trapped, 18th, 20th October, 6th November.
Sandwich Bay, trapped, 7th November.
1991 Dungeness, another [see 18th October et seq.], 23rd-31st January, see also 1990.
1993 Dungeness, 31st August-11th September, 19th September & 1st December.
1994 Dungeness, 3rd-4th April.
1998 Dungeness, 30th-31st March, trapped both days.
2001 Dungeness, 27th-30th March.
2003 Dungeness, lighthouse garden, 14th October, and again at Long Pits, 16th October.
2005 Dungeness, 2nd May.
Dungeness, another, 8th May.



Rose-coloured Starling Sturnus roseus

Rare Vagrant

pre-1844 Lydd, adult obtained, no date, now at Dover Museum.
1844 Margate area, two seen, one male shot, June.
1857 Frindsbury, nr. Rochester, shot, summer.
1863 Barming, male, shot, no date, now at Rochester Museum.
1888 Wingham, adult, shot, ‘some years prior to 1889’, now in Hammond collection, Canterbury.
Godmersham, immature shot, mid-summer.
1889 Near Wingham, seen, January.
1891 Near Margate, shot, no date.
1906 Near Ham Street, early April.
1937 Dungeness, immature female, early June.
1951 Tunbridge Wells, adult, February.
1953 Tunbridge Wells, adult, 11th January.
1971 Sandwich, adult, 11th September.
Rough Common, Canterbury, 20th November to 12th December.
1972 Sandwich, juvenile, 22nd-27th February.
1976 Northwood Hill, adult, 22nd May.
1990 Biddenden, first-summer, 12th-13th May.
Foreness, juvenile, 10th September.
1994 Aylesford, first-winter, 22nd March until 21st April.
1996 Deal, juvenile, 16th-21st September.
1997 Dungeness, juvenile, 27th-29th September.
2002 Sandwich, adult, 11th-20th July.
2008 Reculver, juvenile, 18th September.
Dungeness RSPB, adult, 18th October.
2010 Ramsgate, juvenile, 11th November.
2012 Gillingham, adult, 3rd June.
Samphire Hoe, juvenile, 20th September.
2014 Borstal, adult, 28th-29th May.
2015 Langley Heath, juvenile, 3th June.
No Longer Accepted
1900 Near Appledore, male, 4th June.
1901 Near Appledore, adult male, 14th May.
1902 Near Appledore, male, 10th June.
1925 Romney Marsh, male, 19th June.

Dipper Cinclus cinclus

Rare Vagrant 

c.1845 Dover, shot, no specific date. Now in Dover Museum.
1849-50 Dover, shot, winter, no specific date.
1870 River, nr. Dover, no date recorded.
1885 Mereworth, observed, February.
1890 Margate, shot, year-end, no specific date.
1894 Benenden, observed, 4th November.
1906 Sandwich, shot, no date recorded.
1906-07 Bushey Roughs, nr. Dover, exact numbers and dates during this period

not recorded.

1944 River Stour, Wickhambreaux/Littlebourne, single bird, 24th-30th December.
1955 Royal Military Canal, Hythe, nominate Black-bellied race C. c. cinclus, 22nd February to 3rd March.
Sandwich, nominate Black-bellied race C. c. cinclus, 20th November to 6th


1965 Mote Park, Maidstone, first-winter, nominate Black-bellied race C. c. cinclus,

trapped 28th November.

Loose, 6th December, likely to be same as previous bird.
1966 Loose Valley, Maidstone, bore a ring, 9th January and 21st March. Almost certainly the bird trapped at Mote Park in 1965.
1974 Sandling Park, nominate Black-bellied race C. c. cinclus, 20th January.
1975 Loose Valley, Maidstone, nominate Black-bellied race C. c. cinclus, 25th January.

Again River Len between Leeds and Maidstone, 20th February. Trapped and ringed

Leeds Castle Estate 12th March.

1976 Sandwich, nominate Black-bellied race C. c. cinclus, flew in off sea, 31st October.

Presumably same bird Worth marshes on 2nd November and 24th December.

Loose Valley, Maidstone, nominate Black-bellied race C. c. cinclus, 16th November to end of year.
1977 Loose Valley, Maidstone, nominate Black-bellied race C. c. cinclus, from previous year until 22nd February.
1982 Otford, race undetermined, 11th-20th January.
1988 River Stour, Chilham, nominate Black-bellied race C. c. cinclus, 19th-21st March.
Loose stream, nominate Black-bellied race C. c. cinclus, 22nd-24th March.
1989 Brockhill Park, Hythe, race undetermined, 11th-20th January.
1993 River Stour, Sandwich, race undetermined, 2nd November.
1994 Kearnsey, nr. Dover, nominate Black-bellied race C. c. cinclus, 1st January to

mid-February, and again on 19th March.

River Stour, Chilham, nominate Black-bellied race C. c. cinclus, 12th March.
1999 Herne Bay, race undetermined, 22nd December.
2004 Furnace Pond, near Cowden, race undetermined, 23rd April.

Swainson’s Thrush Catharus ustulatus

Rare Vagrant

1976 Sandwich Bay, trapped, 27th October.

Ring Ouzel


Dusky Thrush Turdus eunomus

Very rare Vagrant 

2013 Margate Cemetery, first-winter female, 15th-18th May.

Black-throated Thrush Turdus atrogularis

Rare Vagrant

1993 Denge Marsh, adult female, 2nd May.
No Longer Accepted
1909 Newenden, adult male, 30th January.
1911 Wittersham, adult male, 15th March.


Song Thrush


Mistle Thrush

Rufous Bush Chat Cercotrichas galactotes

Rare Vagrant

1951 The Wicks, Dungeness, and in E. Sussex, 12th September.
No Longer Accepted
1907 Near Hythe, adult male, 15th July.

Spotted Flycatcher


Thrush Nightingale Luscinia luscinia

Rare Vagrant

1968 Sandwich Bay, trapped, 23rd August.
1988 Dungeness, in song, trapped, 11th May.
Sandwich Bay, in song, 15th-20th May, trapped 15th May.
1989 Dungeness, in song, 20th-21st May.
1994 Dungeness, first-summer, in song, 18th May.
Dungeness, first-summer, in song, 2nd-9th June, trapped 6th.
No Longer Accepted
1904 Smeeth, immature male, 22nd October.


Bluethroat Luscinia svecica

Scarce spring and common autumn migrant

With over 100 records between 1842 and 1976, comprising more than 130 birds, this species would not normally be included in this list. However, as a species which causes great interest amongst birders, it is included. Unless stated otherwise, all records are of the nominate Red-spotted race (L. s. svecica), or of uncertain race. Selected records pre-1977, and all records since are included

1936 Dungeness, Oppen Pits, adult male, of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), 22nd September.
1942 Hothfield, nr. Ashford, one of the White-spotted race(L. s. cyanecula), 2nd February.
1959 West Malling, adult male, of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), 5th May.
1960 Dungeness, adult male, of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), trapped 16th September.
Dungeness, juvenile, probably of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), 19th September.
1961 Sandwich Bay, adult male, of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), trapped 1st April.
1960 Dungeness, adult male, of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), trapped 26th September.
Dungeness, adult male, of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), trapped 30th September.
1968 Dungeness, single bird of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), 15th April.
1972 Shellness, Sheppey, adult male, of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), in song 9th April.
1977 Sandwich Bay, immature male, trapped 19th September.
Dungeness, one trapped, 25th-26th September, with second bird present on 26th.
1978 Foreness Point, single bird, 2nd October.
1980 Dungeness, male, of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), trapped 21st September.
Pegwell Bay, male, 2nd October.
1981 Aycliffe, Dover, male, 16th March.
Sandwich Bay, female, 17th May.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 29th August.
Dungeness Pits, single bird, 13th September.
1984 Hadlow, male, 13th-14th May.
Sandwich Bay, male, 21st May.
Leysdown, single bird, 16th September.
1985 Foreness, single bird, 4th April.
Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 15th May.
Cliffe, single bird, 16th June.
Sandwich Bay, one trapped, 21st October.
1986 Weald, Sevenoaks, male, 1st June.
Foreness, single bird, 18th September.
1987 Foreness, single bird of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), 31st March.
Foreness, single birds, 22nd and 24th May.
Minnis Bay, single bird of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), 4th April.
Dungeness, single bird, 26th May.
Foreness, single bird, 26th August.
1988 Dover Docks, male, of the White-spotted race (L. s. cyanecula), trapped 23rd March.
Foreness, single bird, 28th April.
1989 Dungeness, first year male, 12th September.
1991 Sandwich Bay, female, 2nd-5th May.
1992 Reculver, male, of the White-spotted race

(L. s. cyanecula), trapped 29th March.

1994 Foreness, single bird, 18th-19th October.
1995 Kingsgate, Foreness, adult male, 22nd September.
1996 Bockhill, St. Margaret’s, single bird, 28th March.
Sandwich Bay, single males, 6th and 11th April.
Abbotscliffe, female, 13th-14th April.
Foreness, male, 19th May.
Chambers Wall, Reculver, female, 16th September.
1997 Hoo Peninsula, female, 13th May.
1998 Foreness, two, 28th May.
Pegwell Bay, single bird, 28th May.
Coldharbour, Reculver, single bird, 10th October.
1999 Stodmarsh, male, 29th May.
2001 Tennant’s Hill, Deal, single bird, 18th March.
Swalecliffe, female, 27th March.
2002 Palmarsh, single bird probably of the White-spotted race

(L. s. cyanecula), 17th March.

2006 Pegwell Bay, adult male, 26th March.
2007 Sandwich Bay, male, 21st October.
2008 Dungeness, male of White-spotted race, L. s. cyanecula, photographed, 8th April.
2010 Kingsdown, single bird, 1st October.
2011 South Swale LNR, single bird, 17th May.
Oare Marshes, single bird, 21st May, presumed same bird as South Swale.
2013 Samphire Hoe, female, presumed white-spotted (L. s. cyanecula), 27th March until 6th April.
Bockhill, male white-spotted (L. s. cyanecula), 1st-6thApril.
Dungeness, male, 17th May.
2014 Grove Ferry, single bird, 18th April.

Red-flanked Bluetail Tarsiger cyanurus

Rare Vagrant

1956 Sandwich Bay, first-winter male, killed in Heligoland trap, 28th October.
1998 St. Margaret’s, female/first-winter male, 18th-19th October.
2008 Ramsgate, female or first-winter, 1st-2nd November.
2010 Dengemarsh, first-winter male, 6th November.
2011 Reculver, first-winter, trapped, 14th-16th October.
Northwood Hill RSPB, female, trapped, 15th October.
2015 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 20th-31stOctober.

Red-breasted Flycatcher Ficedula parva

Scarce autumn migrant; very rare in spring

1943 Medhurst Row, nr. Bough Beech, single bird, 8th May.
1951 Brookland, single bird, 6th September.
Herne Bay, pair seen on 11th September, with the female remaining until 13th.
1953 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 3rd October.
1954 Dungeness, adult female trapped, 24th October.
1958 Allhallows, male, 17th September.
1959 East Malling, male, 24th September.
Shellness, Sheppey, female, 5th-6th October.
1960 Sandwich bay, trapped, 1st October.
Dungeness, trapped, 19th-22nd October.
Dungeness, another trapped, 21st-23rd October.
1962 Sandwich Bay, two, one trapped, 4th October.
Dungeness, first-winter trapped, 8th October.
1963 Dungeness, trapped, 24th October.
Sandwich bay, trapped, 26th October.
1964 Dungeness, first-winter trapped, 7th October.
1965 Dungeness, single bird, 4th September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 16th September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 1st October.
1966 Sandwich bay, trapped, 13th October.
1967 Dungeness, single bird, 12th October.
1968 Trottiscliffe, two, including adult male, 22nd August.
Dungeness, immature, 10th-12th September.
Dungeness, another immature, 1st November.
1969 Dungeness, trapped, 12th-15th October.
1970 Dungeness, female trapped, 19th May.
Sandwich Bay, adult male, 3rd October.
Sandwich Bay, immature trapped, 10th-11th October.
Sandwich Bay, another immature, 15th October.
1971 Dungeness, trapped, 3rd and 6th September.
Broadstairs, single bird, 29th October.
1972 Ramsgate Cemetery, single bird, 6th September.
Shellness, Sheppey, single bird, 1st October.
Shellness, Sheppey, another bird, 14th October.
1973 Sandwich Bay, female, 11th and 14th May, probably refer to same bird.
Seasalter, immature, 7th September.
Shellness, Sheppey, another bird, 14th October.
1974 French Street, Westerham, single bird on the unusual date of 18th July.
Dungeness, single bird, 17th September.
Sandwich Bay, trapped, 4th October.
Dungeness, trapped, 17th October.
1975 Sandwich Bay, May, 17th May.
Aycliffe, male, 29th August.
Sandwich Bay, singles daily 9th-12th October, with a minimum of three birds present, one being trapped on 9th.
1976 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 26th August.
Dungeness, first-year trapped, 27th September.
Dungeness, a second first-year trapped, 3rd-4th October.
Dungeness, a third first-year trapped, 5th-7th October.
1977 St. Margaret’s, single bird, 6th-7th October.
1978 Dungeness, female trapped, 27th May.
Sandwich Bay, immature trapped, 7th October.
Dungeness, a third first-year trapped, 5th-7th October.
1979 Sandwich Bay, trapped, 27th October.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 27th-28th October.
1980 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 1st October.
Shellness, single bird, 11th-12th October.
1981 Ramsgate, single bird, 4th November.
1982 St. Margaret’s, single bird, 24th October.
1983 Sandwich Bay, male, 18th May.
Dungeness, juvenile trapped, 24th-25th September.
St. Margaret’s, two, probably three, 2nd October.
1984 Foreness, male trapped, 20th-22nd May.
Dungeness, first-year trapped, 25th September.
Sandwich Bay, first-year, 4th October, with another on 6th.
Foreness, single bird, 6th-7th October, with two others on 12th and 14th.
Ramsgate, single bird, 6th-10th October.
1985 Ramsgate Cemetery, single bird, 15th October.
Foreness, single bird, 16th-17th October.
Dungeness, trapped, 16th-19th October.
Sandwich Bay, trapped, 28th October.
1986 Foreness, single bird, 26th September, with another on 28th.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 26th September.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 26th-28th September.
Foreness, single bird, 4th October.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 12th October.
1987 Warden Point, Sheppey, probably a first-summer male, 17th August.
Warden Point, Sheppey, immature or female, 1st September.
Foreness, up to four birds in the area, 30th September.
1988 Ramsgate Cemetery, single bird, 17th September.
Dungeness, single bird, 17th September.
Bishopstone, single bird, 18th September.
1989 Sandwich Bay, first-spring male, 29th May.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 28th September.
Kingsgate, Thanet, single bird, 3rd October.
1991 Bishopstone, single bird, 29th September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 11th October.
1992 Sandwich Bay, single birds, 20th September, and 2nd October.
Minnis Bay, single bird, 3rd October.
Port Regis, Kingsgate, single bird, 8th-9th October.
1993 Bishopstone, single bird, 18th October.
Minnis Bay, single bird, 18th October.
St. Margaret’s, two birds, occasionally seen together, 27th-31st October.
1994 Warden point, adult male, 21st-22nd September.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 2nd November.
1995 Dungeness, first-year male in song, trapped, 2nd June.
Minnis Bay, male, 19th-22nd September.
Foreness, three birds, 31st October, one remaining until 1st November.
1996 Foreness, single bird, 25th August.
Shuart, Minnis Bay, single bird, 19th-20th September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 23rd-24th September.
Chambers Wall, Reculver, adult male, 19th-23rd September.
1997 Warden Point, Sheppey, single bird, 22nd-24th October.
Minster, Sheppey, single bird, 24th October.
1998 Warden Point, Sheppey, single birds on 23rd September and 9th October.
1999 Bockhill, two birds, 13th-14th October.
Dungeness, single bird, 15th October.
Bishopstone, single bird, 19th-20th October.
2001 Dungeness, single bird trapped, 5th October.
2004 Bockhill, single bird, 26th September.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 10th October.
Foreness, single bird, 11th October.
2005 Kingsgate, Thanet, single bird, 6th October.
2008 Dungeness, single bird, 25th May.
Dungeness, single bird, 26th-27th October.
2009 Dungeness, single bird, 15th September.
Dungeness, single bird, 13th October.
2012 Dungeness, single bird, 29th May.
Sandwich Bay, single bird trapped and ringed, 20th October.
2013 Reculver, first winter, 29th September.
Nether Hale Farm, first winter, 9th October.
Dungeness BO, first winter, 15th October.
2014 Reculver, single bird, 11th September.
2015 Samphire Hoe, single bird, 20th October.

Collared Flycatcher Ficedula albicollis

Rare Vagrant

1984 Foreness, male, 24th May to 9th June.

Pied Flycatcher

Black Redstart


Rock Thrush Monticola saxatilis

Rare Vagrant

1933 Dungeness, adult male, 23rd June.
1983 Minster, Sheppey, male, 5th February to 1st April.


Siberian Stonechat Saxicola maura/stejnegeri

Rare Vagrant

1986 Dungeness, 12th November.
1988 Foreness, 24th-26th September.
1989 Dungeness, 12th November.
1990 Foreness, female/immature, 9th-10th November.
1991 Folkestone, female/first-winter, 13th October.
1993 Dungeness, female/1st-winter, 1st November.
1994 St. Margaret’s Bay, male, 12th-15th October.
1999 Dungeness, first-winter male, trapped, 13th October.
2008 Bockhill, single bird, 30th October to 2nd November.
2009 Bockhill, female, 24th October.
2012 Dumpton Gap, Ramsgate, 27th September.
No Longer Accepted
1904 Fairfield, 22nd May.
2003 Northward Hill, male showing characteristics of this race, 25th September to 1st October.


Isabelline Wheatear Oenanthe isabellina

Rare Vagrant

1996 Abbotscliffe and Church Hougham, 6th October.


Pied Wheatear Oenanthe pleschanka

Rare Vagrant

1986 Reculver, male, possibly first-winter, 18th-19th October.
1987 Foreness, male, 7th November.
1994 Sheerness, first-winter male, 23rd October.

Black-eared Wheatear Oenanthe hispanica

Rare Vagrant

1974 Dengemarsh, Dungeness, two adult males, 21st May, one (trapped) staying to 29th May.
1988 Bewl Water, male, 5th May, O. o. hispanica.
1992 Dengemarsh, Dungeness, male, 16th May.
No Longer Accepted
1906 Near Lydd, adult male, 23rd May.

Desert Wheatear Oenanthe deserti

Rare Vagrant

1989 St. Margaret’s, male, 7th April.
1991 Langdon, male, 24th November.
1997 Dungeness, male, 16th-17th October.
Reculver, male, 8th-10th November.
1998 Folkestone Warren, male, 28th March; possibly same bird at Reculver, 29th.
Reculver, male, 29th March.
2003 Denge Gulley, Dungeness, 16th November.
Reculver, first-winter male, 27th November to 5th December.
2004 Walpole Bay, Margate, first-winter male, 3rd November.
2005 Herne Bay, first-winter female, 19th-21st November.
Leysdown, female, 5th December.
2008 Sandwich Bay, first-winter female, 7th-12th November.
2011 Dungeness, female, 15th November.
2012 Harty Marshes, male, 18th November.
2014 Reculver, male, 6th-9th November.
No Longer Accepted
1913 Scotney Court, nr. Lydd, male, 21st May.


Alpine Accentor Prunella collaris

Rare Vagrant 

1932 Leathercote Point, St. Margaret’s Bay, 1st May.
1975 Ramsgate, 7th May.
1976 Dungeness, 8th May.
2000 Bockhill, St. Margaret’s, 6th May.

House Sparrow

Tree Sparrow

Yellow Wagtail

Citrine Wagtail Motacilla citreola

Rare Vagrant

1990 Sandwich Bay, adult female, 8th-10th May.
Bough Beech Reservoir, female, probably first-year, 29th May.
2009 Sandwich Bay, adult female, 21st May.

Grey Wagtail Motacilla flava thunbergi

Uncommon Vagrant 

1889 Dover, sub-species type, killed, end of April.
1906 Romney Marsh, pair bred, adults shot and eggs taken, 20th June.
1961 Grove, sub-species type, 23rd April.
1965 Sandwich Bay, sub-species type, 15th May, and again 30th May.
1971 Broadstairs, sub-species type, 5th May.
Chetney, sub-species type, 22nd May.
Dungeness Reserve, sub-species type, 29th May.
1974 Cooling, sub-species type, male, 10th May.
1975 Sandwich Bay, sub-species type, 12th May.
1977 Sevenoaks, sub-species type, male, 29th April.
Sevenoaks, sub-species type, two females, 10th May.
Sandwich Bay, sub-species type, male, 28th May.
1980 Stodmarsh, sub-species type, male, 11th May.
1981 Sandwich Bay, sub-species type, male, 9th May.
Motney Hill, sub-species type, male, 12th-15th May.
1984 Foreness, sub-species type, male, 17th May.
Foreness, sub-species type, three, 18th May.
1985 Egypt Bay, sub-species type, 5th-6th May.
Elmley, sub-species type, 14th May.
Reculver, sub-species type, 18th May.
1987 Foreness/Minnis Bay, sub-species type, four dates between 25th April and 23rd May.
1988 Reculver, sub-species type, male, 2nd and 7th May.
North Foreland, sub-species type, male, 12th May.
Foreness, sub-species type, male, 15th May.
1989 Reculver, sub-species type, 9th May.
Foreness, sub-species type, 19th May.
1990 Walmer, sub-species type, male, 1st June.
1992 Foreness, sub-species type, 20th May.
Swale NNR, sub-species type, 24th May.
1993 Dungeness, sub-species type, male, 8th May.
1994 Foreness, sub-species type, singles, 21st and 27th May.
1995 Sandwich Bay, sub-species type, 18th May.
1996 Allhallows, sub-species type, 10th June.
2001 Hawthorn Corner, Walland Marsh, sub-species type, 10th May.
2002 Sandwich Bay BO, sub-species type, 21st April.
2006 Dengemarsh, male, 2nd May.
2009 Grove Ferry, two birds, sub-species type, 13th May. One remained until 15th.
2011 Reculver, sub-species type, 7th May.
ASHY-HEADED WAGTAIL Motacilla flava cinereocapilla

Rare Vagrant

1973 Bough Beech, sub-species type, 5th May.
1986 Oare Marshes, sub-species type, male, 26th April.
1991 Sandwich Bay, sub-species type, 31st May.
1998 Elmley, male showing characteristics between Ashy-headed/Spanish, present between 25th May and 30th June.
SYKES WAGTAIL  Motacilla flava beema

Rare Vagrant

1970 Sandwich Bay, sub-species type, 20th-22nd May.
1973 Sandwich Bay, sub-species type, male, 13th May.
1977 Chartham, sub-species type male bred with nominate female.
1990 Sandwich Bay, sub-species type, two birds, 15th April.
East Sheppey, sub-species type, 8th May and 11th-20th May.
1991 Murston, sub-species type, 27th May.
1992 Swale NNR, sub-species type, 25th May.
1993 Kingsnorth, sub-species type, 13th April.
Stodmarsh, sub-species type, 21st April.
Northward Hill, sub-species type, 16th May.
SPANISH WAGTAIL  Motacilla flava iberiae

Extremely Rare Vagrant

1977 Sevenoaks, sub-species type, male, 21st April.
1986 Boughton Park, sub-species type, male, 7th May.
1998 Elmley, male showing characteristics between Spanish/Ashy-headed, present between 25th May and 30th June.
BLACK-HEADED WAGTAIL  Motacilla flava feldegg

Extremely Rare Vagrant

No Longer Accepted
1908 Romney Marsh, sub-species type, adult male, shot, 3rd June.
YELLOW-HEADED WAGTAIL  Motacilla flava lutea

Extremely Rare Vagrant

1977 Minster, sub-species type, 27th May.

Pied Wagtail

Richard’s Pipit Anthus richardi

Rare Passage Migrant

1868 Dover, single bird, 21st October.
1889 Dover, single bird, mid-November.
1890 Dover, single bird, 21st October.
1903 East Kent, bird killed against lantern of the Kentish Knock Lightship, 25th September.
1946 Sandwich, single bird, 27th September.
1950 Shellness, single bird, 23rd April.
1960 Allhallows, single bird, 23rd April.
1961 Halstow Marshes, single bird, 3rd January.
1963 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 29th September.
1967 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 30th October.
1968 Dungeness BO, single bird, 15th September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 6th October.
Cliffe Marshes, single bird, 14th-16th November.
1969 Foreness, single bird, 18th-19th September.
1970 Windmill Creek, Sheppey, single bird, 4th November.
Dungeness, single bird, 15th November.
1971 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 8th May.
1972 Swanscombe Marsh, single bird, 15th April.
1976 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 3rd October.
1978 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 6th May.
Foreness, single bird, 11th-17th December.
1979 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 18th November.
1981 Ramsgate, single bird, 21st-23rd October.
1982 Foreness, single bird, 20th September.
Foreness, three birds, 22nd October.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 23rd October.
Foreness, single bird, 25th October. Possibly one of previous, but counted as seperate.
1983 Foreness,five birds, including four off sea, 30th September.
Foreness, single bird,1st October.
Foreness, two birds, 3rd October.
Foreness, two birds, 21st October.
1984 Margate, single bird, 17th May.
North Foreland, single bird, 8th-11th October.
Foreness, single bird, 9th October.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 9th October.
Foreness, single bird, 11th October.
1985 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 22nd October.
1986 St. Margaret’s, single bird, 27th September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 2nd October.
1987 Foreness, single bird, 16th September.
Kingsnorth (Medway), two birds, 21st-28th September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 2nd October.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 7th October.
Foreness, single bird, 25th October.
Foreness, single bird, 28th-31st October.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 12th-31st December.
1988 Dungeness, single bird, 10th September.
Dartford Marshes, single bird, 29th September.
North Foreland, single bird, 16th-17th October.
Whiteness, nr. Foreness, single bird, 5th November.
Foreness, single bird, 24th-26th November.
1989 Minnis Bay, single bird, 4th October.
Foreness, single bird, 17th October.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 22nd October.
1990 Church Hougham, Dover, single bird, 22nd September.
Swalecliffe, single bird, 22nd September.
North Foreland, single bird, 23rd-29th October.
1991 Elmley RSPB Reserve, single bird, 9th May.
Herne Bay, single bird, 10th May.
Foreness, single bird, 13th October.
Abbotscliffe, two birds, 21st October, with one bird remaining until 22nd.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 10th-11th November.
Pegwell Bay, single bird, 14th November.
1992 Reculver, single bird, 27th September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 29th September to 1st October.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 30th September to 1st October.
Foreness, single bird, 3rd October.
Foreness, single bird, 13th October.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 31st October until 6th November.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 8th November.
1993 Foreness, single bird, 30th September.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 11th November.
Reculver, two birds just east of Towers, behind sea wall, 16th September.
1994 Higham Bight, single bird, 27th-29th September.
Abbotscliffe, two birds, 1st October.
Abbotscliffe, single bird, 24th October.
Cliffe Pools, single bird, 29th-31st October.
Reculver, single bird, 5th-8th November.
1995 Minnis Bay, single bird, 7th May.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 10th-13th May.
Bockhill, single bird, 17th September.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 22nd-23rd September.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 25th September.
Shellness, single bird, 1st-8th October.
Ash Levels, Lower Stour, single bird, 26th October.
Grain Marshes, single bird, 29th October.
1996 Swalecliffe, single bird, 25th September.
Bockhill, single bird, flew south-west, 17th September.
1997 St. Margaret’s, single bird, flew in off sea, 5th May.
1998 Pegwell Bay, single bird, 18th October.
1999 Elmley RSPB, single bird, 13th October.
Bockhill, single bird, 14th-15th November.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 16th November.
2000 Bockhill, single bird, 23rd April.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, single bird, 14th October.
Swalecliffe, single bird briefly, before flying off north, 13th November.
2001 Foreness, three birds, 26th September, with two remaining until 28th, and one until 29th.
2002 Abbotscliffe, single bird, flew east, 4th October.
2003 Abbotscliffe, single bird, 19th October.
2004 Dungeness Bird Observatory, single bird, 3rd October.
Foreness, single bird, 11th October.
Kingsdown, single bird, 11th October.
Kingsdown, two birds, 12th-15th October.
Abbotscliffe, single bird, 15th-16th October, with a second bird on the 17th.
Pegwell Bay, single bird, 3rd December.
2005 Abbotscliffe, single bird, 3rd October.
Kingsgate, single bird flew through, 5th October.
Kingsgate, single bird, 6th-8th October, different to the bird of the 5th.
Pegwell Bay, single bird, 6th October.
St. Margaret’s, single bird, 13th October.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, single bird, 15th October.
Kingsgate, single bird, 18th October.
Capel Fleet, single bird, 10th December.
2007 Bockhill, single bird, 22nd October.
Cliffe Fort, single bird, 11th November.
2008 Abbotscliffe, single bird, 9th October.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, present early morning, 2nd December.
2009 Bockhill, single bird flew SW, 27th October.
2010 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 19th October.
2011 Abbotscliffe, single bird, 17th October.
Egypt Bay, High Halstow, 1st November.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 23rd November.
2012 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 29th September. It or another was heard on 4th October.
Dungeness RSPB, single bird, 24th October.
Swalecliffe, single bird, also 24th October.
Sandwich Bay, single bird, 29th October, and again on 2nd and 8thNovember.
2013 Bockhill, single bird, 11th-18th October.
Bough Beech, single bird, 22nd October.
Coldharbour Lagoon, Reculver, single bird, 6th November.
Egypt Bay, single bird, 16th-17th November.
2014 Shellness, single bird, 9th November.

Blyth’s Pipit Anthus godlewskii

Rare Vagrant

1994 South Swale Nature Reserve, 7th November to 11th December.

Tawny Pipit

Olive-backed Pipit Anthus hodgsoni

Rare Vagrant

1986 Dungeness, 18th October.
1988 Sandwich Bay, 16th-28th October, trapped 16th.
1991 Locality in the North, probably Hoo peninsula, taken into care to Wainscott bird hospital with broken wing sometime prior to 19th October when it was first noted, remained in care until it died in summer 1995.
1992 Capel-le-Fern, 12th-15th October.
1997 Minster, Sheppey, 31st October.
2009 Sandwich Bay, single bird, 18th-21st October.
2012 Reculver, single bird, 21st October.
No Longer Accepted
1993 Sandwich Bay, 6th October.

Tree Pipit

Meadow Pipit

Red-throated Pipit Anthus cervinus

Rare Vagrant

1938 Dungeness, 5th September.
1968 Sandwich, 15th September.
Dungeness, 18th September.
1980 Sevenoaks, 3rd May.
1985 St. Margaret’s, 6th June.
Dungeness, 15th October.
1987 St. Margaret’s, 4th October.
1992 Foreness, 17th May.
1994 Elmley, 1st October.
1997 Dungeness, 19th October.
1998 St. Margaret’s, 10th October.
1999 Motney Hill, 8th November.
2006 Bockhill, 4th May.
No Longer Accepted
1880 Rainham, shot, April.
1909 Near Wittersham, adult female, 29th April.

 Rock Pipit

Water Pipit









Lesser Redpoll

Common (Mealy) Redpoll

Arctic Redpoll Carduelis hornemanni

Rare Vagrant

1972 Egypt Bay/St. Mary’s Bay, 8th October. C. h. hornemanni
Dungeness, 21st October. C. h. hornemanni
1978 Sevenoaks, 29th April.
1979 Foreness, 21st December.
1991 Church Wood, Canterbury, four: two, 24th February; three, 3rd March; one, 9thMarch.
2013 Foreness, a bird of the race C. h. exilipes (Coue’s), 11th October.
Dungeness, another bird of the race C. h. exilipes (Coue’s), was trapped and ringed on 11th October. This bird was later controlled at Sandwich Bay on 16th November.
2014 Hemsted Forest, a bird of the race C. h. exilipes (Coue’s), 9th-13th January.
No Longer Accepted
1991 Sevenoaks, 2nd March.

Two-barred Crossbill Loxia leucoptera

Rare Vagrant

1990 Bedgebury, juvenile/first-winter female, 7th October to 11th November.
Bedgebury, another bird, 13th October.
1991 Round Green, Goudhurst, female, 17th March to 2nd April.
2013 Hemsted Forest, adult male, 13th October until year end.
2014 Hemsted Forest, adult male present from previous year, remained until 25th May.
No Longer Accepted
1902 Woodchurch, female, 26th December.


Parrot Crossbill Loxia pytyopsittacus

Rare Vagrant

1990 Sandwich Bay, male, trapped, 7th October.
2013 Hemsted Forest, initially a female, 15th October, rising to 12 birds on 18th, remained until the year end.
2014 Hemsted Forest, first-winter male, remained from previous year until at least 2nd February.
No Longer Acceptable
1868 Bostal Common, nr. Plumstead, January.

Trumpeter Finch Bucanetes githagineus

Very Rare Vagrant

2005 Tankerton Slopes, first summer male, 24th-25th May.
North Foreland, first summer male, 9th June.
Dungeness Bird Observatory, first summer male, 11th-13th June.

Common Rosefinch Carpodacus erythrinus

Rare Passage Migrant

1977 Two birds, probable pair, Dungeness, 19th-24th June, with one, a first-summer male, until 27th.
1981 Dungeness, 1st September.
1983 Dungeness, male in song, 4th June.
1987 Port Regis, Foreness, female, 14th September.
1988 Folkestone, immature male, 14th June.
1989 Shellness, Sheppey, immature, 10th September.
1990 Minnis Bay, first-year, 27th August.
1992 Dungeness Reserve, first-summer male, 13th June.
Littlestone, singing male, 21st June.
1993 Dungeness, singing male and female/first-winter together, 28th May.
Stodmarsh, male, 6th June.
1994 Dungeness, singing male, 15th June.
Swalecliffe, juvenile, 3rd-5th September.
1995 Dungeness Observatory, singing male, 31st July.
1996 Dungeness, sub-adult male, 2nd June.
1997 Dungeness, singing male, 18th May.
1999 South Foreland, St. Margaret’s, first-winter, 16th September.
2001 Dungeness, male, 24th May.
2002 Capel-le-Ferne, male in song briefly, then flew off West, 31st May.
2003 Dungeness, male, 10th June.
2008 Dungeness, first-summer male, in song, 3rd-4th June.
2010 Dungeness, singing male at Long Pits, briefly 16th June.

Pine Grosbeak Pinicola enucleator

Rare Vagrant

1957 East Malling, female/immature male, 2nd November.
No Longer Accepted
1905 Hawkhurst, others, immature male and female shot, 25th and 30th October.
1909 Biddenden, male and female, 6th March.
1955 Charing, adult male, 7th April.
1971 Cobb Tree, Maidstone, adult male, 15th May.



Snow Bunting

Lapland Bunting

Dark-eyed Junco Junco hyemalis

Rare Vagrant

1960 Dengemarsh, Dungeness, male, trapped, 26th May.
2008 Dungeness, first-winter, 7th-9th April.
2010 Folkestone, adult male, 15th-17th May.


Cirl Bunting Emberiza cirlus

Formerly local breeding species, now rare vagrant 

1886 Nest found, and frequently heard, near Iwade, no dates.
1911 Nest found, west of Cliffe, June.
Nest found, east of Cooling, June.
1916 Seen between Folkestone and Dover, 7th April.
1931 Nest with eggs, Sutton Valence, 24th May.
1935 Nesting pair, Biggin Hill, 26th July.
1936 Two birds, Halstow Marshes, 22nd November.
1943 Found nesting, Charing, no date.
1945 Pair, Sundridge Park, near Chislehurst, May.
Single male, Denge Marsh, near Lydd, 21st August.
1947 Pair nested, between Bredhurst and Hempstead, no date.
Several birds, near Wye, 19th January.
1949 Two males and a female, in mixed finch flock, Dartford Marshes, 4th December.
1950 Two males and two presumed females, Trenley Park Woods, 5th April.
1951 Nesting pair, near Plaxtol, no dates.
1952 Nesting pair, near Maidstone, no dates.
1953 Two birds, Cliffe, 21st January.
Nesting pair for second year, near Maidstone, no dates.
Single bird, Conyer, 25th October.
Single bird, Elmley, 8th September.
1954 Male, Hythe, 20th June.
Flock of eight birds, Cliffe, 17th December.
1955 Male, Sevenoaks Weald, February.
Male, Boughton Monchelsea, March.
Male, Aylesford Common, June.
Male, Minnis Bay, November.
1957 Three birds, near Upchurch, 20th October.
Single bird, Northward Hill, 16th March.
Single bird, East Malling, 17th May.
Single bird, Aylesford, 16th July.
Single bird, Wye, 3rd October.
Single bird, Dungeness, 7th November.
1958 Single birds at Sevenoaks, Cobham, and Borstal, during winter, no dates.
One or two pairs may have bred, Funton, no dates.
Four birds, Northward Hill area, 24th August.
Single bird, near Bluebell Hill, no date.
Single bird, near Bredhurst, no date.
1960 There were eight reports during the winter months, no details.
Single bird, Cliffe, 4th April.
Single bird, Broomfield, 27th May.
Immature male, near Boxley, 30th August.
1961 Single bird, Dover, 2nd June, and another 19th September.
Male, St. Margaret’s, 17th November.
196 Single bird, Grove, 1st January.
Male, St. Margaret’s, 3rd May.
1963 Male, St. Margaret’s, 3rd May and 1st July.
Single bird, Northward Hill, 8th September.
1964 Single bird, Dungeness, 8th January.
Male, St. Margaret’s, 2nd April and 1st August.
1965 Singing male, Brands Hatch, Fawkham, 7th June.
Male, St. Margaret’s, 3rd to 30thApril, 28th June, and 5th to 12th August.
1966 Male, St. Margaret’s, 1st March to 29th August.
Male, Northward Hill, 13th April.
1971 Single bird, Longfield, 8th August.
1977 Singing male, Northward Hill, 31st May.
1978 Adult male, Hollingbourne, August, no exact date.
1983 Adult male, Conningbrook, 2nd January.
2006 Singing male, Dungeness, 5th May.

Rock Bunting Emberiza cia

Rare Vagrant

1905 Perry Woods, nr. Faversham, caught alive, 14th February.

Ortolan Bunting

Rustic Bunting Emberiza rustica

Rare Vagrant

1962 Shellness, Sheppey, 9th April.
1983 Northwood Hill, male, 2nd June.
Dungeness, immature male, 19th-20th October, trapped 19th.
1984 Muswell Manor, Shellness, Sheppey, 5th-6th October.
1990 Kingsgate,first-winter, 25th-28th October.
1993 Weirton Hill Farm, Maidstone, female or first-summer male, 19th-29th March.
2010 Seasalter Golf Course, single bird, 21st November.

 Little Bunting Emberiza pusilla

Uncommon Vagrant 

1907 Nr. Dover, adult male, trapped, 16th November.
1956 Cliffe, immature, 28th October.
1990 Dungeness, adult trapped, 29th April.
1991 Sandwich Bay, immature trapped, 9th October.
1993 St. Margaret’s, 29th September.
1998 Bockhill, singing male, 23rd April.
2001 Bockhill, 14th October.
2003 Littlestone, 16th November.
2008 Dungeness BO, male singing briefly, 23rd April.
2012 Sandwich Bay, trapped and ringed30th April, and remained in area until 5th May.
2013 Oare Marshes, individual seen briefly, 28thNovember.

Yellow-breasted Bunting Emberiza aureola

Rare Vagrant

1984 Margate, 3rd October.

Reed Bunting

Black-headed Bunting Emberiza melanocephala

Rare Vagrant

1972 Sandwich Bay, male, 1st June.
1973 Reculver, male, 19th August.
1983 Dungeness, male, 14th May.
1987 Dungeness, male, 26th-27th June.
1993 Dungeness, male, 30th May.
1997 Capel Fleet, Sheppey, in song, 30th June to 6th July.

Corn Bunting

Golden-winged Warbler Vermivora chrysoptera

Rare Vagrant

1989 Larkfield, Maidstone, male, 24th January to 10th April.

Common Yellowthroat Geothlypis trichas

Rare Vagrant

1989 Near Sittingbourne, first-winter male, 6th January to 23rd April.

Blackpoll Warbler Setophaga striata

Rare Vagrant

2011 Tunbridge Wells, single bird, 19th November, was a first for Kent.

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